How to prove to a girl that you love her?

How to prove to a girl that you love her?

– You do not love me!!!
– I love you.
– No, you do not love! You do not care about me!
– Yes I love you! And I don’t give a damn.
But I don’t feel it!

Familiar conversation? One of those mind blows you can’t stand. And the guy starts to drive – how to prove to the girl that you love her, what does she want to see or get in order to calm down? Can’t you see that she’s crazy about her?

But it’s not visible. Or rather, not perceptible. It’s all about the difference in perception. And also in what we invest in the concept of “love” and how we see the ideal partner.

Now, as a girl, I will tell you what to do and how to behave so that the girl has no doubts about your feelings for her. And how to make her only purr with pleasure, being next to you.


Why does a girl say that she is not loved?

To deal with the effect, you need to know the cause. Why can a girl repeat like a mantra about “dislike”:

one. Negative relationship experience.

2. Very high suspicion. She always believes that she is condemned, not loved, not appreciated, belittled – in all spheres of relations: at work, in a family with parents, at school, with a man.

3. Wants more of your attention and thus tries to provoke you to it.

4. Perhaps she collects men, squeezing everything out of them and forcing them to constantly prove their love. Such young ladies are insatiable and overly self-confident, you can easily figure them out yourself.

Analyzing these reasons, one can understand that the reproaches of girls are just a cry of a person in need of attention. Women’s pride does not allow girls to say that your attention is not enough. But they are taught to act “bypassing”.

Yes, not the most pleasant method, but now you know what is behind it. “You fell out of love with me.”

5 ways to express love

In Gary Chapman’s acclaimed bestseller The Five Love Languages, the author talks about 5 ways people can express their love for another person. Each of us has some of the “languages” more pronounced, and some less.

That is, if we speak better in some “language of love”, then it is necessary to speak with us in it. Conversely, if one of the types is weakly expressed, then the approach in the language of this variant will be ineffective. Knowing what type your partner is can create harmony in a relationship.

Difficult? Now let’s figure it out. In short, these 5 methods are:

one. Compliments, words of approval.

2. Gifts, flowers.

3. The time you can spend with the person.

4. Help.

five. Touch, massage, hugs.

Your task is to find out which of these ways is most suitable for your girlfriend and show her your love in an accessible and understandable way for her!

Only. It will not necessarily be 1 option, as a rule, most people have them all at once, located in different places in importance.

There are girls who definitely need to hug and kiss when they meet, touch you during the day, feel your strength and warmth. And there are those who are indifferent to this, but they hide from any compliment, having received it in the morning they twist it in their heads until the very evening and smile, thinking only of you.

If you are experiencing serious problems with mutual understanding with your beloved, then I recommend that you read the above book, the link will open in a new window. It is written by a man and is easy to read.

Men and women understand love differently.

From my experience, I can say that men are usually “spoken” in the following love languages:

  • 5 (touch, tactile contact, sex);
  • 1 (recognition, encouragement, confirmation of its importance and significance);
  • 3 (sit together in the evening embracing, watch a movie together).

For girls, as a rule, the priority is:

  • 1 (verbal confirmation of her beauty, attractiveness, significance for you as a woman);
  • 4 (help from you: in everyday life, in various situations where she is powerless, a feeling of a strong shoulder nearby and protection);
  • 2 (tokens, flowers, small presents, serious gifts).

Let me remind you that for each person the list in descending order of importance is OWN. You can find out from your girlfriend what is better for her by offering two choices, for example:

“Which is better – we’ll go on vacation (3 – time), or we’ll buy you a spa membership (2 – gifts).”

Or ask directly what she likes best when you do it for her. If you find out WHAT it is and demonstrate your love in a language that she understands, then very soon all her doubts will disappear, and she will not nag you because you do not love her.

How to prove to a girl that you love her with words?

one. Thank her for what she does for you. By this, you will show that you appreciate her efforts and you are pleased with such care of you. You are not an insensitive indifferent cracker, but a sensitive and attentive man. But keep your brutality: do not scatter in gratitude, but speak clearly and to the point:

“Thanks for dinner honey, it was delicious”

“Thank you for ironing the shirts, my hostess.”

2. Compliments. No, why is it difficult for you? And we are pleased. What a beautiful, smart, gentle, affectionate woman she is. There is an opinion that your words of admiration for her are 50% of the success in creating a happy and lasting relationship. The remaining 50% is the sum of all actions, habits, daily activities, surprises, gifts, and so on.

3. Words of love. Don’t assume that a girl can see or feel your love by default. Can not! Does not see! Hear – that’s what we need. This is another sense organ. The fact that you gave perfume and took her to a restaurant to her ears and understanding did not reach her.

Seriously, then say such words, they are necessary for girls like air. Without beautiful actions and phrases, just hug and quietly:

“I love you”.

I assure you, it is the greatest bliss to hear such words from a man. All other indirect confirmations of love by some suspicious persons can be interpreted in a completely opposite sense. (For example: he gave flowers – it means he screwed up in something).

4. Make plans together. It can be both long-term and short-term (a trip, the next weekend, vacation, entertainment, going to a club, cinema, visiting friends for birthdays). Such conversations show the seriousness and stability of the relationship. And a girl who doubts your love lacks confidence in this.

five. Talk to her about what’s going on in your life. This breeds trust and intimacy. So she will understand that she is significant and loved by you.

Daily Activities

one. Support, empathize and encourage in difficult periods of life. Don’t leave alone at times like this. At the same time, do not impose your help, it is better if you just ask what you can do for her now.

2. Give gifts, flowers. Let it be not chic bouquets and not expensive gifts, but at least they will. Gifts are a material expression of love and affection.

3. Show attention and interest in her affairs. Ask how the day went, how she would like to spend the evening. Listen actively when she talks to you (nod, ask clarifying questions).

4. Treat her with respect: be polite, speak respectfully of her in her absence. By the way, if you condemn and blame her behind your back, then remember that this is your choice. So who is to blame? Relationships are an equal partnership.

five. If you are discussing a serious issue, do not start joking, it is inappropriate and disrespectful towards the girl.

6. Help around the house without special instructions and requests.

Romantic deeds

one. Write to her how you feel. Usually, by hand. Although electronic will do. Girls love such actions and manifestations of emotions, because they themselves are emotional. You can write a short phrase on the sticker and stick it where it will definitely catch her eye.

“I will think of you all day”

“I can’t wait to see you again.”

2. If you don’t live together, make it a habit to say goodnight every day. This is a very powerful way to show that you care and love her:

  • Make it clear that the girl is in your head every night;
  • You will be the last thing she thinks about before falling asleep.
  • This will give her a chance to talk about any problems she has during the day, which will bring you closer.

3. Give sweets (chocolate, sweets, ice cream). They don’t cost a lot of money, and besides, chocolate promotes the production of the hormone of pleasure – let her associate it with you.

4. Organize a joint dinner (buy a bottle of wine and pizza) or a picnic (pickle the meat). Well, here it’s worth starting from the girl’s taste.

five. Show affection when she least expects it from you:

  • Sneak up to your sweetheart while she’s cooking and give her a quick kiss.
  • Hug her before you leave.
  • Hold her close when you walk together on a cold day.
  • Take her hand when you go outside.

6. Remember the anniversary of the relationship, the girl’s birthday, do not forget to congratulate on the holidays. Now there are a large number of applications that themselves will remind you of important events. Set them up, bring in all the people you care about, and don’t get caught up in your forgetfulness.

7. Show your attitude towards her in front of people: on a walk, hold her hand, hug her. If you meet acquaintances – do not move away from her, introduce your friends when greeting.

8. Boast about it and praise it in front of others. You can do it with her too. Let him listen and be embarrassed.

nine. Take selfies together. This is very captivating and disposes of girls. We love to take pictures, but when a guy takes out a smartphone and wants to take a photo of himself with us, it has some kind of sacred meaning for girls and they lose their heads from the feeling of their importance to you.

10. Call her some cute nickname. It can be derived from her name, it can be from the category of “babies”, “cutes”, “sweets” or the classic zoo “bunny”, “mouse”, “kitty”. What is enough fantasy? The main thing is that it should be affectionate and not offensive (“bun”, “filly”).

Serious evidence of your love

one. You can go further and introduce the girl to your parents or relatives, invite them to a family dinner.

2. Also a feat for some men and an object of admiration for women is the preparation of an intricate dish for two. You will spend a lot of time and effort to please her. This is for advanced relationships and guys.

3. Do not try to change it or make it behave the way you want. Understand that she is a person with her own tastes, interests, desires. No matter how much you spend nerves and energy on “rework”, everything will still return to its place. There are no perfect people, maybe she should forgive this small weakness? Give the opportunity to be yourself.

4. Find out what she likes in bed and do it. Exploring erotic fantasies and preferences and bringing them to life is a great way to show a girl that you love her.

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