How to prove to a man that you love him – TOP 7 ways to show your feelings

You can immediately ask the question: why bother proving something to anyone at all? And you will be right.

But sometimes there are situations when it is vital for a person to know and see that he is loved and needed. For example, in the past he went through a difficult breakup, accompanied by betrayal, and now it’s hard for him to trust

Or when you have been married for a long time, everything has fallen into a routine, and it seems that love has cooled down.

Love always needs to be warmed up.

9 mistakes that destroy love

Before you prove your love, you need to understand what you can’t do if you love and respect your husband.

  • Launch yourself.

A man should see that you are trying to be feminine and beautiful for him. Therefore, do not forget to watch your appearance;

  • Deny intimacy.

Not to say this before real prices, and not for the sake of the real people and to the extent that it is necessary;

  • Speak badly about his family.

His family is not your family. Don’t turn a man against them. It is better to establish friendly relations yourself or keep neutrality;

  • Press on a man.

Be wiser and smarter. Do not press him, demanding any action and gifts;

  • Move away from him.

But hide from his hobbies and hobbies. Your task is to support him always and in everything. Or gently guide in the right direction;

  • Show your jealousy.

It’s not enough to say that it’s overdone, it’s, it’s a ball, it’s not there. It is not controlled by the post-surgery, not so much in the past and the inventors of the zvonkov. Such a brawler will quickly get bored. If you really trust, then do it to the end;

  • Compare a man to others.

Don’t worry about the part with the part you have. And you definitely can’t compare him to your ex;

  • Be disrespectful.

No, you can’t do it. No other items that are available where there are few sessors;

  • Stop developing.

Because it is in the first place, so that it is not guaranteed, it is in the building you are in. Feelings need to prove to each other every day. To keep love, you need to work constantly and together, basing your work on trust, wisdom and patience.

7 ways to show your man your love

There are several proven ways to prove to your soul mate the sincerity of feelings. And they will not cause any doubts.

  • Love like there’s no tomorrow.

Imagine that tomorrow your beloved leaves forever for another country. And today is your last chance to tell him about your love. Don’t miss this chance. Appreciate every second that you spend together. Let him feel that he is the best thing that happened to you in life;

How to show love to a man?

  • Always find time.

Of course, you have your own affairs, your goals and priorities in life. No one else will give you a chance to see it. Yes, everyone is always very busy. If you value a person, you will always find a minute for him;

  • Be sincere in your feelings.

Tell your man that you love him. It might seem simple, but some people forget to express their feelings or feel embarrassed about it. No, it’s okay to say that it’s not. If you are honest with yourself, then it will not be so scary to admit to another person.

Be proud of what you feel. Not that it is too late and is unsafe. And it doesn’t matter why your heart is drawn to this particular man. Love is love. Be honest with your lover. Perhaps you will not hear in response what you would like, but you will be sincere;

  • Express your love in everyday life.

True love is not temporary.He constantly, and accompanies the tabby and in the radar during the year. If you told a person that you love, then show him it. Create romance, make him smile. Start a common tradition. For example, host a movie night with delicious food. Strive to spend maximum time together, and in every possible way show how dear to each other;

  • Show him that he is the best.

There are billions of people in the world, but you chose each other. True love is when a person is the one and only for you. Everything that was before him is not that, it does not matter. And you can’t explain to yourself why he makes you feel differently. You love his laugh, his smile, the way he hugs you. You never have enough time together. This is fine. Love and do not hide your love;

  • Give yourself completely to your loved one.

Open up to your man. True love is possible when you are not afraid to open your heart and soul. Talk about your fears, shortcomings and concerns – if you are open about your feelings, then there is nothing to hide. Be brave, even if love in the long run can hurt. It is better to love and fail than never to know this feeling;

  • Love like it’s your first love.

If you sincerely love your man, then do not let the past affect your future and present with him. Yes, you may have gone through fire and water in the past. But now it’s all in the past. You only have here and now. Love, and do not compare with those who were “before”. Maybe you had too many bad stories before your eyes, or you even experienced one yourself. No this is not done, it is in this place and it is will end badly.

5 original ways to prove love

There are more mundane ways to show a person how dear he is. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend a lot of money to do this.

  • Come up with some kind of quest – hide the gift and draw a card for it. Let the game become interesting for both of you;
  • Make a photo album in which you will include the brightest moments of your relationship. Do it with heart. Such a gift can be presented both for a holiday and for no reason;
  • Dance with him. This is very close. Turn on pleasant music or “your” song, hug him, relax and move to the beat;
  • Write little notes to your beloved. Throw them in his pocket, bag, leave them on the table or under the car wipers. Even if you just draw a heart, it will brighten up his day;
  • Arrange for your beloved an evening (or a whole day) of relaxation. Feed him, fill the bath with some aromatic oils, and then offer him a relaxing massage.

Don’t forget to praise your lover too. Many things are taken for granted by women, but men also love with their ears. Even sometimes more than loves the weaker sex. It is very important for men to know that they are appreciated, noticed, and their opinion is of great importance.

In the routine of everyday life, things such as romance, carelessness, and the fact that a loved one needs love and affection are often forgotten. Everything is somehow postponed to “later”. 

Therefore, do not forget about your man. Show him every day how grateful you are to him, how important he is, and that everything is the same with you as in your first meeting. Maybe a little more serious, but that’s the beauty of the relationship. The beauty of mutual love.

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