How to provoke a wife into a scandal, so that she would file for divorce?

It happens that a wife refuses to give a divorce, but this is only your fault – this means that her living conditions today are much better than those of her mother, and there is much more money than Mrs. Naebulina.

In this case, you need to move on to tougher measures in order to get your freedom back, despite the closed cell of society, the key to which the state has safely hidden in its pants.

Here is a list of phrases that will definitely bring the matter to a divorce, and bring you closer to a happy bachelor life:

  1. Say that she is scarier than all her friends. Of course, there is competition between the women and this phrase will immediately gut all the past moments of their difficult and such a dynamic friendship!
  2. Stop eating mother-in-law pancakes with appetite. This is the most powerful blow in the stomach, far from being a beloved mother-in-law, who, over the years of married life, has already managed to get rather bored. Ignoring pancakes is like a blow below the belt, which will contribute to the speedy release from factory defects, in the form of matriarchal attitudes.
  3. Put a dead mouse in your favorite shoes. Such a sweet revenge will definitely cheer you up and increase the expenses of your missus! You can find a gray and nondescript mouse in any store, so feel free to go towards loneliness and complete freedom!

  1. Tell about all illegitimate children. Such an unexpected turn will make your wife remember or come up with something that you didn’t have in mind. Illegitimate children are wonderful and so relevant for those who are already very close to staying in their underpants and paying alimony for another ten years.
  2. Admit that you are gay. Only the most persistent male will agree to this, who will definitely not cry into the pillow, remaining in a completely empty apartment.

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