How to push a man to a serious relationship and cohabitation?

How to push a man to a serious relationship and cohabitation? You met a man you like, with whom you are in love, you have a relationship. Inwardly, you feel – this is what you have always been looking for, you realize that you are ready to pa Engnes But for some reason the man is in no hurry and does not proceed to decisive action. What to do in this case?

How to give a man an attitude?

Once in this situation, many women turn relationships into a quest in which their main task is to “drag” the second player, that is, the man, through all levels: first, so that he makes a confession, then so that you come together, and then so that he puts on your finger ring. And on your own, preferably, too.

For each of these “levels”, there are many tricks that help you achieve what you want. For example, well, muhuses complain about problems with whether to show what a good household counter you are

Start “dragging” things to him, that is, conquering territory, or simply giving him an ultimatum that “either you take me to the registry office, or I take you to the prosecutor,” and so on.

Does it work? Let’s just say that sometimes it “works”, but … There is always this “but”. Why is a woman’s desire to push a man to take decisive action dangerous and what consequences can this have?

  • It is necessary to wait until the beginning of the year. This is fraught with the formation of infantilism and unwillingness to make decisions at all .;
  • if you manipulate a man, but get your way, he can generally relieve himself of responsibility for these relationships: “yes, I didn’t want to move in, get married, have children at all (underline as necessary), you wanted it”;
  • realizing that they are pushing and forcing relationships, moves.

Ultimately, none of these options will lead to your joint happiness. Which one leads?

What really matters?

Relationships are partnerships built on mutual respect, understanding, and trust. A couple in a relationship makes decisions together when each is truly ready to take the next step. Forcing another person to do what his ench is not x^ is the way that yjects leads. You need to learn an open dialogue and understanding of your man.

Consider three situations in which he does not take the next step:

  • a man does not confess his feelings;
  • the man does not offer cohabitation;
  • a man does not propose marriage.

A man wants an easy relationship – how to rebuild it into a serious one?

A man won’t confess his feelings to you

You are doing well, you meet, spend time together, but he does not say that he loves you and that he wants to be. Why? It is important to think about whether he really experiences these feelings? Perhaps he is just fine with you, but there is no deep love in this.

Instead of doubting, accumulating discontent and anxiety in yourself, in a good, trusting atmosphere, when you are alone with each other, just talk to him. Be accusations and demands. Ask how he feels about you.

Some men are really in love, but they don’t confess with words. Perhaps in their family it was not customary to talk about feelings, but this does not mean that he does not experience them. He just expresses them differently. How can you understand without his words that a man loves you?

  • he wants to spend as much time with you as possible;
  • if you say it, you will say it;
  • he enjoys your messages, calls, meetings;
  • if you want it and you will be able to see it with the storage;
  • he introduces you to his friends and relatives;
  • knowing that you have a problem, is ready to help you, even before you asked for it;
  • he shows concern for your well-being.

Think about it, is it so important for you to hear a confession from him if he shows his love to you with all his actions?

The man does not offer you cohabitation

If you know for sure that you feel good together, especially if a man is used to living alone, he worries that his usual way of life will be violated.

Each person has certain psychological boundaries, for some they are wider, for others they are narrower. One person needs to spend several days alone, alone with himself. For others it will be unbearable. In this case, the man is afraid that living together will lead to the need to dissolve in each other.

In this case, the best thing you can do is show that you need your own space too. If you have your own hobbies, goals, work, activities, if you are not always available for communication, this will relieve his tension, he will understand that you are the same in this regard, then cohabitation will no longer cause him such anxiety.

No it is not in this, and one in the design is not available, so you can choose it – it is that way. And your right to decide for yourself whether “everything is as it is” suits you or not. Then you can convey your worries, realizing that it is possible, 

Man does not propose

Now, you already live together, but the marriage proposal never arrives. Does it happen that the program is finished, and on the next level it is distributed with the plans and plans for the drugs? Did you speak it in a different way? Not concretely in toboy, in a design. Does he intend to start a family? Or does he have other priorities now? Did he say how he feels about marriage? To children? How does one imagine living together? Are you saying that you aren’t, how are you doing? What is their relationship?

Making a man “cunning” to take this step is not the best strategy. It is much more important to figure out what is happening between you now. What is the problem and what does it signal?

  • a man simply does not dare to take on obligations – you can push him, but at the same time realizing that you will have to “push” a man for the rest of your life;
  • a man does not attach importance to marriage – then sincerely tell him about your feelings and how important it is for you. A man who loves and cares about you will definitely take into account your opinion.

What to do? Understand his priorities and values, accept them for what they are. Tell me honestly and calmly about your attitude to marriage, your plans. You need to either find a compromise, or make a decision whether or not to stay in this relationship.

But if you’re afraid to start this conversation, you’re afraid of “spooking” then, maybe. This requires the ability to accept each other, trust each other and be confident in each other.

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