How to put in place the husband’s ex-girlfriend – TOP 5 tips

How to put in place the husband’s ex-girlfriend – TOP 5 tips Do not despair, fell into a situation where the former passion of your mublytainer сges i i n fins. Remember that when pursuing other goals, she can be able to match everything – try jealousy

The main thing in such a situation is not to do stupid things, not to take it out on a man and not to blame him for what is happening, not to respond with aggression to the attacks of a rival. If so, it is possible to understand that, where there are people in Ruki and some small minutes in one of these buildings.

What to Expect from a Competitor?

First of all, no matter how difficult it is, try to understand it. It is not excluded that she loved this man without memory. Possibly. Her attempts to return her beloved are clear and to some extent justified.

The only thing that should worry you is the attitude of your loved one to what is happening. If you are confident in his devotion to you, there is nothing to worry about. However, it’s still worth preparing for what his ex can “throw out”:

  • threats to harm themselves or you;
  • intrusive calls from different phone numbers;
  • meeting arrangements;
  • conclusion to emotions – stories about how good they were together;
  • provocations – attempts to make you think that he still loves her.

In fact, this list has no boundaries. Women’s fantasy and acquires the same momentum that date in the theory of preconditions wear steps formerly Tw.

The rival may deliberately create situations in which the man is helpless. For example, call him at night and say that she is alone on a dark street, a maniac is chasing her, and she is scared. Or find some of his personal belongings and offer to meet to give it away.

TOP 5 tips on how to put in place the husband’s ex-girlfriend

Movens are known to understand that they are not overly critical of situations in which they hitchuche. No matter how it sounds, in many respects the responsibility for what is happening falls on your shoulders. It is you who is able to both maintain these relationships and completely destroy them.

  • Don’t worry about it

First, understand that no two people are the same. Don’t compare yourself to her. If a man chose you, then you have something that he lacked. Ponyatno, that even the most calm person the current situation can infuriate. If you are not used to this, it is possible:

  • accusations and shifting of responsibility;
  • insults and insults;
  • tantrums and tears;

  • groundless suspicions and endless checks;
  • complaints to mutual friends and relatives.

Try to remain the same as you were when you first met. Trust your man, do not do anything that can destroy your relationship for no apparent reason.

In addition, if you are confident in yourself, it will have an extremely positive effect on your relationship. Any guy is pleased to see an EMO-rationally stable, reasonable and calm companion next to him.

  • The best defense is not a retaliatory attack

In this case, the most successful strategy is to ignore. Pretend like nothing happened. If she sees that her strategy is going nowhere, she will calm down. At this point in time, her behavior is akin to the reaction of a child who was taken away from the candy.

The only way out for her is humility. While the opponent is sure that she succeeds in destroying your relationship, she will not slow down. Which means this series will go on for a long time.

  • Change your situation

Postoyanno nakhoditsya v rezhime street no mozhet nikto, cakim by samoobladaniem and sderzhannosti not boast. Both of you just need to be charged with positive emotions. If you want this, you should do it in a non-formal way:

  • plan a joint trip;
  • spend the weekend in the country;
  • think over leisure that will bring pleasure to both of you;
  • go on a picnic in nature.

The main task is to get pleasure from a joint holiday, ask about it and share it with c ° c ived;

  • No three but no docs

Any couple needs time to come to some serious decision. Doing something here and now, just because there are some risks, is a fatal mistake. In addition, each person needs a certain amount of time to say goodbye to the past and surrender completely.

No one will try and the two of them will be in the world. The fact that he gave her expensive gifts or took her to meetings with friends does not at all indicate his indifference to you.

  • Give up passive aggression

clear, it’s on that moment, it’s that way and it’s beautiful, competitors, protic. Add the number to those who live there, can be by, without the details:

  • published social photos;
  • demonstration of newfound happiness (from the category of “how lucky I am”, “I am so happy”, “my man is the best”);
  • overt boasting for everyone to see (gifts received, joint trips, etc.).

Agree, you are doing all this to spite her. You understand that she is happy to monitor your activity on the Internet around the clock, trying to learn more about your life through mutual friends.

Don’t expect her provocations to end quickly. Prepare for the fact that she will try long and hard to ruin your life. Don’t think it will be easy. But, if you really care about your man, if you plan to build a long-term, trusting, and harmonious relationship, you will have to work on it.

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