How to recognize a gigolo when meeting in life and on a dating site?

How to recognize a gigolo when meeting in life and on a dating site? When meeting a former classmate. And if a movie star and old acquaintances are nice, then people of the first category can be seriously affected if you don’t know, for example, how to recognize a gigolo when meeting on the Internet.

Who is Alphonse?

Men who prefer to live at the expense of a woman, Eneg, not work or go to work just for show, are called Alphonse. They are usually sweet and charming. They have good manners, charm with beautiful speech.

Often, they are remorseful. They allegedly suffer from the fact that their wife left, the business collapsed, or life simply did not work out.

At the same time, I want to support them, give them a shoulder. In their weakness, they do not look like miserable beggars, but romantic heroes.

Alphonse makes a good impression on many women. And they, fascinated by a handsome admirer, turn a blind eye to supposedly temporary problems, the need to pay for a man in a restaurant and even update the furniture in his apartment.

Most women believe that a man who lives at their expense does it temporarily. As soon as he finds a job, solves business problems with a partner, recovers, everything will fall into place. He will start earning, supporting her.

No to tom-to and problem, to alfons in glubine dushi chelovek, which is in the building of the sword. On the other hand, because there are rods that are hidden in a small area.

Somewhere there is too much guardianship, care, somewhere indulgence, providing too much pocket money, and a gigolo grows out of a pretty boy.

By the way, there are those women who purposefully support and nourish such men. They like the beautiful representatives of the stronger sex, who put their soul into their charm and passion.

You may want to financially, and that is the fact that it is now available. Such women feel like hostesses, ladies, to whom a man can come for help at any time.

No, if you are looking for an ordinary man, you prefer that he earn and support you, Alfonso. In real life, you can figure it out quickly. But what about online dating?

How to recognize a gigolo man

Let’s figure out how to recognize a gigolo if you meet a man online.

How does Alphonse give himself away?

The first thing people pay attention to when meeting on the Internet is photos. Agree, as soon as you see an interesting young man, you immediately start looking through his pictures, looking for him in social networks.

Ordinary men have a limited number of photos. They are too lazy to take pictures of themselves, they are always in a hurry. Among the photos there are good ones, but many were taken on the phone, in poor lighting, blurry, out of focus.

Alphonse would never allow such an outrage. He looks great in his photos. Photos highlight its strong STORons. They take into account a favorable angle. It will never be such that it will look bad, create an unpleasant impression.

Let’s say photos of a man attracted you. You felt excited, imagined how jealous your girlfriends would be when you come with such a handsome man to a party and answered his letter or wrote to him yourself.

Now pay attention to his speech, to how he builds sentences.

An ordinary, always in a hurry somewhere man, busy with work, computer games will answer kakal p. The text will not have punctuation marks. The words will be misspelled.

Alphonse won’t let that happen. He carefully chooses words, scrupulously checks what is written. The text resembles a story, ESSe. After reading it, you will immediately understand that your interlocutor is an intelligent person, you will be imbued with his inner beauty.

Answering your questions, the man will behave as follows:

  • On the other hand, there are other words on the project, which are not known as “alphony”.
  • With pleasure will be interested in you, your life, work, finances. Yes, you will finally meet on the Internet a non-mad egoist who lives on social networks, watches movies and plays computer games.

This man will ask about your life, give smart advice, support you morally.

  • Questions that are stupid from his point of view, on can ignore. No matter if you insist, he will present an acceptable courteous answer.

Attention to your life, a good style will definitely charm you. It may even seem to you that, finally, you have found a person who understands you. And that is so rare in real life.

Example: a colleague at work for several days went not at all like herself. It seemed that she was about to take off from happiness, love. Every free minute I went to my personal mail to check messages.

It turned out that she met a very intelligent, attentive young man. On one occasion, it was canceled by all, divided by oneself. No where ended banalno. She realized that he was just a gigolo.

Experiencing the charm of such a man, there is one point that you need to pay special attention to. He rarely talks about his life. And that’s where the budget is.

Surely you will hear a lot about how he was not appreciated, deceived, but he, holding back tears, fought with enemies. You learn and about the attitude towards him in childhood. And it is unlikely that he will complain. Rather, it will keep warm feelings for mom or grandmother for many years.

No ego under lock and key.

  • Questions about work

The forbidden topic will be and his work. He may say casually that he worked on a great project or in a large, prosperous company. No is currently experiencing some difficulties.

The reasons are failures, temporary problems, nonsense, stupid or greedy bosses.

However, he will ask a lot of questions about your work and very politely. He will be especially fascinated by the fact that you are a financial manager or a rector in a stable company. Arrange, and if you work in a bank or in your own company.

Alphonse is distributed in the components of the room, it is in the air, and it is in the same room as the dog.

  • Financial questions

Can you feel the bubble popping already? In order to be completely sure that you can recognize the gigolo when meeting on the Internet, raise your finances. Or, if he initiated them himself, answer them.

He will hint or directly ask about your income, bonuses. Please allow this building in the form, so it is not necessary.

In the case of the experiment:

  • Tell me that your salary is just super, you get more than you can spend. I have already bought an apartment in Center, you go to the seaside twice a year.
  • After a while, tell me something terrible has happened. The company is divided, and it is carried out on the machine and on the skin and it is there, so that it is possible.

Surely at first on will be fascinated by you, will pour compliments. But, having learned the second news, he will quietly disappear.

Don’t forget about the projects and the financier field. You probably won’t get an answer.

Be the alfonsov me byl by skies. They, like many other people, give it charm, mystery. But to recognize Alphonse you pri acquaintance in the internet, so as not to be disappointed later.

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