How to recover after a husband’s betrayal in marriage – what should a woman do?

How to recover after a husband’s betrayal in marriage – what should a woman do? Partner change. Sometimes, it seems that nothing is worse than this in the world, because betrayal and bitterness lie in treason. No where are you going to do it by yourself, you will need it, you will need it. In the evenings, at the sight of couples in love, you remember the deceit, but gradually you begin to relate to him more than me. How to recover after a betrayal of a partner, want to live again, fall in love, value yourself – three tips from a partner.

Psychological composition of the two partners

Perhaps there is no person who would easily accept the betrayal of a partner. The exception is cases when the relationship is completely destroyed, or the victim of deception cannot adequately assess. To learn about betrayal means to open a kind of EMO-rational Pandora’s box in your heart.

Most often, it is impossible to sort out the tangle of emotions, they prick, hurt, make you cry, hate those around you. If it is not resolved in the emotional context, it is valid in some parts of the country.

Be careful with the emoji not be able to understand the problem that you want. You should buy it by yourself by the name of the cup and by the post tumblers.

Here are just a few of the emotions that a woman who has experienced deception can experience:

  • Disappointment in a loved one and in oneself appears due to deception on the part of a man. However, the pre-admission is given in advance. It seems to someone that the partner has deceived expectations, turned out to be not the reliable, faithful guy that he was before. Others blame only themselves for cheating. Allegedly, they turned out to be gray, worthless, unsuccessful, were trouble-free.
  • Bitterness and resentment at betrayal are normal feelings. You expected trust, warmth, but then someone came and trampled everything. By his actions he mixed your feelings and desires with dirt, deceived.
  • Hatred is felt by almost any person who is faced with treason. It may arise as the very first reaction to betrayal. Or it will appear later, when the initial STRess has passed, and the feelings will take shape, will be realized.
  • The desire to take revenge, to hurt appears because of hatred, severe pain, jealousy, and the desire to strike back.
  • Fear is associated with the realization of the possibility of loneliness, the inability to accept a new life, to cope with the problem of loneliness. You understand that you are left without support, you lose faith in loved ones. Perhaps you begin to fear that others will laugh at you.
  • Pain occurs when betrayal opens a wound in the heart. For a long time it hurts, bleeds and there is no escape from this.
  • Loneliness, its awareness is an invariable part of the detection of betrayal. Betrayals emphasize the depth of these words, make you realize that a person, having gained consciousness, turned out to be a seme.
  • Resentment is associated with an internal perception that you have been underestimated. The girl, so sweet, pretty and smart, was abandoned. Resentment is born because of the difference in expectations and perception of oneself as a successful, worthy lady, on the one hand, and the understanding that you turned out to be unnecessary, on the other.

How to survive betrayal and start living?

  • Jealousy appears this feeling due to the fact that your person suddenly escaped and dared to prefer another place. Jealousy is associated with a sense of possessiveness, self-doubt, or, conversely, high self-esteem.

A separate topic is indifference, especially if it is feigned and with its help pain, bitterness, resentment is denied. Probably, emotional states can laughs the most dangerous.

How to get back to normal?

Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous advice on how to cope with the feelings associated with the betrayal of a partner.

calm down

One effective but slow way is meditation. Immerse yourself in your inner world, walk through every corner of your consciousness, hear your pain, resentment. This will help to calm down at least for a while, to achieve some balance between experiencing trauma and the need to delve.

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation:

  • One-time meditation will not save. You need to take care of yourself every day for several days, weeks.
  • Don’t forget it, you will hear it, you will understand it, you will receive it. You need to let go of yourself, feelings, hear the inner silence, and only then start talking with your mind, body.
  • In the process, it is important not to stoop to the partner’s accusations. The constant grinding of grievances will not let you calm down.

Also, it is possible to say that it is still possible. But do it progressively – draw a circle, let you be in the Center. At a different distance from yourself, designate the cheating partner, work, possible new relationships, children, ho. Start thinking with what is closest to the Center. The last step is planning for what comes next.

The goal is to achieve a state in which you can calmly think about yourself and your future. No need to do this, if you see the emocytosis, it is possible to change it, it is necessary and it is not necessary.

cry out resentment

No where you can find and solve problems that are medical and possible. There are people who need to throw out their emotions. The more intensively they do it, the faster they will come to their senses, nevaough, problems with artlessness are connected.

Imagine that you see a roaring woman in tears, an open coat, with smeared makeup on the street in the cold. Her whole body, actions, gestures scream about inner pain, bitterness, loneliness. She, of course, can freeze, get sick, but think about the fact that for her this is a way to survive trouble, to come to her senses

As long as it is emotional, it is not necessary to change it. Cry, roar. If there are no more tears, go to the gym, hit a punching bag or buy darts and throw them until you feel better.

As soon as you feel that you are calming down, take a notebook and write about everything that could save you from sinking into depression and give you an incentive to trust people again, to continue living.

talk to someone

The therapeutic effect of talking is that you stop keeping the problem to yourself. You share it, and at that moment it ceases to be only yours. This makes the burden of resentment lighter.

But there is a certain boundary here, which you need to cross only knowing yourself well:

  • Someone will be helped by a conversation with one person – a friend, mom. When will be several times. For tea, a glass of wine, in a restaurant or while walking. Each time in the conversation there will be new nuances, but that’s the way it should be. It is possible to move between the different variants, so that it is possible to carry out the project until it is too late.
  • Others need to talk to so many people. It seems that for the hundredth time you tell the story of betrayal, and each time it is different. Do not be afraid – this variety will free you from dark, heavy feelings.

Shared search with yuyu, poluchaeshsh an additional bonus – in front of you otsya xd hei, options allow qi. Perhaps initially you blamed your husband for everything, thought about leaving him or, on the contrary, enduring further for the sake of children. And after talking, a new side opened up – you can change, become a beautiful, bright queen, fall in love.

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