How to rekindle the old passion in a relationship between a woman and a man?

How to rekindle the old passion in a relationship between a woman and a man? When young people are in love, and the relationship is still at the stage of EXTCHOOD candy-gin, then desire.

Passions boil between you, every touch gives you goosebumps, and you can burn with your eyes.

But what if you yut blew a friend in and out, and things that used to splash

Reasons for the fading of passion

Gradually, intimacy between partners becomes the same household duties as cooking, cleaning, plandiroplandir. Tiresome work is also added here, after which you just want to lie down and do nothing.

In such a life, passionate love, passion and all those bright emotions of youth begin to be sorely lacking. A woman, as a rule, begins to look for ways to return it all. No part of the party is no longer available. One of them does not try or does not want to understand the feelings of the other.

On this it is not possible to write:

  • material problems;
  • The appearance of a child
  • Jealousy and betrayal;
  • The struggle for dominance in the family;
  • Intimate imbalance;
  • Frequent separations;
  • The presence of bad habits;
  • Boredom and monotony of life;
  • Different life priorities and goals.

Possibility in 100% of the time that these contracts are carried out in the course and drug problems in other countries. In order to get things right, you need to learn how to talk to each other. To be able to calmly listen, understand and accept the feelings of your partner.

Men like it when they are interested, feel sorry for them, praise, encourage and support. They like to return to the house where they are expected. And not with regular reproaches and problems, but with joy and a smile.

7 ways to bring passion back into a relationship

If the problem is that of a person, and it is necessary to do so, it is necessary to do so. Some ideas can be started right away, while others require more preparation.

  • Set up a first date.

It must be first in every sense. Prepare, that is in the part you are in. No, that’s it, that’s what it’s about, it’s the atmosphere that’s blowing up. The place, the clothes, the food and all the trappings that accompanied the first date will definitely evoke memories and feel like it;

  • Change the way you communicate.

TOP 5 ways to return passion

Remember when your relationship was just starting, there were a lot of messages and calls. Constant favors and reassurances about how much you miss each other. Are you saying that there are words about “buy some bread”? And at the same time without any “favorite”, “native”, “cute”? Start writing warm SMS to each other again, you can even exchange a couple of “interesting” photos;

  • Become a team.

You are partners. And they should be in every sense. Such cohesion is best promoted by a new joint hobby. For example, start putting together a puzzle every evening. In the process, you will be able to communicate a lot, relax and look forward to what will come out of your ndov;

  • Change the interior of the bedroom.

Yes, this option is very helpful. As long as the heart is in the air, the air is in the water and the ball is spocoinous and the blood is blowing. Buy new bedding. But not bright and not gray. Burgundy, dark green and deep blue shades are best suited. However, it is only in the room, and before it is too late to be;

  • Celebrate everything.

Create more impressions for yourself. Let your life be like a holiday. What is it like to wash your hands? Excellent. Two years of marriage? Amazing. Deliver the drug to the milk, no private sugar. Yes, celebrating everything in the world may seem like a silly game for minors, but in this way you will demonstrate to each other how much you appreciate every moment spent together;

  • Diversify your intimate life.

You can buy new lace underwear, or even choose with your husband. It will be pleasant and interesting for him to look at you in it, and it will be even more interesting to take it off you. Buy some interesting things in “MAGAZINE for adults”. The market now offers many products to strengthen family happiness. If you are embarrassed, you can visit INTERNET-MAGAZIN and order delivery. Such purchases always arouse interest and add fire;

  • Take care of yourself.

Many women relax over the years, believe that there is no need to preen themselves and dismiss themselves. No, men love with their eyes. Appearance is very important to them. They certainly don’t faint when you walk around the house in an old t-shirt with holes in it. But it’s superfluous not to sign up for a gym, for a race # massaven, to buy home a few cute costumes

First, you yourself will feel better. Secondly, your self-esteem will rise. To the extent that energy is used, it is necessary to do so. And your husband will be no exception.

Some mistakes of women

Since emotions are more mundane, it is the woman who is the most precious. And it is very important not to make some mistakes when reviving passion.

  • Prolongation of the conflict.

You need to think logically, and not rely on EMOtions. Make the right conclusions on a sober head;

  • An attempt to remake.

Accept your husband the way he is. His character, habits, goals in life should not be a surprise, because you married this person. He is not perfect, he is the same person. your favorite person;

With a man you need to speak directly, clearly, explaining. If necessary, repeat several times;

If a serious conversation took place, then give your husband time to think, weigh everything and make a decision;

  • Don’t violate personal space.

Give your partner time for his own hobbies, don’t criticize, and don’t ban them;

  • Don’t blame yourself for the mistake you made.

He also worries about her, and is afraid that he will not be forgiven. If you have already decided to forgive, then do not remind him;

  • Don’t get bored with your chatter.

A man does not like empty and meaningless conversations, he definitely wants to hide somewhere. So learn to enjoy mutual silence;

  • Don’t be a saw.

After the separation that happened, meet your husband as if you came on a date with him – friendly, joyful and smart.

If you are thinking about how to return passion to family relationships, then this is already good. It’s motivation to get better.

No you want to remember that is what you have to say about it. This is a lot of work and the work of both partners. Constant interaction is important.

To achieve what you want with screams and scandals is a bad tactic. For a while, everything might settle down. No potion if it is by the cup, and this cup is too close.

And do not try to jump above your head, do not try to please and obey your husband in everything. So you will lose your own individuality and turn into a boring slave. And then your passion can be safely sprinkled with ashes.

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