How to return a husband from his mistress home?

How to return a husband from his mistress home? Polina and Andrei in the brake of the letter. She stopped by her husband during lunch to congratulate him on his anniversary, parked in front of his office. The office door opened and Andrey came out. Polina just wanted to call out to him, as some girl in a fashionable sheepskin coat and high boots literally rushed to him, and both froze in a passionate kiss.

Andrey came late in the evening, without looking at Polya, said something about the meeting in the office, which was moved to in. Looking at her husband with eyes darkened from pain, she said that she had seen him with another. “If you don’t need me, then go away, go away, I can live without you!” Polina shouted. Andrei, that’s what it’s like for a sportsman and you.

Causes of marital infidelity

“Mushchina is on storage on it, it is not on a sobstvennom way”

Oleg Roy. “Man and woman. Secrets of family happiness “


According to the research of N.I. Oliferovich, candidate of psychological sciences, among the reasons for infidelity are the following.

Lickness of the index in the brake:

  • violations of the identity of a marriage partner, provoking a desire to prove one’s femininity or masculinity;
  • pathological organization of the personality, for example, with a schizoid inclination, and as a result – the fear of being “absorbed” in marriage, to distance oneself from a partner due to extramarital relations.

Microsystem factors:

  • incompatibility, including sexual;
  • lack of emotional intimacy;
  • cooling of feelings between partners;
  • when there are no mutual feelings, that is, one loves, and the second allows himself to be loved;
  • as revenge for such behavior of a partner;
  • when spouses are disappointed in each other;
  • forced decrease in sexual activity due to the illness of the spouse or his long absence.

Macrosystem factors:

  • recreating family scenarios in which one of the partners grew up as a child;
  • transfer of one’s experience, including behavioral, for example, from mother to daughter, or from father to son.

The factors contributing to the appearance of adultery also include a large age difference, the routine of marriage, alcohol and chemical addictions of one of the partners, lack of time spent together, too much free time for one of the spouses, low material wealth.

Reaction to the disclosure of the fact of treason

“Once a lie is revealed in a relationship between a man and a woman, it is not the volume of the lie that is terrible, but the threatening insight that a lie can be, that it is as natural as the truth.”

When treason is revealed, there may be several types of reactions:

  • Aggression. The deceived woman rolls up a scandal, breaking off relations and threatening divorce. If the “traitor” has an emotional attachment to the family, to children, then he is likely to break off the extramarital affair and return to the family.

If emotional ties with the family are lost, or the woman “exposes” her husband very aggressively, then he may leave. In any case, the aggressive behavior of a woman forces a man to make a decision.

  • Protection. A woman only partially interrupts the relationship, emotional manifestations are limited, joint household activities are carried out, and sexual relations can be maintained. The “traitor” can be given an ultimatum, according to which he must make decisions within a certain time
  • ignoring. When treason is not taken into account. If there are no emotional ties and the marriage is held because of the benefits. For example, a wife does not work, her husband supports her.

How to return a husband from his mistress home?

“The most important and first step to getting what you want from life is this: determine the fourth.” Ben Stein.

Ben Stein

So the man went to his mistress. You are madly angry at him, but you love him and want to return. What to do?

  • The first thing you should think about is, after the return of your husband, will you be able to forgive his betrayal, as if you weren’t able to by?
  • Indeed, this is “your person”, and not your attempt to return your “property”?
  • Are you ready to change yourself, change the way you look at your marriage?
  • Are you ready to admit the mistakes you made in your relationship?

If you react on it by “protection” and do the divorce and breakup did not happen, then you can apply the following methods:

  • You’ll have to take care of yourself. Even if you feel tired and give up. Your opponent is just a woman, and uses all the same female tricks. It is in your power to change your hairstyle, think over makeup, maybe lose a couple of kilograms. A man loves with his eyes. Buy beautiful home clothes, throw away your old bathrobe. Do not forget about high-quality perfume, beautiful underwear and a nightgown.
  • If you have preserved the sexuality of your relationship. Maybe it’s worth repeating something long forgotten, or trying something new.
  • Reconsider your behavior in relation to your husband, maybe you endlessly “saw” him, and he lacks warmth.
  • Do not be shy to ask him for help in household, family matters and be sure to praise him for the work done. Let him know that you appreciate him as a man. Emphasize your feminine weakness, show him with your behavior that it’s hard for you to cope without him. Help your husband realize that you need him.
  • If you see that he continues to meet with another, do not show how hard it is for you. We’ll have to play along with him. In the meantime, you are in the home, you name it, in the coffee it is there and on the wall. Let him see that your life is not fixated on him, that you have many other interests.
  • Be sure to go in for sports, swimming or meditation. You need strength to get through this difficult moment in your life. We will have to rethink a lot, analyze past mistakes in order to avoid them again.
  • If there are problems in other areas such as snow, it is possible to say that there are no other people. She can assist in the return of her husband to the family.

If your reaction to ia was an arrest, and after the scandal you kicked out your mom, the advice above

  • It is not necessary to have a contact with the phone. After all, you have common children, some unresolved domestic issues that will need to be resolved jointly.
  • After establishing a contact, schedule meetings. If something needs to be changed around the house, be sure to call, and do not forget to cook his favorite dish. Let him feel the warmth of home comfort.
  • Look good both at home and at meetings with an ex-husband on the side. Reject the desire to “sting” him, maintain a friendly joyful mood.
  • If you can not cope with the feeling of anger and the desire to scratch his face, contact a psychologist. You will have to work on your emotions and behavior.

You must remember that, most likely, the husband went to another to get what you could not give him. And he had no intention of marrying another woman. And he was married to you, which means that you were a very important person in his life for him.

“Happiness must be fought for!
And in the storms of sharp explanations
Protect us, God, every time
From nervously red-hot phrases ”Eduard Asadov.

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