How to return the former passion in a relationship with a guy?

The pinnacle of the relationship between a man and a woman is the creation of a family, that is, the desire to share common values, problems, and achievements with a partner.

But even with a cursory glance at the official divorce statistics, you understand that such a desire alone is clearly not enough to maintain the depth of feelings throughout life. Do you think it’s worth it, and how long is it?

What is passion and what happens to it in a relationship?

Pony “Strassy” should be distributed to the same person, no strangely crate-like. Its peak falls on the period of falling in love and in simple terms causes a feeling of “butterflies in the stomach.”

Partners study each other, look closely, enjoy, explore, and their passion is actively pushed to these processes, overshadowing many other needs. Then comes the moment of saturation, the endorphin flurry subsides. You get used to each other, stop being touched by a mole on your partner’s cheek, and so on.

That’s life. The only difference is that for some it brings disappointment and the extinction of passion, while for others it opens the door to deeper feelings and affections.

Your “butterflies in the stomach” are transformed into caterpillars. Be sure to contact the partner on that stage other than yourself. Allegedly, there is Intimacy on schedule, and in the free half an hour before the meeting, you need to have time to run into the Store for a chicken and a zucchini for a promotion. No passion, just practical pastime. Jacoby…

Why passion in a relationship with a husband disappears?

It is by no means always the passion in family life disappears under the burden of household chores. For example, American sex educator Emily Nagoski sees the following reasons for this:

  • difference in sexual temperaments, which only increases with time;
  • change of context – from replenishment of the family to a change of place of residence, work, environment.

And business coach Kristina Kostikova sees the deeper roots of the problem. In particular, they are associated with vain unjustified expectations that relate to interpersonal relationships with sner. As one of the options, you want to go forward, explore the world, try new things, and he is a conservative, heavy on the PM.

How to return the former passion in a relationship with a guy?

Passion in a relationship often fades due to protracted trifles: a couple of extra pounds, an old sweater, or empty conversations that a man becomes a witness. Over time, these trifles accumulate and crowd out fiery feelings, and a storm of emotions in bed becomes a modest draft under the covers under the covers.

If it isn’t enough to say that it’s in the west, that’s just a moment before the project is finished? Most variants:

  • Invest time and money in self-care.

Saving on your own appearance is a bad idea for a real woman. Remember how much time you spent in front of the mirror, creating the perfect look for a date.

How to bring back passion in a relationship?

At the dawn of your relationship, cosmetics and creams were spent by the Tons, and there were always a few niche hours to spend in clothing stores.

But now, very little time passes, and you take on the features of Mother Goose: curlers replace styling, exciting thongs are forgotten in favor of leggings a la grandma, and even stockings disappear under the fleece, untouched by the epilator.

Do you think your husband is exactly so indifferent to your appearance to endure such neglect of himself, or is it still worth it to remain desirable for him, demonstrating sexuality?

  • Dare to surprise him

In the film with the participation of Jim Carrey “Earth girls are available” the Heroine becomes an accidental witness to the meeting of her partner with his mistress. A storm of emotions is accompanied not only by the expulsion of the traitor from the house and the frying of his fish in an aquarium using a boiler, but also by the decision to radically “work on oneself.” The effect exceeds all expectations, and the discouraged hero tries to return home to the “new girl”.

Sorry for the spoiler. But the ability to change in time often helps to keep the partner’s sexual attention and prevents him from looking for a skirt on the side.

  • Settle for experiments

The sphere of intimate relationships is an important component of the relationship between you and your husband. It is in bed that you go beyond everyday life, you stop thinking about current affairs and looking for ways to solve life’s issues. Are you there and this is what you want to do with the problem?

Remember that passion goes with frequent headaches and the dominance of the missionary position. But it remains where both are open to innovations that bring partners as close as possible.

  • Be interesting

Oddly enough, passion is based not only on the visual perception of the partner, but also on her ability to “hook” with her inner content. Do you remember with what pride your husband once introduced you to friends? Because you are not just a beauty, but also a clever one, capable of both impressing with her attractiveness and skillfully maintaining small talk.

It was interesting to “hunt” for you. You wanted to be possessed. Is that what you say about the period of your life? If so, then the husband will simply get bored with the discussion of banal everyday issues that deprive him of wings behind his back, and from a desired woman, your status will quickly drop to “it was business.”

  • Maintain Moderate Jealousy

Any man is a hunter by nature, It is important for him to receive a Trophy (sorry for the zavlenie) that any other brother would like to have. If Your Behavior, Manners, appearance are not accompanied by the desire of strangers Men to swallow saliva, and there will be no room for passion.

  • Dare to compromise

Passionate relationships are largely based on the comfort that you can provide for each other. So, if one of you is not able to respect the other’s right to his own “I”, then he turns into a “saw” that causes not sexual arousal, but the need to escape.

Perhaps it’s not worth mentioning from the threshold that today you met a former gentleman and you are a great friend. Sincerity and directness in a relationship is the best confirmation of trust in a partner, and it, in turn, only strengthens the connection between you.

When to sound the alarm?

Sometimes the fading of passion in marriage has nothing to do with interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps the spouse is now having a difficult period in his life, and he needs more support and care than a vivid sexual experience.

And a completely different question, if it is not passion as such that disappears, but the desire to spend time together, talk, go beyond the usual conditions. Here, psychologists trace an alarming line, beyond which the marriage can completely collapse, and the partners will each go their separate ways.

If you are not yet on the verge of such a sad denouement of your relationship, then you may well keep it in passion. To do this, you need to try, combining self-care with the ability to support in time and surprise your loved one.

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