How to run away from a dating girl easily?

How to run away from a dating girl easily? If there have already been unsuccessful dates in your life, you probably remember this strange feeling: just an hour ago, an enthusiastic woman was preening at the mirror, and now you only dream of running away as soon as possible.

Psychologist’s tips will come to your aid: how to leave a meeting that has not been successful from the very beginning, in order to save yourself from discomfort and at the same time not seem rude.

Be honest!

Mama probably taught you to be well-mannered and sometimes act contrary to your desires so as not to offend S. But the days of “good girls” are over. Modern psychologists are doing their best to popularize the idea that first of all you need to think about your inner comfort, and only lastly – about the resentment and mental anguish of the interlocutor.

And this is not at all about the admissibility of frank rudeness and selfishness in communication. But only about the ability to defend their own boundaries, take care of themselves, not give offense. It is definitely useful for a woman at any age.

Of course, you should not express to a guy who has not managed to arouse interest, everything that you think about him. But smiling politely, enduring and keeping up the conversation, dreaming of running away home is also superfluous.

If from the very beginning the date turned out to be uncomfortable for you, and the interlocutor is uninteresting, it’s better to honestly discuss it. For example, with a smile, answer his next reasoning alien to you: “It’s just amazing how many are there.”

If you are young, you should do this by yourself. And that there is an opportunity to exchange thoughts and remain unconvinced, calmly dispersing in standing up.

This option of ending a date has several advantages at once:

  • you do not have to endure an uninteresting interlocutor and try to hide the unpleasant emotions that have arisen in yourself;
  • your honest opinion will be expressed in an environmentally friendly way, which means that there will be no unprocessed negative inside – so harmful to psychological health;
  • It will turn out to part on a benevolent note, laugh it off and calmly greet the guy in the future when meeting, without avoiding each other;
  • the remaining free time you can spend on more pleasant activities;
  • Such a reaction will not offend an adequate Young Man (it is much more likely that he will have the impression of you as an honest, pleasant girl).

How to end a date if you don’t like the man?

The main secret here is to speak with a smile and not try to accuse the interlocutor of something. Both you and the guy should have the feeling that this is how it happens in life: completely different people met, the conversation failed, they calmly parted ways.

Forethought won’t hurt

If it is safe in the room, it will be available privately and positively. The easiest way is to warn a guy – you want to meet, but today unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment. There are many plausible options here:

  • the supervisor checks your work and asked to be in touch – an urgent correction of the nose may be needed;
  • grandmother
  • a friend is returning from a long trip today and plans to pick up your keys;
  • parents may come to you on important business, and you will need to meet them at home;
  • the pet was left at home alone and whines a lot, the neighbors asked him to calm down in SMS.

Of course, honesty is always preferable. No where where the situation is and where the harmony is. And not with every young person.

If you warn the guy who invited you to take a walk in advance that the date could end abruptly, he will be ready for such an outcome. And, therefore, there will be no reason to be offended, to accuse you of impoliteness.

But if you decide to play it safe with such fictional stories, try to behave as naturally as possible. No additional details about the situation.

It is enough just to warn the guy about the possibility of your premature departure and explain it literally to the guys one by one Excuses, numerous apologies, feigned guilt, excessive details – all this will be superfluous.

If the guy is being aggressive

It happens that even an initially polite and modest guy after a couple of glasses of beer (or just getting bolder next to an attractive girl) suddenly starts to behave aggressively. In such a situation, you have every right to immediately go home, openly declaring that such a manner of communication is not good.

The most important thing is not to be aggressive and not to be rude in response. Answer politely but confidently. You are completely right in the situation. And definitely not obliged because of a good upbringing to endure someone else’s unpleasant and inappropriate behavior.

A popular manipulation among such characters is an attempt to make the girl guilty in the current situation. After all, she agreed to the date. Or even blame that she provoked aggressive behavior with her actions, words, views.

They also love to put pressure on politeness, the “goodness” of the girl. For example: “Are you going to act like this ugly now? Just you so date, which she herself agreed to come? Yes, I’m disappointed. I didn’t even think that such young ladies exist. ”

Don’t fall for the prankster’s tricks. You are definitely not guilty of anything here and you are not obliged to endure society that is unpleasant to you. Even under fear of seeming impolite, ill-mannered, bad (or whatever options the interlocutor will offer).

Most importantly, it is necessary to avoid the risk of ignorance:

  • ask the employees of a cafe, club, restaurant to call you a taxi (it is better to immediately explain the situation to them);
  • go to the toilet;
  • agree with a brother or friend that after a message/call on will immediately come to pick you up at any place;
  • go to a meeting in your own car and not drink alcohol, so that at any time you can just go home without asking anyone for help;
  • ask for support from security or police officers, forgetting about embarrassment (this is the most extreme option if an unfamiliar aggressive companion scared you, but you should not completely exclude him).

In any case, try to behave calmly, with restraint. No agréssia na agressia, don’t use mate and insults, otherwise the situation will only get worse.

Get to know him better before the date

To reduce the likelihood of a bad date, always try to get to know your potential partner better in advance. Especially when meeting online. No need to worry about the interests of those who live there.

If the guy doesn’t have a profile picture and isn’t saying he just doesn’t like posing for the camera, offer to talk over video. Even a short conversation under such conditions will help to make the right first impression of a young man and understand if his facial expressions, manner of speaking and other features repel you.

It is better to immediately find out from the young man how he sees the perfect date. So that later it doesn’t turn out that you have this calm tea party together in a cafe, and he has an acquaintance with a crowd of friends in a garage with beer and chanson.

Going on a date, be honest in the first place with yourself. No private belongings are recommended and not available. If you want, you will have to deal with negligible emojis, but it will be finished. A date should be comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable for both.

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