How to save a family on the verge of divorce from her husband?

How to save a family on the verge of divorce from her husband? Divorce is a consequence of the fact that the husband and wife could not agree, survive the crisis of relations. Any couple goes through difficulties, crises. At the same time, not everything is spent. Let’s talk about how to avoid divorce from your husband.

How to save a family on the verge of divorce from her husband?

A well-known American family therapist, Whitaker, says that the crisis in the box box is about a ton earlen.

Both husband and wife come from their parental families, with their own view of the traditions and customs that they seek to transfer to the family they have already created. This is the main cause of conflicts that lead to divorce.

Let’s talk about how to save a family and prevent divorce.

If the marriage was in a pre-divorce situation, then you built the relationship incorrectly. Change is needed, and vice versa. You need to start working on yourself. It is useless to remake a partner. Such actions of yours will only lead to negativity.

Make a first step. Talk to your husband in a calm environment, when he is full, in a good mood, not busy with anything. Make sure he hears you. Invite your spouse to write a list of what he doesn’t like about you. Write the same one yourself and work it out.

  • Display feminine qualities.

Remember the famous saying that a woman’s strength lies in her weakness. Men have enough courageous qualities. They need female kindness, tenderness, patience, flexibility. From time immemorial, it was the duty of the keeper of the hearth to lay on a woman.

Take off most of your male responsibilities. Start trusting your man, delegate authority, do not run around several jobs, take on less life. Be at home just a wife, eliminate the commanding tone.

  • Think about family life.

Often in families, the cause of disagreement is the discrepancy between expectations about the participation of a partner in the decision of family development. Usually, all the worries fall on women’s shoulders: shopping, and taking care of the child, and keeping the house hwa. Possibly.

Talk to your spouse in a confidential setting about your expectations. Discuss the topic of housekeeping, what you will undertake, what your husband will do. Both should be involved in this process.

How to save a family on the verge of divorce?

Try to plan in such a way that after solving everyday issues you have time for a joint vacation, which you will devote completely to your man.

  • Spend time together.

Lead you before you come. Think of a joint activity that will interest both of you. Moicated is a trip to the city, going to the cinema, skating or rollerblading, cooking.

Maybe you will find a new hobby together or return to an old one. If you want to know more about it, then it’s up to you. Show your imagination. A joint day off will bring you closer to your husband.

  • Watch your appearance.

Remember that a man loves with his eyes. Go home with natural make-up, styling. No need to ask for it in the big tree, in the closed hole, in the three corners. Do not spare money for beautiful and comfortable home clothes.

  • Talk.

Not talking is the first step to breaking up a relationship. Start a tradition of discussing the day at dinner. Be sincerely interested in your husband’s affairs, ask him questions. After your husband has eaten and rested, tell him everything that worries you. Just make sure that he really listens to you, and does not watch TV, read the news.

This is how you get rid of negativity. Tell your husband everything that worries you, what your neighbor, mother, girlfriend said wrong. Just warn him in advance to relax, that he doesn’t have to do anything. His job is to listen.

Don’t accumulate negative emotions. Say what you don’t like right away. Here, right now, in this room. No, it’s not important to say that. Thus you are self-destructive. As a result, emotions will accumulate and their outburst will occur.

  • Take care of yourself.

Be interesting to your husband, do not dissolve in love addiction. It has nothing to do with love anymore. You should have your own things that you will like. Learn to enjoy yourself.

If you love yourself, then only then will you be able to produce this feeling on other people. There is nothing interesting with such a woman who has her own hobbies, is busy with something, but does her hood.

  • Follow personal boundaries.

Don’t let your personal boundaries be blurred. Make time for yourself. Go to meet up with your friends. By the way, advanced in terms of psychology, men do not forbid their wives to spend time with their girlfriends.

At these meetings, you will be energized, you will speak out, you will laugh. As a result, the husband will get a satisfied wife. Also, do not prevent your husband from spending time with friends. Let him have the opportunity to go fishing with them, to the bathhouse. Everyone should have the right to private time.

  • Pay attention to close relationships.

Intimacy is important for men. Do not be afraid to be frank in bed, there is no place for shyness. Allow yourself to experiment. Surprise your man. Let you do fewer things during the day, but you will have strength for intimacy.

It is an established intimate life that is the key to a healthy relationship. This is an important type of special non-verbal communication that is more effective than talking. Don’t let kisses disappear from your life. It is believed that with the departure of kisses, the relationship gradually leaves the marriage.

  • Thank you husband.

Pay attention to such a moment as gratitude, admiration and pride for your husband. Analyze how often you use it in your life. Compliment your spouse more often. At the same time, it is not the appearance that should be praised, but its action.

Make sure that even his minimal care for you does not go unnoticed. If a husband does something, and he is not praised for it, then he will not understand why to do something. Still, no one notices his actions. If you praise your spouse, give him compliments, you will have more than that, for a box and a ^ larnoumber.

Relationships need to be worked on. But I manage to go to the registry office, put the coveted signature and forget about what to do, what-ressed y y w w. Otherwise, even the most ideal marriage will be on the verge of divorce.

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