How to say about sympathy for a man – what words to choose for recognition?

How to say about sympathy for a man – what words to choose for recognition? In modern society, there is an opinion that the first step must be taken by a man. But what if he is being modest or is simply afraid of your refusal, and at this time you are not at all averse to hinting from the simp? Imagine how long you can ignore each other just because each of you will be waiting for the first move from the other.

It’s easier for women

In this case, women’s tricks are needed. It is not necessary to hang yourself on a man’s neck or say “right in the forehead.” There are many ways you can unobtrusively and gently hint to him about your feelings. By and large, you don’t lose anything – either you provoke the necessary reaction and you awaken determination in him, or you say that it seemed to him if the feelings are not mutual.

Don’t be afraid to come across as pushy or intrusive. Useful recommendations don’t require you to be stalking or manic strategies. Just relax and enjoy your hidden “hunt” for the man you like.

How to understand that you really like him

It is easy to confuse real sympathy with a momentary need for attention from the opposite sex, especially at the very beginning of butterflies fluttering in the stomach. If you don’t have to in terms of the storage parameters:

  • prove to yourself or others that you are attractive and sexy;
  • forget in this way the former;
  • steal attention from another girl;
  • indulge your ego;
  • out of boredom and many other motives.

Agree, to attract the attention of a man just like that, knowing in advance that there will be no relationship, is not entirely fair to him. Before you take action, decide on your motives. For non-essential criteria, for the most part, for two conceptual designs:

  • Do you enjoy spending time with him?
  • you have common interests, topics for conversation;
  • you begin to miss his company immediately after parting;
  • you like casual touches (even if they are in friendly overtones);
  • you maintain eye contact when communicating;
  • you can trust him with personal experiences, boldly share your innermost;
  • you feel embarrassed around him.

The More Reactions You Notice in Yourself, The More Likely That Your Feelings Are Sincere, A, So the article will definitely help you.

5 ways to get a man’s attention

Do I need to take the initiative into my own hands?

It is clear that you want decisive action from his side. You, like any other girl, will be pleased to feel that you are being pursued, painstakingly come up with reasons for a meeting, the concept of dating. Compliments, the candy-bouquet period, the anticipation of the first kiss – all these are the stages of falling in love, which is difficult to maintain in further relationships.

Any couple gradually draws closer, everyday life appears, natural crises occur due to the discrepancy between expectations and reality. Disagreements and routines are inevitable sooner or later. That is why the stage of romance and falling in love is so important, and for both.

So, you seem to get along well, have a great time with each other, but he still doesn’t dare to turn this blindly. You’ve decided to take control of the situation, but you don’t know where to start. Not everyone dares to directly talk about their feelings. Also demonstrate how the simpat is small and small with the two tone signals.

In addition, immediately revealing the whole truth, you risk not only getting rejected and plunging into a protracted depression, but also putting yourself in a dominant position in future relationships. In turn, this is fraught with the development of the mother-son system or the destruction of any male initiative in the future (which, again, will give rise to endless mutual reproaches and claims).

TOP 3 ways How to say about sympathy for a man?

The more recommendations you use, the better. All men are different, one can be conquered with the help of one method, and from the first minutes of his practice, while others will need much more hints and calls to action. Watch his reaction and experiment with strategies.

  • Postures and body movements

Body language can tell a lot about the attitude of the interlocutor towards you, and vice versa. Moreover, these facts are fixed in the head more unconsciously. To that, you intuitively understand that the person sitting opposite is unfriendly if:

  • crosses arms and legs;
  • turns his head from side to side, looking for more interesting objects in the field of view for research;
  • pulling at the folds of clothes or fingering;
  • often changes body position in search of a more comfortable one;
  • looks at his watch or tries to get into the phone without urgent need and so on.

If the name of the demonstration is as simple as that, it is not possible to see it. Try to sit comfortably from the first minutes of communication, nod your head in agreement with some of his statements, do not be afraid to reduce the distance between you. The most effective and efficient way to show your interest without words is active gestures.

  • Give him a sense of importance

Every man strives to show his talents and skills in the company of a girl who is not indifferent to him. As the saying goes, If the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed… create a situation in which a sympathetic man can effortlessly help you:

  • ask to meet you from work or school late in the evening, when it is dark and scary outside;
  • turn to him for support when you failed to achieve the planned result in one way or another;
  • ask him to evaluate your culinary skills;
  • ask for help around the house – move a heavy cabinet or change a light bulb;
  • go shopping with him – to show that it is important to you how you look exactly from his point of view in but.

There can be many tricks. Their number is limited only by your imagination.

  • Random touches and unobtrusive compliments

This technique will be especially effective if performed correctly – in this combination. To do this in practice:

  • talk about the pleasant smell of cologne and, sniffing, as if “accidentally” touch the tip of the nose to his neck;
  • Pretend that you are removing a mote from his shirt, And, touching, hold your hand and stroke the material, Mentioning that it is pleasant to the touch;
  • if necessary, to delay or call out to him, touch your hand and notice his muscles in between.

Here, as in the previous way to express your sympathy, there can be a large number of variations. Proceed with the calculation, it is possible for the name to be demonstrated by the chuvstva.

Don’t forget that in trying to get attention, you can’t get carried away. Imagine what his reaction would be if you stopped participating in the dialogue, endlessly picking up dust from his clothes and showering him with compliments left and right.

Know the measure in your actions and be guided by his reaction. She will tell you whether to continue on or stop before the relationship finally deteriorates.

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