How to seduce a man and achieve a crush by Happn

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and with it the way we relate to others is being reinvented. We use it to communicate, but also to meet friends or, why not, a partner. Today we will talk specifically about how it works happn: one of the applications to find a partner that has revolutionized the world of dating.

Next, I will share with you everything you need to know about happn so that you have a pleasant experience and find the love of your life just a click away.

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What is Happn?

How to find a partner on Happn

happn It is a very particular dating application, since it uses the mobile’s geolocator to inform you who are the people who cross paths with you on the street.

Surely it has happened to you that when you walk your dog, you always meet a man who also goes with his pet, they coincide in that same space over and over again, they share a taste for animals, they look at each other, perhaps an attraction begins to be woven , but nothing transcends because, for example, both are shy or do not want to bother the other.

Well, that’s when said app comes into action, of course, if both are users. In that case, the photos of the people around you would appear on your screen, including the man you are interested in, you like him and if the two agree on this taste, they have the possibility of starting a chat conversation and get to know each other.

Unlike other dating apps, in happn you meet the people you meet in real life; that is to say, the conquest process is a little more intimate because, in one way or another, you already identify in the other a possible partner candidate.

After this first lucky encounter, it will be up to you to win him over via chat. How dating by chat is possible, you just have to focus on effective communication!

How to create an account on Happn

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There are two ways to create an account on happnboth very easy. You could link it to your Facebook account or simply sign in through your mobile number.

Then, you must enter your name, date of birth and gender; Some optional information that you would like to include would be: a description of yourself, share a little about your work and education.

Before you start using the app, you must specify whether you want to cross paths with men, women, or both.

It is important that you remember that Happn works with geolocation, therefore, it is ideal that you have the GPS open so that it works correctly and can show you all the users of the application that are close to you.

Happn will tell you how many times they passed each other on the street, it also shows you where the meeting took place on the map, along with their name, age, profession and photos.

Remember to add useful information and photos that reflect who you are and what your interests are so that other members know a little more about you.

On Happn, you don’t have to immediately decide if you like someone or not, like you do with Tinder; here, you can take the time to review their profile and make sure you have a good candidate.

If you like what you see, you can hit a heart that will appear and if the feeling is mutual, a message will appear notifying you that they have a “crush” and you can start sending messages through an internal chat.

How to make a man want you naturally is simpler than you ever imagined, keep learning about the app, take the risk of using it and leave more than one crazy about you.

Happn Features

How Happn works

  • The creators of Happn thought of allowing us the possibility of connecting with those people we meet every day and who catch our attention, but who most of the time stay in the moment. Which means that you have a chance to interact with the one you constantly cross glances with. Isn’t that amazing?
  • It is not necessary that you have to spend all day looking at your cell phone or with the app open, but you will receive the data of the people you come across so that you can consult them whenever you like; You will see the history of the people you have passed while walking.
  • As it happens with other applications designed to flirt, you need to send a “greeting” to the person who interested you so that it corresponds. If he greets you back, they will have the option to start a chat conversation and transcend the relationship. Now, if he rejects your greeting, you will not be able to advance.
  • If you reject someone who has greeted you or you are rejected, that person will no longer appear in your history or you in theirs, even if you cross paths on the street again.
  • Nobody will know, directly, if you have rejected him, he simply disappears from the application for you.
  • Apart from the “greeting” option, there is another one that is “Like” (symbolized with a heart), but this is a secret action; that is, the boy you liked will not see your “Like” unless he has also given it to you, then they will discover that there is mutual attraction and the conquest stage will begin.
  • happn does not verify accounts, which increases the risk of encountering fake accounts; however, users can block or report accounts they deem suspicious.
  • It is available for both Android and iOS, but also for the Windows operating system.
  • Happn is a dating app with over 70 million users; In addition, the people who have tried it agree that it has a quite original and innovative interface.
  • Remember that to find the man you like, he must also have the application installed on his smartphone. The term “cross someone” refers to coming into contact with someone who is or was between 1 and 500 meters, so you will have the opportunity to consult everyone who has been in this perimeter of yours during the same day.

How to seduce a man and achieve a crush by Happn

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Dear friend, remember that the interaction with that boy you like will begin with a casual encounter, therefore, you must always be prepared for any eventuality and be clear about how to influence a man’s mind.

Next, I will share some tips that you should keep in mind when leaving home and intending to make a man fall in love with Happn, but first I recommend you take a look at our incredible Magnetic Desire Method, you will love it!

  1. Wear clothes that highlight your beauty and colors that make you shine with your own light according to the color of your skin.
  2. Dare and make a change of look that favors you; you can cut your hair a little, maybe try a new color or use natural makeup that makes you look much more beautiful, yes, always preserving your essence.
  3. There is nothing more charming for a man than a beautiful smile; so smile without fear and impress him with your eyes. This will be a foolproof trick if you want to seduce the man you meet on the street and it will attract you in a big way!
  4. Show him that you are an interesting, unique woman with attitude. Walk spontaneously, but taking care of your posture, stimulate his senses, look beautiful and wear a fragrance that impacts him, positively, in case he passes very close to you.
  5. Always keep yourself clean and don’t forget about your hair; wash it regularly and comb it well to keep it looking pleasing to the eye. Do not forget that you must focus on looking very beautiful so that this boy notices you and they can connect through Happn.
  6. The casual approach is very important, so don’t miss any opportunity, but keep it natural and casual.
  7. Now, once you have connected with that man who steals your sighs through Happn, you must do everything on your part to continue making him fall in love with a quality conversation.
  8. How to seduce a man will flow for you if you follow my recommendations to the letter.

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