How To Seduce A Man Subtly?

Do you know what is the subliminal seduction? If you don’t know, don’t worry, here we explain it to you.

You want that boy you like so much to look for you or you are too shy to go directly to him. The worst thing is that you can’t find a way to make that happen discreetly, so you would like to know How to seduce a man subtly.

Subliminal seduction is exactly what you are looking for!

It’s time to start attracting him without him noticing, that he looks for you without knowing why and feels attracted to you, without having any idea that you have planned it that way.

I will share 10 tips for you to put subliminal seduction into practice and you can conquer the man you want so much.

The way you speak, the way you approach, your appearance, the best details and much more. Here are some guidelines to secretly attract him!

Subliminal seduction: make him feel good about you

Secrets to seduce subliminally

First of all, making him feel good about you is the key to everything.

Highlight those characteristics that make you enjoy their company, but try to mention them as qualities that anyone, not just you, enjoys.

How can it help to bring up something that maybe the whole world sees? That it is you who, clearly, notices it and says it!

Take a look at the following sample sentences that might help!:

  • It’s nice to have good company…like you.
  • I can trust you and tell you everything…
  • You always know how to make me laugh!

Seeing what everyone loves about him and saying it with a unique twist of creativity is key.

Phrases that make you feel valuable

Think of someone who notices something special about you; something that no one else had noticed before, maybe not even you.

While you may simply be in the presence of a very observant person, it is likely to pique your interest and curiosity.

Arouse the curiosity of the man who makes you sleepless by using phrases that enhance all the qualities that make him a valuable person! I guarantee that he will not want to leave you.

Conversations like: “…At least I don’t have problems with my boss, he’s very good, although he isn’t someone who understands and listens as well as you…”

As you will notice, even without the message being explicit, you would be rescuing two valuable characteristics that make it stand out from other people:

He is a very understanding person and who knows how to listen, compared to someone important.

Also you can implement the compliments for mischievous and funny men and thus melt it with desire.

Subliminal seduction: make him feel desired

Who doesn’t like to feel wanted? what men really want not far from women.

Knowing that we are attractive to other people always lifts our spirits. Mention his physical attractiveness and anything that makes you want him.

Phrases should be included casually in your conversation, in the middle of the sentence or story you are telling.

Think of a conversation like this:

“…My friend is having problems with her partner. I have given her the advice to look for the type of man that every woman wants, even if it is difficult to find… someone similar to you.

I hope things get better between them because I really care that she is happy….”

Although the story is not about him, the hidden message is very suggestive.

Later, when you have him behind you and you can opt for a more direct method of seduction, you can be inspired by some seduction phrases.

Thanking phrases with compliments

Subliminal seduction phrases

When someone speaks to us so nicely, it is common for an equal response to be received. With all the previous phrases, you will notice that he returns the same type of message.

You can let that end with a simple phrase of thanks or take advantage of the moment to give a compliment or phrases to fall in love captivating ideas quite subtle.

If giving compliments isn’t something you usually do, let your imagination and creativity run wild and include compliments in sentences like the ones above.

If your personality is a bit more direct and flirtatious by nature, take the opportunity to say thank you with an excellent compliment.

The point is to reflect the positive message that he gives you. Great part of subliminal seduction it’s about that, seize the moments in the right way.

Doing it right, everything will flow and it will seem that the attraction starts from nothing.

Looks and smiles: powerful weapons in subliminal seduction

Managing looks and smiles are key in the game of seduction.

Always try to keep a smile; reflecting a friendly and positive image is a great way to attract anyone.

Make the first thing he sees when he meets you is a smile.

If you mention something in a seductive or romantic way, a smile and a deep look will be two reactions that he will love.

Maintaining a steady gaze, straight into the eyes, can be uncomfortable; continually avoiding the gaze will make him feel like you’re not there.

Try to maintain a balance between the two.

In addition, you can learn more in depth with the text of, whose content deals with the non-verbal aspects of communication.

Now, to know the best way to use your eyes and your smile, as well as many more techniques that will make you the most attractive person, consult the Magnetic Desire Method.

casual approach

subliminal seduction

We all have spaces dedicated to others. Being able to enter that personal space is a good sign.

Usually, we choose who can do it, but there are strategic ways to get into someone’s personal space, making them think that they have decided that it is so.

Do not miss any opportunity and get closer in certain casual and allowed moments!:

  • Take his arm when crossing a busy street or going down an uneven rocky path. Be creative to find the situations where doing so makes sense.
  • You can show him something interesting on your phone, standing next to him shoulder to shoulder.
  • Try to reflect tranquility when entering your personal space as if it were natural, this will increase the feeling of trust.

By the way, as a curious fact, the approach that occurs between two people when they interact is called proxemia.

This is very important in body language when it comes to subliminal seduction.

Using all your attractiveness in subliminal seduction

If you know what your strengths are and know how to use them, there is nothing that can stop you.

To use all your attractiveness it is not necessary to “show more” or completely change the style of dress with which you feel comfortable.

It is about adapting it in such a way that you radiate security and confidence in yourself.

If you are having difficulty finding a new style that still reflects your personality while impressing with your attractiveness, ask for the advice of an image expert!

A fact that can help you a lot is to maintain symmetry.

Our brain is wired to prefer symmetrical features, as they are very attractive.

You will find many tutorials on the internet to learn how to take care of this look with proper clothing and makeup.

sharing time

How to make a man fall in love

We have already mentioned in other articles the power of becoming someone familiar to him, just by getting into his environment little by little.

This does not mean spending twenty-four hours a day glued to that special someone. Too much time close can annoy or bore him, being something very direct.

Later, I will explain the importance of keeping a certain distance.

But, in the time that you can enjoy together, the purpose is:

1. Share experiences

This is the key to keeping communication alive and interest rising.

Learn how to make a man laughor rather, to that boy you like brings benefits:

Make him addicted to you, because he will always seek the company of the person who brightens his day.

2. Be mysterious

Curiosity has a powerful effect; with subliminal seduction you will feel that there is a spark, without knowing if it is intentional or not, making your desire to know grow.

Subliminal seduction of small details

The best details are very important. Remember information that seems trivial such as: what is your favorite coffee or the joke that made you laugh so much last week.

Give him gifts that he can use daily; something that he can carry with him or can keep in sight most of the time.

For example, an action as simple as giving him a pen like the one he told you about two weeks ago.

Knowing that a person pays us that level of attention and listens to us, always arouses interest!

enough resistance

Have you managed to arouse his interest, does he start looking for you a little more and go after you?

You probably think of immediately welcoming him with open arms, but now is the best time to openly seduce him!

At this point, keep this in mind:

  • Let him know that he has to fight for you, that he feels that conquering you will be an achievement. Thus, even if everything is your plan, he will feel victorious thinking that he has conquered you.
  • Learn to keep a good distance.
  • Do not be inaccessible, but do so in such a way that he comes to value and appreciate the time he is with you.
  • That good distance also has to be given in communication.
  • The most important thing to remember: Allow advances in such a way that getting to you feels like an exciting adventure, rather than just going and grabbing something off a shelf.

For this I recommend the mirror method with which you will be able to seduce him without him knowing.

Applying subliminal seduction

How to seduce a man

Whether it’s with your best friend with whom you want to get to something more, with a colleague at work or school, subliminal seduction fits very well in those situations where you could have more contact with that special person.

The phrases, the looks and smiles, using your attractiveness and showing yourself as the most confident and wonderful woman in the world, will be your best allies when seducing like an expert without him noticing.

Whatever the situation, have all the confidence and put into practice the above tips to go for that boy you want!

Remember that with these tips you can win on the first date or at any time if you wish.

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