How to seduce a man with a girlfriend: 9 infallible tips

Falling in love with a man with a girlfriend is a situation as frequent as it is normal; however, it has its consequences.

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend without losing dignity in the attempt?

Next, I will share some keys so that you are prepared, in case you find yourself in this situation.

The ideal thing is that you take things calmly, analyze the context well and know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend without exposing yourself too much.

Have you found the perfect guy for you, but he has a girlfriend?

How to make a guy fall in love

Have you found the perfect guy for you, the man of your dreams, but it turns out he has a girlfriend?

Don’t worry or feel bad about it, just remember that it can happen to anyone.

Also, nobody belongs to anyone, therefore, you are free to express your feelings and try to conquer that boy who has a crush on you.

All human beings are very sensitive and, therefore, weak in terms of seduction.

You just need to know how to make a man want you naturally, and you will have complete power over the mind and emotions of the man you want.

In war and in love all is fair

Although it is not well seen to fall in love with someone who already has a partner, it is completely normal and, when it comes to love, everything is valid.

The important thing, in these cases, is knowing how to take risks and learn how to seduce a man with a girlfriend; Otherwise, you will never know what chance you have with that person if you don’t go on an adventure.

Prepare yourself to meet your goal and overcome this challenge by applying the following tips so that you can achieve it and addressing the article published by

Tricks to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend

Tip #1: Analyze and observe

This is the opening key to know how you are going to act from now on.

Bring out the detective inside you!; you need to know enough because improvisation is not an option.

Observe how the relationship with your current partner is, what their daily dynamics are like and how strong you perceive those ties.

Analyze how timely your attempt can be; that is to say, undertaking this challenge with someone who has been with her partner for a short time is not the same as a person who has been in a relationship for years.

Although nothing is impossible, the degree of difficulty can vary depending on these kinds of factors.

You must understand them in depth to know what situation you are in and the paths you should take from that diagnosis.

Tip #2: Earn their trust

How to seduce a guy with a girlfriend

You must start from the principle that your current partner has a substantial advantage over you by virtue of being the girlfriend.

Even so, don’t get discouraged by that, better think that there are aspects that you may not share completely and since all people are different, maybe you can be that piece that fits perfectly in that boy’s life.

To complement this idea, I want to recommend that you read the article in which I teach you how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world.

Boost your confidence to accomplish your goal and understand how to seduce a man with a girlfriend!

It is vitally important that you earn their trust to identify which are those spaces that you can take advantage of with your way of being.

The importance of empathy

Empathy is the best way to get closer to the man you like.

It will allow him to begin to see you, initially, as that friend in whom he can deposit his secrets, joys or afflictions.

However, you can tell me: “I don’t want him to see me as a friend, I want him to see me as something else!”, to which I will answer that you must be patient.

Really valuable things don’t come overnight and this is no exception.

Now, if you really care about the friendship issue, it is worth knowing how to get out of the friend zone so that you feel more secure.

It is better to start this way because that way he will have the opportunity to get to know you and identify all that is valuable in you.

The security of wanting to be with you lies in how well he knows you and this is achieved by strengthening the bond of friendship, do not forget it.

Tip #3: Create special spaces

Have you ever noticed that a person stands out beyond the everyday, generates attraction and curiosity to investigate further?

Most of our time is spent interacting with other people; through these daily relationships is how we develop in daily life.

On the other hand, there are cases where we like to spend more time with some people than with others, mainly because they create an environment that makes us feel comfortable, turning that space into something special.

This is exactly what we are looking for to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend.

That you stand out and he begins to feel that you are that different and pleasant element in the daily life of his life.

Tip #4: Strengthens affinities

How to seduce a man with a girlfriend

Compatibility is a basic factor, influential in relationships.

In fact, it is very common for a couple to share similar interests.

In your case, it will be transcendental to find out in what aspects you and that special person can have affinity, which will help you to promote situations that involve those things that you share.

This will result in greater fluidity in the interaction and the strengthening of affinities.

Read the article How to know if we are compatible in love and define if that man that you love so much is the ideal one for you.

Imagine the following situation :

You like sports just like him, knowing this fact, it would be inadvisable for you to choose to go see a play instead of practicing a sport together.

In itself, going to a theater performance is not a bad idea for a date, but, in this case, it would be convenient for you to take advantage of that common taste you have to strengthen that connection between you.

Tip #5: Never mention his girlfriend

With this point you must be very careful because prudence will be the main tool.

Any comment related to his girlfriend could set off alarms in him and cause problems or misunderstandings.

Therefore, it is important to avoid topics that involve your current partner; Moreover, it would not be necessary to mention it if you focus on the interaction between you and him.

Keep in mind that trying to learn how to seduce a man with a girlfriend is still a taboo subject.

So any reference to your current partner can make you uncomfortable and we don’t want this.

We know that your intentions are good, but we want to avoid at all costs that he feels guilty about his interaction with you.

To complement the topic, I invite you to read an article published by where the concept of emotional infidelity will be addressed, which may interest you.

Tip #6: Show interest in their mood swings

Have you heard the phrase: “Put yourself in their shoes”? Well, this is the key on this occasion.

It is about being empathic with the feelings of others and knowing how to listen.

This, more than a strategy, is a human quality that allows us to understand the other and for you it can be a point in your favor.

If he tells you about his problems and afflictions, it is a good sign; it means that you are awakening enough trust in him and he finds in you a true friend.

If he feels bad, for any reason, you can be his main support, showing him that he is not alone, that he counts on you and that you care about his emotional well-being.

Support him in both difficult times and in his triumphs

But don’t just think about those difficult emotions, also look for the moment to congratulate him on his triumphs.

Being happy for the happiness of the other indicates sympathy, becoming a very effective element of seduction.

In this way, he will relate you to positive stimuli and will have an increasingly pleasant perception of you.

In short, he will become addicted to you and to what you awaken in him; Ultimately, he won’t want to let you go.

I invite you to learn a little about subliminal seduction so you can learn some extra tricks.

Cheer up and how to seduce a man with a girlfriend will be possible!

Analyze your current relationship

Another clue that this key gives you is knowing if your current relationship is strong enough, why is this important to you?

Because, at the end of the day, you also have no intention of separating a happy couple.

Simply, you are analyzing if it is viable for you and if the situation is in your favor because in love everything goes.

It may be a little reckless for me to tell you this, but even if the relationship is solid, these tips are very useful to gain the space you seek in the heart of that guy.

The question you should ask yourself is the following:

Is this daring step worth it? it is up to you to decide whether to embark on an adventure or make a prudent retreat.

Tip #7: Impress it

Remember that to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend and get him interested in you, it is necessary to impress him.

You must keep his curiosity active and generate mystery, not be an open book where he can know everything about your life.

Let him, little by little, be the one who wants to find out things about you.

Draw his attention with your appearance, in a very ingenious way, wear nice clothes that flatter you and enhance your physical qualities.

But, be careful, don’t overdo it, the idea is to attract their attention in a natural way without being pretentious.

How to seduce a man quickly is not as complicated as you may have thought. You just have to keep in mind the female body language.

The game of looks is also a good trick to impress. Also, it can be something covert that will not put you at risk of possible suspicion or misunderstanding.

Tip #8: Be sure of your feelings

How to attract a committed man

Do you really like that boy that much? If your answer is yes, then you have a lot of things to do.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend, it is good that you are clear if you want to risk it.

Although I have told you that these keys are infallible, they can also be used against you if you are not discreet and cautious.

Keep in mind that withdrawing at a certain time is also wise.

If you see that your feelings are being affected in this process, it is better to stop along the way and reflect on whether it is convenient to continue with this idea.

First of all is your well-being and you must take it as a priority.

Tip #9: Subtle compliments to know how to seduce a man with a girlfriend

Well, we all like it when we get praised appropriately and at the right time.

In fact, complimenting someone serves to boost their self-esteem and highlight something positive.

Of course, be careful with what you say and at what time because you can see yourself in trouble if you do not do it correctly; Finally, the art of complimenting is also a sensitive issue.

So what is the point here?

It is about flattering him when it is appropriate so that you do not miss these small opportunities that enhance the rapprochement between the two of you.

Surely, he will feel that you are a fresh and sincere woman, who does not have problems with exalting the qualities of other people.

Regarding this trick, you can be inspired by the article the best compliments for men that I compiled especially for this you.

In summary

To make a guy with a girlfriend fall in love you must take small steps; therefore, remember:

  • Spend as much time as possible together, yes, in a casual way.
  • Know the weakest points of your relationship.
  • Don’t mention your partner.
  • Strengthen friendship relationship.
  • Not pressuring him is the key; make him fall in love with you, but don’t insist on breaking up with his girlfriend. Instead, try to get him to take the initiative to have a relationship with you.
  • Flirt with him, but with subtlety and intelligence.
  • Make yourself desired, do not forget that everything enters through the eyes. How to be more attractive and striking in her eyes is your goal.

Get started right now!

With full conviction of what you want, you will be victorious.

Now that I have revealed to you the tricks of how to seduce a man with a girlfriend, you can make the attempt with greater security, without feeling that, perhaps, you are doing something wrong or that none of your strategies will work.

It only remains to tell you to cheer up and decide as soon as possible because you have the tools in your hands to achieve what you long for.

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