How to Seduce a Man with Words: 32 tricks

Do you like a boy and are you determined to conquer him? Well, nothing better than learning how to seduce a man with words, and here I am going to teach you how to do it!

In this article, I will show you the best tricks so that you can make that boy fall in love.

It is true, men prioritize the visual sense a lot. That is to say, your appearance can leave him shocked, but if there is nothing else inside you, it will be just attraction and nothing else!

You will attract him by the visual aspect, without a doubt, but it will be the ear that will make him fall in love with you.

So do not forget to learn how to make a man fall in love with tender words with the help of these tips and these keys to conquer

How to seduce a man with words

How to make a man fall in love

The first thing you have to learn about men and the strategies of conquest that work is that you can’t get desperate and skip steps because you will ruin it for sure.

Memorize the mistakes that women make in the conquest phase and don’t repeat them, and learn not to pressure a man when you try to seduce him, follow these tricks!

Trick #1: Pretend to be indifferent

This is a strategy that works wonders when trying to win someone over.

So if you want to learn how to seduce a man with words, at first, talk about more general topics or do not give much importance to what he tells you.

You must make him feel a little curious about you, that he never believes that you are crazy about him or that you want to conquer him.

If this happens, he will feel important and believe that he is the center of your universe: or what is the same, he will not pay much attention to you because he will know that he has you in the palm of his hand.

Trick #2: No feelings insight

So you can’t express what you feel for him, at least in the first moments.

Even if he notices you flirting with him sometimes, you can’t tell him how you feel or involve feelings from the start or he’ll run away!

Men fear getting seriously involved in stable relationships because they think it will mean losing their much-valued freedom and manhood.

So don’t encourage this fear because he won’t want you to get close to him.

Trick #3: Don’t talk about commitment

And if they’re scared that you’ll involve feelings, commitment makes them panic!

Don’t lay out all your cards and talk to him about how you’d love to get married, start a family, have a house, four kids, two dogs, and family dinners with the in-laws on Sundays, stop right now!

It is not that he believes that you are an easy girl and that he can have something temporary and passionate with you and leave, but neither can you start seducing a man with words like that because you will inevitably intimidate him.

How to attract a man with nice words: feed his ego

Phrases of love to fall in love

The male ego is extremely important if you want to understand how to seduce a man with words.

Always keep it in mind and give it a leading role in your conquest strategy, and you will emerge victoriously!

Follow these useful tricks that I propose below and also learn everything you need to know about how to seduce a man

Trick #1: Request their timely help

Secretly, nothing pleases a man more than knowing that he can be stronger, braver, faster, more dexterous, etc., than a woman.

It is not that they want to show that they are superior, but to know that they have not lost that primary condition of being the “saviors”, the heroes of the film, of the damsel in distress.

So to seduce a man with words you can use this and ask him for help whenever you have the opportunity.

It doesn’t matter that you can open the door: ask him and let him do it because “your hands are full”.

It doesn’t matter if you can load that chair perfectly: request “please” that he does it.

And the key to success: that insignificant insect that you are not afraid of, but you will implore it to chase it away for you because it has you terrified.

Trick #2: Amplify your masculinity

And if it is about faking, do not forget among your words to seduce a man those that highlight his manly condition and make him leave a good impression in front of others.

Use him as an example when you talk about strength or courage, or anything else related to boys, and you will see that he feels a little proud inside of what you are saying.

Trick #3: Boost your self-esteem

All of the above will help with this, but you can boost him a little more by emphasizing his worth in private and encouraging him to keep going because he is capable of that and much more!

Trick #4: Congratulate him on his victories

And of course, they cannot be missing in all that seduction game, a few appropriate words to recognize their achievements.

Many times, just as we forget to say “thank you” after we receive help with something, we do not say “congratulations on that” or “I am very happy with what you have achieved”.

And let me tell you something, there is nothing that encourages a person more than seeing someone thank him for his conquests and congratulate him for it, so don’t forget to do it because they will be great messages to make a man fall in love with words!

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Trick #5: Deserved Compliments

We all do things well at some point and we hope, without a doubt, that they recognize and value them in their fair measure.

So do not miss the opportunity to pay that boy you like so much a compliment.

It can be something as simple as “Your presentation in science class was great” or “You impressed a lot of people with your good work, including me.”

It’s not like you’re going to bombard him every day with this kind of stuff, but don’t miss out on doing it occasionally!

Trick #6: “Casual” compliments

While a compliment tends to be more impersonal or general about something the guy did well, a compliment is more direct and individualized.

With great tact and taking advantage of the opportune moments when you are alone or close, do not miss the opportunity to give him some praise.

You should always try not to make him feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, so do it as naturally as possible and in a climate of trust.

You can refer to his wardrobe or a particular piece of clothing that fits him well, or aspects of his physique such as his eyes or his smile saying that they are very pretty or brighten the room, or other positive points of his character and personality.

This can be one facet of flirting with this guy, but you can get him to not take it that way too soon if you don’t compliment him too often and just enough.

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Trick #7: Mention his name

The name of a person is the word that most accompanies him during his life.

It’s like a mantra repeated billions of times, and that belongs only to that person (beyond the fact that there are many people with the same name).

So nothing more personalized and intimate than using his name in your phrases to melt him with love.

No matter what you say to him or when, use his name in the sentence, address him and only him.

Give him the importance of knowing the word that most identifies him and with which he feels most identified, you will not fail!

Words to seduce a man: show intelligence

female seduction strategies

Nothing attracts a man more than a capable and intelligent woman, without becoming arrogant and believed.

So if you desire to seduce a man with words, take a close look at these tips!

Trick #1: Don’t hide your opinions

You don’t have to, after all, love isn’t about always agreeing on everything.

This boy, if he is intelligent, will know how to appreciate a real woman who has her own opinions and knows how to defend them.

Of course, it does not mean that you try to impose them, but to also respect his, that is the key!

Trick #2: Show your qualities

In the same way, your virtues and qualities, as well as your knowledge, should be put on display if appropriate.

It is not, again, that you are imposing or arrogant, because this can take him away from you.

To learn a little more about how to seduce a man with words and the meaning of the concept of love, I invite you to read the article on

Trick #3: Don’t be afraid to differ in criteria

As I told you before, love is not agreeing on every little thing, but it is something like reaching an agreement even if you think differently.

Remember that even if you are trying to win this guy over, you should not pretend to agree with something that is actually against you.

Think for a moment that, if there is a relationship between the two of you, that could cause you problems.

It is not about arguing over nonsense, but it is about clarifying how you think or avoiding talking about it a lot so as not to get into fights with no future.

Trick #4: Don’t forget your sense of humor

Knowing how to use a sense of humor to seduce a man with words is key for a woman.

No one wants a grumpy woman who always has a bad face by their side, but someone who enjoys and shares laughter and the joy of life.

Trick #5: Be clever

And closely linked to this is your ingenuity and the ability you have to use it to bring out that spark inside you and know how to seduce a man with daring words.

Do not miss a good time for a joke or some occurrence that makes sense.

Do not suppress this if it is part of your personality and your charm.

Seduce a man without words: listen to him

How to flirt with a man

When it comes to seducing a man with words, it is also essential that you learn something as simple as being silent and knowing how to listen.

Boys, in general, find it much more difficult to express what they feel, because of those macho beliefs that society teaches them.

Therefore, if the conversation flows, you have to give him time to talk about his concerns, his life, and everything he wants to tell you!

If you cut him off and interrupt him from time to time, he will end up losing the desire to talk to you because you are not letting him talk.

Show interest in what he tells you and learn to listen actively because this is also part of a conversation between two people!

How to make a guy fall in love with words: the exact questions

Some tricks are key if you want to conquer with words.

A very useful weapon that you can use if you know how to do it are questions, pay attention to these tips!

Trick #1: Don’t be curious

It’s all about asking the right questions, but you should never be reckless enough to seem nosy, be careful!

Try these questions for your crush

Trick #2: Generalities

There are issues in the life of each person that always motivate us to feel good, in confidence, and to talk about it!

Try these topics that I propose to ask your special boy:

  • likes and hobbies
  • dreams
  • Purposes and goals in life
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Past
  • sadness

Trick #3: Open questions

Try, by all means, when you are going to ask him a question, to formulate it in such a way that his answer is not “yes” or “no”.

In this way, you will give way to keep talking and you can talk much more.

Trick #4: Arthur Aron Questions

This famous psychologist developed 36 questions that make people fall in love.

If you want to seduce a man with words, don’t hesitate to try this exercise that he proposes or inserting these questions in your conversation with this guy.

Also, try these questions to make a man fall in love.

Speechless again: reduced communication!

And when the time is right, reduce communication!

In the game of seducing a man with words you also have to learn to control what you say and when you say it, as well as the frequency in which you have conversations, check out these tricks!

  • Withdraw a little: I already told you, there is nothing better than to reduce the words to seduce a man if you want him to approach you. If the contact was going well and you think it’s time to leave him “hooked”, move away from him a little and be a little distant, but do not think that you are totally leaving him aside.
  • Less frequency: To achieve this, you must decrease the frequency in which they see each other to chat or interact on social networks. Find convincing excuses to keep him waiting to talk to you.
  • You are busy: pretend that you have to do something important and you have to leave very quickly, stop talking to him because you are busy with other things and do not specify what, you will drive him crazy!
  • Suspense: nothing like leaving an unfinished story if you want that boy to look for you to continue the conversation. So he watches your words, he looks for something he’s interested in, and let him listen to the rest!
  • Encourage mystery: don’t tell your whole life at once, wait to go little by little leaving ideas and notes about your past and your personal things so that this boy wants to know more and more about you.

Phrases to seduce a man: time to speak clearly

Seduction phrases

Now, after a reasonable time, the best thing to seduce a man with words is to speak clearly once and for all, see what follows!

  • Prepare the ground: it is clear, before deciding to speak and declare yourself, you have to do some preliminary work. You must investigate and observe his reactions to be sure that he likes you or at least have some indication, and know-how to wait for the right moment to tell him. I recommend that you learn how to know if a boy is interested in you
  • Be direct: there are men who prefer direct women and who take the initiative. Test the waters a bit and take your time to investigate how he would react to this. To help you find the perfect words, use these long love phrases
  • Shy boy: he may be one of those boys who are somewhat shy or who does not dare to tell you how much he likes you. So if you have noticed that he has feelings for you, help him express what he feels by telling him what is in your heart!

How to seduce a man with words of love: written words

And they could not miss the written words to come to your aid.

With the era of new technologies, there are many mechanisms and ways that you will have to reach your boy through written messages.

In addition, you will have more time to write them and respond to them, which will give you the possibility to calm your nerves and not screw up.

use emoticons

They can be excellent allies and express various emotions that support your message.

Without exaggerating and that not everything is these “little drawings”, use them to give more feeling to your letters.

There are even versions in messaging systems, such as WhatsApp, in which you can now put your face on the coolest emoticons, it will be perfect to express what you feel!

Similarly, you can use stickers and gifs, but always remember that you cannot bombard their phone with messages all the time, nor can you replace your written messages with too many photos, emoticons, etc.

not so long conversation

It is not recommended that you spend hours until late in the morning chatting with this guy on WhatsApp or another virtual channel, because you must leave something so that he wants to stay online with you.

So he looks for a way not to prolong the chat for too long and thus be able to continue the next day.


Beware of messages that are not so clear and possible ambiguities, because no matter how many emoticons you have, it will not be the same as a face-to-face conversation and you will not have the tone of voice or gestures to support your message!


They will never go out of style, whatever they say. You can choose the way to send it, and even use the postal mail if it works or leave it anonymously in a place where you know you will find it.

If you want extra help to get inspired or to have the perfect letter, first learn how to write a love letter step by step.

And with all these tricks that I have left you here, you already have to start and learn how to seduce a man with words.

The rest depends on you, because you must be able to put all this into practice and dare to conquer that special boy in your life: always remember that nothing has been written about cowards and that you won’t know if you’re going to win if you don’t. you try

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