How to send a girl off without offending her and not develop complexes in a girl

In the life of every young man there are situations when he decides to end a relationship with a particular girl. The question arises, how to send a girl off without offending her? Better yet, do it so subtly that she doesn’t even realize she’s been rejected.

The main reasons why girls are rejected

According to surveys, men break off relationships with girls for many reasons, but the main ones are:

  • Lack of interest. A girl may show sympathy for a young man, but he understands that she does not attract him.
  • Obsession. Annoying and too obsequious girls are not liked by everyone.
  • The fading of relationships. Love has passed and the man does not count on its revival.
  • Frivolity. Guys looking for a serious relationship do not take such girls seriously.

Painless options for ending communication

According to the degree of bringing psychological discomfort, these options are the most favorable for the girl, since they do not hurt her feelings or hurt her very minimally.

  1. Ignoring calls and messages from a girl. Just not getting in touch for a week or more, her messages towards the man will stop. Since even the most naive will understand – the guy does not want to communicate with her. And due to the fact that there were no special feelings, it would not be necessary to expect resentment from her.
  2. Keep rescheduling the conversation. The duty phrase: “I’m busy now, let’s call later” for some time will also quickly get bored with any self-respecting girl and she will quickly switch her attention to someone else.
  3. Neutral attitude towards a girl showing sympathy. You should not respond to flirting, joke or hint at anything. This gives false hope for the possible development of relations. A few days of “smooth” communication and she will understand that she has nothing to catch here.
  4. Draw her attention to another guy. Unobtrusively bringing a girl with a lonely friend or acquaintance who liked her is the aerobatics of a painless cessation of communication. In this case, at first, you can even help the newly-made boyfriend with advice in order to quickly win her favor.
  5. Honestly say everything. That now there is no item in the plans for a relationship with a girl, no matter how sweet and attractive she may be. That now the main goal in life is education, a career (or any other important occupation).
  6. Change the attitude towards the girl. It is worth starting to notice its small and insignificant shortcomings and, as it were, casually report them. Do not criticize her in a rude and harsh form, especially in front of strangers. Seeing that a man is too picky and picky, a girl is unlikely to want a relationship with him. Too much hassle.
  7. The man is a bore. Nobody will like this. Monotonous, empty muttering and eternal discontent will quickly scare away a person who is interested in a guy. Since, in order to listen to all these odes every day, you need a lot of patience and love (which is not present at the stage of sympathy).

More Painful Ways to End a Relationship

There are such classic phrases that no one can argue with, even a stubborn female nature. Therefore, having told the girl one of these phrases, she will be upset, but not much. And stop sympathizing towards the man.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t love you.” Love cannot be forced, and therefore the girl will sigh sadly at this phrase, and move away from the thought of winning a man.

“You are pretty, but not my type” is a phrase that encourages girls to change their appearance. This leads to changes in hair color, hair length, wardrobe changes and other female tricks.

“Sorry, but I love another girl” is a phrase that solves everything. With special perseverance, you can show her the “beloved” girl (ask a friend, sister for help) or say that love is unrequited and long-lasting. A male actor can “shed a tear” and report this in a sad tone.

“Let’s be friends” – this is what girls usually say, but who forbids guys to use this phrase. A kind of mini-revenge will quickly lead to the idea that they want to send the girl off without offending at the same time, but with a dose of humor.

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