How to spot a lying man: 10 signs

Sometimes some guys resort to cheating to get certain benefits from women, which is absolutely unacceptable. That is why today I want to share some signs so that you can learn how to discover a lying man .

Read on and become a cunning woman who does not easily fall into the nets and traps of this type of men; Analyze each of the following signs and keep them in mind in case you feel that you are dealing with an insincere guy.

Sign #1: Avoids eye contact and tends to blink more than usual

According to experts, these are two clear signs of anxiety, which is quite common in lying men.

The movement of the eyes, the constant blinking and, of course, avoiding eye contact, can indicate that they are imagining situations or constructing phrases to lie.

Now, if, in addition to avoiding eye contact, he’s staring at the floor, it’s almost certain that he’s lying to you.

How to discover a lying man is easier than you think, pay attention to the other signs that I am going to teach you today and learn why men lie and how to get him to tell you the truth !

Sign #2: Exaggerated gestures or movements

How to spot a lying man

Exaggeration regarding movement and body language are also signs that identify lying men.

For example, a guy who exaggerates his mannerisms a lot when talking to try to convince a girl is usually cheating.

Also, when a man suddenly becomes more detailed and tender with his partner, surely he is trying to distract his attention and not focus on what has happened; It is even a way of apologizing when he feels remorse for having lied.

To know how to discover a lying man , you just have to be very attentive to his behavior and the changes he experiences. Observe it and draw conclusions.

Sign #3: They use imprecise words and respond evasively

Those who lie use many imprecise words or fillers to give themselves time to formulate a response or distance themselves from the facts emotionally.

The most common expressions are: maybe, maybe, well, umm, ah, etc.

They also tend to give evasive answers or ask for the question to be repeated and increase pauses and phrases such as: to be honest, to tell the truth, etc.

Sign #4: They are always on the defensive

When a liar feels cornered and about to be discovered by a compromising question, he will try to evade it with another question of this type: are you really accusing me of cheating on you? Are you doubting me? to do that to you?

It is even very likely that he will try to accuse you of something similar to get rid of the awkward moment and make you feel bad to divert attention.

To understand how to spot a professional liar , you must know how to read his direct and indirect messages and keep in mind that it is easy for people who are used to cheating to get out of any situation with a defensive and manipulative attitude.

Also know the characteristics of difficult relationships so that you can identify them and avoid them at all costs.

Sign #5: Inaccurate data

A sincere man will be able to issue imprecise data, but he will have no problem explaining it again if necessary; on the other hand, if a man lies, he will resist clarifying facts and, if he does, you will notice inaccuracies regarding the data that he will immediately try to rectify.

These types of errors can give you clues to discover that they are cheating on you. Don’t let them lie to you and dig deeper into your guy and what he’s hiding from you.

Sign #6: Repetition of ideas

When you lie, you need to reinforce the lie to make it look like a true fact; someone who tells the truth does not need very elaborate phrases to argue an event, however, a liar resorts to highly produced messages in order to convince.

Take a look at the following example and draw your own conclusions!

Honest man: “Last night I was at Carlos’ house and we watched a pretty interesting movie about aliens.” Apparently that is a truth; simple and concrete sentences.

Liar man: “Last night I was at Carlos’ house, just him and me, watching a movie, we only did that because it was just the two of us and we were too lazy to do something else”

As you can see, in the second case, there is a lot of emphasis on the fact that it was only him and Carlos who were watching the movie, which is a sign that your boy, perhaps, was not alone with your friend.

Sign #7: You clear your throat and swallow more often than usual

According to experts, when a person is about to lie and feels uncomfortable, his body releases more adrenaline and, therefore, increases the production of saliva, which forces him to swallow more times.

Then, as the lie continues, the throat and mouth become dry and the person begins to clear their throat.

These are two other signs to know how to spot a lying man !

If you want to know why men can’t say what they think or do what they say , follow the link, you’ll be interested!

Sign #8: Evident Nerves

How to know if my partner is unfaithful

The following signs indicate that a man is nervous and that he is probably lying to you:

  • He moves or plays with any object in front of him.
  • Repeatedly touches his hair, nose or ears.
  • Eye movements.
  • Hands in pockets.
  • He shrugs.
  • He doesn’t respond immediately to your questions.
  • He licks his lips a lot or bites them.
  • He sweats and even trembles.

If you suspect that your boy is cheating on you, I assure you that proving his lies will be very simple, even more so with the guide that I am sharing with you.

Do not lose sight of any detail and keep taking careful note!

Sign #9: He keeps you from going near his cell phone and answers calls after hours.

These two signs are common characteristics of a man who is unfaithful, a liar and who does not miss an opportunity to cheat.

So if you want to know how to spot a cheating man , don’t ignore his compulsion to stay away from his cell phone and his changes regarding receiving late night calls or unexpected outings.

Changes in your routine, appearance, and suspicious messages speak for themselves.

The first step is to ask him about these notorious changes, but if he responds nervously or you perceive one or more of the above signs, there is no doubt, you are dealing with a lying boy.

Sign #10: Analyze his personality

If you know, in detail, the personality of your boy, it will be easier to identify when he is lying to you.

To detect a deception of someone you know, it is enough to analyze how he reacts to situations of stress or pressure and that’s it.

If you know the personality traits of a man, you will know when he is up to something or cheating on you.

Learn to read people, especially your partner, and they won’t have the option to tell you lies; Both male and verbal body language will be your best allies.

The above signs will be of great help to you to know how to discover a lying man , so always keep them in mind and continue reading because I am going to share with you the types of lying men.

types of lying men

According to several studies, all human beings lie, to a greater or lesser degree, but we do.

Remember those famous white lies that we believe are harmless, because they also fall into the category of lies and if they become frequent, they can bring a lot of problems.

Next, I will expose the most common types of lying men so that you can identify them and not fall into their trap.

  • The frequent liar man: He is so used to lying that deception is part of his daily life. He doesn’t remember what he said very well nor does he give it much importance and to get out of trouble he invents one lie after another.
  • The occasional liar man: This type of man lies only from time to time with the intention of having fun or to get out of trouble in the face of an uncomfortable situation or question.
  • The compulsive liar man: He lies without control, even if the truth is simple to tell; furthermore, he makes believe what he says and believes his own lies as if they were true data. Lies of this type become a chronic condition, to the point that liars take pleasure in deceiving.
  • The Gradual Liar Man: These guys analyze and plan each of their lies and synchronize them with verbal expressions and body language to make them more truthful. Most of their victims believe them for a long time, but when they feel that they are going to be exposed, they look for new victims and the drama starts again.
  • The apparent liar man: The one who is a liar by appearance, fears showing himself as he is, therefore, he will brag about his successful job, his wonderful trips, his circle of friends, his salary, etc. They are men who are very careful about the lies they tell; so they are very cunning and masters of deception.

I invite you to read the article published by to complement this section.

How to discover a liar man by WhatsApp

Signs that a man is a liar

If lying face to face is easy for many men, imagine what liars can do online; that is, social networks, chats and non-personal interactions more easily encourage deception and not being completely honest.

The good news is that there are many ways to recognize a liar on WhatsApp and today you are going to know them.

5 steps to catch a liar man on WhatsApp

If you identify several of the following points in his WhatsApp conversations, he is surely lying to you. Look at them!

False answers are often typed more slowly

It’s natural that when we lie, we take longer to respond, whether in person or via chat.

According to some studies, when an answer is false, the one who is lying takes 10% longer than normal to send it, since they edit it many times; The funny thing is that they are very short answers.

too much emphasis on the same idea

The fact that a man gives special importance to an event does not mean that he is cheating on you; however, if he wants you to believe what he is saying and repeats the same idea over and over again, he becomes suspicious!

To learn more signs on how to spot a lying man , read the article, you’ll have more tools to spot him!

evade your questions

As you well know, lying is quite uncomfortable; therefore, if you ask him something that involves telling a lie, the easiest option is to ignore your question or answer it quickly and move on to another topic almost immediately.

If you perceive the previous attitude, it is hiding something from you!

Write in an unusual way

We all have a particular way of expressing ourselves; that is, a specific and unique style, both oral and written, which obviously changes when we lie.

If the boy you like or your partner is not writing as usual and you notice some variations in the text, begin to suspect that, perhaps, he is not being completely honest with you.

Use expressions with a certain degree of ambiguity

There are expressions that can give you clues to know how to discover a liar man , as is the case of those that are ambiguous of the type: probably, perhaps, almost certainly, maybe, maybe, possibly, etc.

The use of these expressions can indicate that the person is hiding something from you and, in order not to commit too much, use ambiguity.

Also, liars suddenly change verb tense; for example, they start speaking in the past and end up expressing themselves in the present, which causes the truth to leak out in one way or another.

How to spot a lying man based on his body language

Pay close attention to these male body language cues that will help you spot even the most cunning of liars.

  • When someone tries to establish a sincere interaction with you, they position their body in front of yours, which is done automatically when seeking frank contact. Now, if you communicate with a liar, things change because they will try to position themselves at a less direct angle to avoid direct contact, both physical and visual.
  • Body rigidity is another sign to know how to spot a lying man ; it is normal that, when telling a lie, our body shows signs of stress and that is why tension is experienced in various parts of the body such as the smile, the look and the legs mainly.
  • If you repeatedly touch your ears, neck and hands, it is an obvious symptom of nervousness. He will try to distract you with his body language; that is, he wants you to focus on his movements and not on what he is saying because he is probably lying.
  • The intermittent gaze is one of the main symptoms of a liar; remember that a look, or in this case the lack of it, can reveal a lot about a person’s good or bad intentions.
  • The mismatch doesn’t lie; if his body attitude does not match his speech, suspect!, body language does not lie. In case you want to understand how to spot a lying man , pay more attention to his gestures and looks than to his words.

Final Tips for Catching a Lying Guy

How to spot a liar

  • Whenever someone lies, they alter both their tone of voice and the rhythm with which they normally express themselves; even, it is very possible that he does not vocalize well or omits words because he does not feel sure of what he is saying.
  • Do not trust a man who is insecure in making his point or who tries to reinforce it over and over again in a dubious way, both verbally and gesturally.
  • A liar will change the subject immediately if he feels exposed and all his alarms will go off; so she tries to be on the lookout for these little signs.
  • If you notice that your boyfriend prefers to write to you or talk to you on the phone instead of seeing you or talking in person, it is a sign that something is wrong. By writing to you or avoiding you, he will have more time to plan his responses and persuade you.

Now that you know how to discover a lying man , I invite you to also read questions to find out if your partner is unfaithful , they will surely be of great help if you suspect your partner! 

But remember that the best alternative to solve any situation within a relationship is by applying healthy communication as a couple and consulting the Magnetic Desire Method, which will teach you all the secrets that the male mind hides.

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