How to start dating a girl if you are a modest introvert? 👫

How to start dating a girl if you are a modest introvert? As children, to get an adrenaline rush, we rang the doorbell and ran away. Now you get an adrenaline rush when the doorbell rings for you.

Do you know? Modern reality, the world of introverts.

Let’s get back to the topic. Secrets of seduction for introverts. I do not like this word – “seduction”. It smells of something wrong, bad. As if you are going to deceive a woman in some way in order to achieve your goal and end up in the same bed.

However, I put a slightly different meaning – how to take control of your qualities, how to sparkle with your versatility real personality to be attractive.

How to start dating a girl if you are a modest introvert?


What should shy guys do?

I am often asked if there are any tips for shy or reserved guys?

“As an introvert, I find it difficult to meet and communicate with new people. Besides, I don’t know what to do to get rid of it. Do you have any recommendations?”

I have them 🙂

Previously, I was also shy in many situations, I preferred to remain silent, not to strain once again, so as not to feel discomfort. I didn’t even try to fight it, but at some point, the realization came that I was losing a catastrophic amount if I didn’t get out of my shell.

Secret #1

Here is what you need to know to overcome this problem:


DO NOT use the “I’m an introvert” excuse for not dating new people!

Is communication more difficult for you than bright, extroverted butterflies?

Yes, sure!

But we play the cards we were given. Perhaps your experience, your upbringing, or other reasons left their mark. How else, besides, we all come from childhood.

But it is all these things that make YOU unique and more attractive to the right (your) person. And no sociable fluttering butterfly can compete with this!

Not all girls like talkative guys who, from the first meeting, are already drawn to a kiss, spread their arms, or crush their I, imposing their own. There are gentle, there are sensitive, or vice versa – overly strict girls who are disgusted by such communication. They like calm, not intrusive.

In addition, not everyone (like you, an introvert) likes noisy companies, parties, communication. There are an extraordinary number of girls. They would sit at home under a cozy blanket, keep quiet, watch a movie. And it is your temperament that will ideally fit them to the soul.

How to start dating a girl if you are a modest introvert?

Secret #2

To start chatting with girls, you need to get out of your comfort zone. It is clear that this is precisely the whole snag.

Even if you overpower yourself and go out to get acquainted, it will look forced, unnatural and ineffectual. What to do?

Start practicing gradually, step by step. Slowly and purposefully move yourself out of your comfort zone and watch the changes.

Some recommendations:

1. Start by making positive comments about the situation out loud (talk out loud to another person or group about what is happening at the moment): “How delicious the coffee smells”, “How warm it is here, not like outside”, and so on.

2. Give compliments (“great hat”, “you have such a kind look”, “how cleverly you did it!”).

3. Easy questions. People LOVE to give advice and help. Give them this opportunity. (Which audience is this? Was there a call already?

4. If it’s hard to start talking to girls, start with men.

By periodically practicing such phrases, you will notice how it becomes easier for you to communicateand that you easily started to leave your comfort zone.

Facilitating the task

Then, you can keep doing this, gradually increasing the dialogue, making your questions more difficult, giving deeper compliments.

Every day, do something that will relax you for communication and increase your comfort zone.

You can do this with everyone you meet today – from old and blurred-eyed colleagues to strangers in the parking lot.


All these actions carry zero risk for you. You say something nice and go about your business.

In fact, it is very simple and at the same time incredibly effective.

Once you get the hang of it, I bet you’ll find it very easy to strike up a casual conversation with a girl you find interesting.

Give yourself a chance! How to start dating a girl if you are a modest introvert?

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