How to start working on relationships in a couple?

How to start working on relationships in a couple? It is a mistake to assume that it is enough to build harmonious relationships at the very beginning, so that they remain so until the very last day. Relationships are a kind of organism that is born, grows, strengthens and fades away either due to natural causes (death of one of the partners), or due to prevailing life circumstances.

Like any organism, relationships go through certain stages of development, which are accompanied by characteristic ones. It is at such moments that partners should make more efforts to build interpersonal relationships and solve problems that have arisen.

Tough moments in a relationship

The crisis, in the ordinary sense, carries a negative connotation, but, in fact, the crisis is a transitional mechanism to a new stage of relations. And in order to successfully and easily move to another level of relationships, both partners should follow each other in a spring.

  • Domestic difficulties.

Fatigue, burnout, illness, new unwanted responsibilities, and the like are all good breeding grounds.

New statuses obtained throughout family life Can flow in as a matter of course, but sometimes not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. In literary works, after the wedding ceremony of the main characters, the phrase is used: “here is the fairy tale.”

This can be regarded as the fact that after the flower-bouquet period, when the young couple takes on new roles of husband and wife, the endless work on the family begins.

This also applies to the birth of children, when the spouses recognize each other in the role of parents, when the children leave their native by.

  • personality crises.

Despite the union, you remain separate individuals from each other, but since you are interconnected, some strong changes in one of the partners can affect the relationship as a whole.

  • traumatic events.

The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the betrayal of a friend are emotionally powerful episodes that can cause your relationship to feel discord.

All these life circumstances can knock the ground out from under your couple’s feet. Relationships can lose warmth, trust, and understanding. In order to return all this, both partners need to work hard on the relationship.

How to start working on relationships in a couple?

Work on relationships, in the first place, work on yourself, acquiring and developing new skills in helping new

Signs of Healthy and Sick Relationships

If you are in two stories:

  • Don’t use it: analyze the location and decide what to do with the partner.
  • Respect personal boundaries.
  • Develop optimism in yourself.
  • Proceed as follows and emocy.
  • Support a partner, both in difficult moments and in new endeavors.
  • Don’t ignore your chances and needs partner.
  • Ability to discuss problems.
  • Develop flexibility: somewhere to make concessions, somewhere to show firmness.
  • Be willing to compromise.
  • Know how to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
  • Be yourself – develop as a person.
  • Don’t take on the role of the victim.

In addition, it is effective in working on the other:

  • Teamwork.

No matter how you improve Yourself, without the desire and actions of a partner on his part, most likely all your work will not bring the desired result.

  • Filter information.

No one wants it, but that is what it is all about. Not for the first time, for the first time, for the drugs that are par – as individual.

  • Family therapy.

Not that you want to see them in other parts of the room in the problems. If you feel that it is not possible to settle the relationship, but there is no desire to lose them, then it is worth suggesting that your partner go to therapy.

“The horse is dead – get off.” Even with great efforts, it is worth accepting the fact that there is nothing left to save. Thank the experience and use it in building new relationships.

When working on a family union, remember that any work brings results. If your relationship for a long time, despite all efforts, does not change for the better or, on the contrary, worsens, then you should think about the correctness of your actions.

How to Strengthen Peace in a Relationship

When an idyll reigns in a relationship, the thought does not come to you that now something can go wrong, and the relationship can deteriorate – you enjoy the moment. No day in the summer months before the other days.

3 exercises to strengthen relationships:

  • “Only better”.

During a quarrel, grievances and claims are heard quite often. For balance, it would be good to introduce a tradition with a partner, making time for kind words.

Arrange a “good day” for yourself, when you can retire and tell each other why you fell in love and love, what you like most about each other, some moments that are associated with a partner and cause warmth in your hearts.

In relationships, a lot of attention is paid to the partner’s shortcomings, but praise sounds much less often. On a “good day,” you and your partner can take the time to praise each other, for anything: pros and small.

  • “Touch”.

Physical contact between lovers is equally important. After all, it’s not enough to just hear about love, you need to feel it for no reason, just like that, because it exists

You can dedicate the day you have chosen to the tactile manifestation of feelings. Partners take turns expressing their love without words, only by touch: stroking, kissing, pinching, patting, lightly scratching.

But adhering to two conditions: the partner, to whom feelings will be expressed, closes his eyes and you need to show your love only with his one part of the body (hands, feet, ears, cheeks, stomach, and so on).

The choice can be made by pulling out a piece of paper with the name, and the list can be compiled and approved together with a partner, connecting fantasy, taking into account the wishes of each other.

Work on relationships does not consist only in overcoming the cold in them, but also in strengthening, increasing the fact that Something will come easy to you, something will need to be exerted. But the greatest reward is to move forward together, side by side.

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