How to stop being a comfortable woman for a man and why they are not loved?

You are probably familiar with such a situation that in a relationship a woman does everything for a man: she is always neat, cooks well, attentive, does not contradict him, maintains comfort, listens in everything. No, he leaves her. What is wrong here? Let’s try to understand this issue.

Reasons why men leave a comfortable woman?

Every man needs a family that will serve as a reliable rear, where peace, comfort, and warm seclusion reign. Of course, next to such a woman it is very comfortable, but often the husband decides to leave. To do this by the desired prices:

  • There is a feeling that you are stuck in everyday life. Because of what a man enters an apathetic state, his life loses colors, the drive disappears.
  • Teryaetsa vkus to life, all aspirations go out. A man does not see incentives for development, reaching new heights, overcoming difficulties.
  • Loss of interest in wife. Intimate life becomes monotonous and boring. No intriguing, emotional, pictorial. STRAst, intimacy disappears, the fulfillment of marital duty becomes banal. Moreover, this happens despite the fact that the wife looks good, looks after her figure and appearance.
  • The woman has ceased to develop both socially and intellectually. She stopped at the level of development that she had before the wedding. So you will hear about the subjects of the rascals. It remains only to discuss everyday issues, work problems.
  • The man has a feeling that he is limp. Marriage holds back his activity. Men sometimes need emotions from arguing with their wife, discussing contradictions. This will allow them to revive. Even if the husband comes into conflict, the wife immediately smooths everything out, pleases him, agrees with everything. Thus, it only exacerbates the situation. A man does not have the strength to break out of his comfort zone.

After parting, the men are looking for a girl, the complete opposite of his first wife. They need a woman whom they would like to reach out for, it would be interesting to communicate with her, from whom they would learn a lot of new things.

Parting with a comfortable wife is perceived by men as a turn on the path of life.

Who is the Comfortable Wife?

From the foregoing, it became clear that a man with a comfortable woman literally “grows roots into the sofa.” Let’s now look at the signs of such a woman.

  • Sacrifices her needs and interests to please her husband. If she had plans for the weekend to go to an amusement park, but her husband said that they would go to the country house to His Parents, then she would meekly agree. She is afraid to tell her husband about her desires, she is afraid that she will be scolded. She endures to the limit. Then she says that her husband does not hear, ignores everything that she wants.
  • She constantly postpones all her aspirations for better times. Usually she explains this moment either by the complicated financial situation, or by children. No, most of her interests remain unfulfilled.

Why don’t men like comfortable women?

  • On postoyanno economite on sea. She feels sorry for everything: time, money. She gives all the best to her children and husband. And here we are not talking about some kind of excess. On mozhet godami nosite one and to zhe Belie.
  • She does not give vent to her preferences, negative emotions. On the subconscious, she believes that her life is not so important. The main thing is that those around you feel good. No developing emoji are able to inhale, it will affect the cells, psychosomatics.
  • She hardly asks for help. After all, otherwise it will come out of the category of convenient. And this, according to her, is wrong. She doesn’t want to owe anything to anyone. Any request she has is associated with humiliation. She solves all issues on her own as much as possible, even if they are not included in the category of women.
  • She doesn’t know how to accept gratitude. Despite the fact that she does a lot for others, she does not perceive a situation where she will be thanked. Everything she does is like a normal thing.

A comfortable woman has the roots of her condition from childhood. Such qualities were still instilled in her by Mom, trying to do the best for her daughter, so that she would live her whole life with her husband soul to soul.

How to Stop Being a Comfortable Woman?

If you notice the qualities of a comfortable woman in yourself, that your husband has begun to turn sour, you have lost topics for conversation, you put the interests of your relatives in the first place, you regularly forget about yourself, then it’s time to urgently take action.

In order to stop being a comfortable woman, there are a number of targeted actions:

  • Stop putting your interests first. If you have a balance, you learn to love yourself, then you will begin to share your love with others. And you can give them a full-fledged healthy feeling.
  • Figure out your priorities in life. Write down on a piece of paper those moments that are really important to you. Answer honestly. Do an analysis. Then rearrange your priorities. Change their order.
  • Start recognizing yourself. Realize the moment that you also have one life. Start filling your life with joyful moments. Don’t wait for someone else to take care of your needs.
  • State your personal boundaries. Do it gradually. Otherwise, the man will plunge into a state of shock. After all, it’s not his fault that you smeared all the boundaries before. Don’t be offended by him for not behaving the way you expect.
  • Learn to say the word “no”. Having expressed your understanding of the position of the husband, but stay on your own. If necessary, protect yourself.
  • Delegate responsibilities. Start to be not just a performer, but gradually move into the category of managers. Divide your household chores. Divide some of your affairs between your children and your husband. Stop doing everything yourself.
  • Talk about your desires, express your dissatisfaction. A man does not know how to guess about your needs. The more you hush up, the thicker the tangle of misunderstanding between you becomes. Be clear and sensitive about what is important to you.
  • Engage in self-development. A self-sufficient woman is not bored with herself. Snow is interesting to others. She has no free time for frustration.
  • Maintain a balance of give and take. Analysis of the situation. If you have given, then make sure that you take something in return. No need for this building. Learn to accept gratitude with dignity.
  • Tell the truth about how you feel. Stop being afraid. Start saying what you aspire to, what you don’t like, what you want, what you don’t. Speak so your husband can hear you.

Start appreciating yourself. If your value is not important to you, then why did you get the idea that it will be important to someone else. Admire your appearance, watch your figure, radiate happiness. And you will pass on that feeling to others. A man will never leave a woman who, like a magnet, attracts with the joy emanating from her.

Men stop developing with a comfortable woman. They get tired of the monotony, solving everyday issues. They lose interest in their wife and life. They don’t get the drive they need.

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