How to stop being emotionally dependent on a person and his mood?

How to stop being emotionally dependent on a person and his mood? Often in relationships between close people reigns not love, but dependence. It can be financial, or emotional, but in any case, it destroys mutual interest, passion, and trust. Let’s talk today, recognize addiction and stop being addicted to hael.

Relationship addiction

In your thoughts, take a pencil, and draw a beautiful girl and a young man. It’s you and your lover. You are, it seems that you love him more than life, everything is ready for him to do and give. Your heart no longer belongs to you. You coordinate actions, decisions with his desires and goals.

At what point do you fall for the happy feeling described in so many novels when you dissolve into a thrower. But instead of the promised happiness, you suddenly feel inner emptiness, resentment, disappointment.

It turns out that I never really liked it, and the feelings that I experienced were love, imperceptibly outgrew zt.

There are several signs that your feelings have turned into an addiction. Know that you are there, so you can see it:

  • Draw an image of your loved one in your head.

What did you feel in the moment when on appeared in front of you? If happiness and inspiration, then it is probably about love. If the fear that a friend of yours will leave you alone, you will feel bad, then, your attitude is good thickness.

  • You are constantly haunted by anxiety.

You are afraid of possible changes in your husband’s life, you are worried that he is deceiving you. The situation can reach the point of absurdity – a woman is against her husband moving to another, higher-paid job that provides more opportunities for development. The reason is the risk that he will meet a more successful girl.

  • You often catch yourself thinking that you are jealous.

It doesn’t matter if there is a reason or not. Jealousy appears when a loved one leaves for work, stays late in the evening, an extra one runs to the ilgadu pom shop.

  • Demanding or looking for proof of love.

You need to hear that instead of meeting a friend, your boyfriend will spend time with you. Or turn down good travel jobs so you can be together more often. So you are aware of the fact that you are in the kitchen.

  • You constantly ask if your man loves you, how much he needs you.

You blackmail with illness, death, loneliness.

  • It’s hard to endure rejection or doubts, you can’t put up with them, you yourself come up with reasons for them.

In general, the main difference between EMO-rational dependence on love is that you do not accept freedom in a relationship. No you allow trust in them, you cannot enjoy them. Instead, you fill the relationship with expectations, tantrums, fears, and jealousy.

How to get rid of addiction?

Continuing to be afraid of a breakup, parting with a young man, you drive yourself into the clutches of negative emotions, do not give you the opportunity to be happy either for yourself or your loved one. As soon as you feel that instead of joy in a relationship you experience anger, jealousy, aggression, fear of loneliness, start following these recommendations.

Signs of emotional-addiction

Look at yourself in the mirror

Choose a moment when you are left alone at home, sit comfortably near the mirror, look at yourself. First you will see your face, nose, mouth, wrinkles. Look into your eyes, ask who you are, what is in suppe, what are you most afraid of, or what are you afraid of.

Do not try to play up, deceive yourself. Dependence on a partner, how pleasant it didn’t seem to you at the beginning, in a short time, the transition, short

You may not be able to come up with honest answers when you first meet your real self. Repeat the experiment in a few days.

Often the answer you get does not bring satisfaction, it makes you even more afraid. If this is what is happening to you, remember that it is much easier to live in illusions than in reality. Your task is to hear your true voice and admit that he is right.

Prolong your life, but don’t worry about it.

Fight with illusions

Once you have learned mdm reality from iljuo, make a plan of action that polyicles protecthals protectititiicles.

For this:

  • If you understand that you love your young man, and you are with him simply because it is profitable, accept

Perhaps you will break up. No there are cases when love comes to the place of dependence. You begin to trust yourself, your spouse, get rid of jealousy, fears, you see that he is really the best of the people you have met in life.

  • Start to control your speech, behavior.

Imagine that you are a self-respecting, self-confident lady who can be honest with herself and others. Communicating with other people, say what comes from the heart, do not distort it with fears, nit-picking, jealousy.

  • Avoid toxic relationships or reduce them. When you see that someone makes you feel bad, causes tension, discomfort, you set the line.

The fact is that horror stories, LONTON, are told by For yuyuTI, which you are used to. To fill the resulting void, to wriggle out of your fears, you are looking for the person we are debt. You don’t create yourself, but you take emotions, interests from other people, you assemble it like a puzzle, you don’t think that everything collected simply cannot become a harmonious picture, because it is someone else’s.

  • Keep a diary. Life is leaving like water – it seems that you took it in your hands, you look, but they are already empty. When deciding to take a closer look at the relationship tomorrow, never research.

Today, open a notebook or notebook, start analyzing your behavior, thoughts and feelings. Mark what was associated with jealousy, envy. Think about how you could behave differently so that both you and those around you feel warm and pleasant. Remember how good it was when your attitude towards people was sincere. Remember this feeling, try to resurrect it with your daily actions.

Filling life

The main reason why you start to depend on another person is inner dissatisfaction and emptiness. You can’t find something to do, you don’t have the strength to create something of your own, to realize yourself. People around open a business, dance, go to the theater, draw, volunteer. And you are too busy for this, you are sick or you think that you have no abilities at all.

No wish in any business, desire is primary. If it exists, talents, time, and opportunities are immediately found.

Let go of the complexes, believe in yourself, open the world. In this new world you will find a lot of interesting things. Feel free to stop, see it, admire it, try it. If you like something, stay around longer or come back in a day or two.

The wall-to-wall joy of the fact that we have a new year to pray will overcome all fear. You will find new friends, you will stop being lonely.

And believe me, a person who has friends and a favorite thing will never cling to the people around him just because he is afraid of change and loneliness. The priority will be communication with those for whom he has deep feelings and true love.

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