How to stop following your ex – his life and relationships?

How to stop following your ex – his life and relationships? Have you ever thought about why it is so interesting to follow the life of an ex-husband? What motivates a woman who initiated a divorce herself or experienced a breakup trauma? Kozhalaniye, Those who fled hard, endure divorce worst of all, and for a long time cannot free themselves from old relationships. We figure out how to stop following your ex-husband on social networks and calm down depending on the situation, in Kotok

Love hasn’t gone

A Divorce is filed, Perhaps you yourself wanted to leave for betrayal, deceit, the inability to live together, overcome yourself and your attitude towards your husband. No, despite this, you continue to love this person. In order to keep it longer, it is possible to save in the Podushka, turn and not proselytize.

The only thing that calms you down is the opportunity to see photos of your loved one on social networks. No matter how disgusting it is (because of your own weakness, and not your attitude towards a person), you again reach for the phone, launch a search engine or social network, open his account.

It may be empty there – the ex-husband is not a fan of an active social life, or the profile is closed for you. Or, perhaps, he really posts photos, shares his impressions. And then what do you do? Are you starting to cry again or write nasty things to him on someone else’s behalf?

Try to use unrelated recommendations:

  • The feeling of love is tender, beautiful. Despite all the negativity that appears during parting, you can keep it and be glad that there is no place for emptiness and anger in your heart. If you really love, just enjoy this feeling. Let it sometimes be painful and sad, but inner fullness will give you the opportunity to fall in love with everyone again.
  • Surveillance, even through social networks, can bring you a lot of grief and disappointment. Instead of opening your ex’s profile for the hundredth time, go for a walk, meet up with friends, do something interesting. Try to open your heart to the world around you, smile at it, let it enter your heart and give osch.
  • If you feel that depression is sucking you in, seek help from a psychologist. The task is not to get rid of the feeling, but to shift the focus of attention to new goals, to see what you can continue for.
  • Don’t do it in the room that isn’t there by the way. Leave only the most expensive things. Too many objects reminiscent of the past will not allow you to live fully in the present.

Example: a girl broke up with her husband because of his possible infidelity. No could prostitute, no and zabyt ne polarized. They lived in her apartment. It so happened that he did not take half of the things. The girl laid them out next to hers, ironed them every week, washed the rest of the clothes. Gradually love turned into mania.


The next reason why many girls and women follow their husbands on social networks is the inability to build their own life, envy of a more successful former partner and his new lover, if any.

How to stop following your ex on social media?

Sometimes, after a divorce, a downright paranoid feeling arises – the desire to find out everything about the life of the ex-spouse to the smallest detail, savor the details and at the same time cry from their own worthlessness. To add in this case:

  • Calm down – for sure, not everything is so rosy with him. If the position is normal, the Russian language is written, it is up to you, and it is carried out. In social networks, if a man in uses them, he probably publishes only what proves that he is now fat.
  • Have you been told that envy corrodes the soul? It, like a strong detergent, dissolves dirt and forms a nasty slurry of a terrible color. It’s better to keep your ex-husband’s life and your negativity separate. If you feel envy, try to find the strength in yourself not to find out the details of how the One you once married lives.
  • If social networks are so important to you, post highlights from your life. Let the ex-husband see it (if he, of course, needs it). As long as You fill your life with Beautiful events and happiness to show off Them, You will find really bright moments in it. Now that it is not possible to live on it is not necessary.

An attempt to assert itself

Watching an ex-husband is often associated with an attempt to state that despite the breakup, bitterness and problems, you remain strong and happy. True, for some reason, I want to prove all this, first of all, to the partner with whom I broke up. Many people forget that it is necessary to assert oneself and prove something first of all to oneself. And for this it is not at all necessary to follow someone.

  • Set goals, make a plan of action for them and follow it. For example, your goal is to lose 5 kg. Every day, do something that will help you get rid of excess weight and record it in a diary.
  • Love yourself. It is very difficult, but only when you accept yourself, you will begin to enjoy what you do, how you look, what you think about. You shouldn’t have too many moods and envy of others. Inside there will be harmony and peace.
  • Surround yourself with people you enjoy being with, people who accept you for who you are. It inspires, helps to enjoy life and oneself.
  • After a divorce, you can find yourself in a different situation, but try to do what brings satisfaction. Throwing yourself from one hateful job to another, from the bed of one unloved man to another kills morally and emotionally. On the contrary, pleasure, satisfaction helps to cope with life’s difficulties.

He’s bad

The next reason that makes you want to follow your ex-husband on social networks or in ordinary life is connected with the desire to make sure that everything is bad with him and be happy about it. Isn’t it nice to realize that he didn’t find anyone, and his life is dull and boring.

However, this may not be the case at all – perhaps your ex purposefully does not publish anything on social networks, and you yourself are incomprehensibly happy about what.

It is better not to think and not hope that your ex-husband’s life is spent in grief and sadness. Malevolence, just like envy, destroys all the best that is in a person.

If you are interested in how his life goes, if there is something interesting in it, write or call him. There is a high probability that he will refuse to communicate with you normally, but perhaps his rudeness will help you get rid of illusions and the desire to watch him.


They say women are like foxes, curious and cunning. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they do not violate personal boundaries.

If you are so interested in knowing what is happening in the life of your ex-husband, while you do not feel envy, gloating or the desire to assert yourself, go to his profile on social networks from time to time, read, admire the photos. At the same time, avoid making malicious comments or gossip.

Find something you like, communicate with people you are interested in – gradually all this will become more interesting than spying on the former, and there will simply not be time for it.

For whatever reason you follow your ex-husband on social networks, in order to stop doing this and waste time and energy, do what brings you satisfaction, makes you happy, gives you energy to live.

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