How to survive the breakup of a long relationship with a loved one?

How to survive the breakup of a long relationship with a loved one? If you are still in the area Even if you initiated the breakup, breaking up the relationship will also be painful. And if the initiator of the break was not you, then all feelings are comparable to loss. Any breakup is the loss of a loved one, no matter what kind of relationship you had. 

Accept the breakup

This is a very important point. After thousands of men ceased to exist as a couple, it is important to get used to this fact. Especially if the relationship was long and lasted for many years. Sometimes couples meet since school days, and then growing up, they realize that both have changed and further better better better better better better better.

Psychologist’s advice

The following tips are important in the first phase after a breakup.

  • Let yourself believing to grieve

As mentioned above, any parting is equated with loss. And to live it, you need to give yourself time. No one needs to worry about the polarity.

  • About the photos and the pictures that are taken on the part

It’s not about throwing things away or giving them away. They can be neatly folded into a box and put away for a while. The same goes for social networks. It is necessary to control the time spent on the pages of the former. Remember, this all delays the process of experiencing a breakup.

At this moment, loved ones will be very necessary. All those who you can tell about your feelings will be able to help you get through this moment. If, for example, a conversation arises with you, you can try to write down your thoughts in m figure ftal The latter will not only listen to you, but will also be able to help you live your emotions in an ecological way.

  • Try not to date him

No “random” encounters will help you survive this period. After a long relationship, you probably still have mutual friends. It is possible to understand that moment with the shortest possible time.

  • Analyze but don’t blame

If a man decides to break off your relationship, then you may feel guilty for what happened. You may think that you did something wrong. In this matter, the main thing is not to hang the label of guilt on yourself. Definitely, it is necessary to analyze the experience that you have gained in a relationship, this will help you avoid mistakes in the future, but the feeling of guilt to cope with the loss of a relationship will definitely not help.

5 tips for getting over a breakup

Surviving a breakup with a person with whom you spent more than one year is not at all easy. But if you have already made this decision, and it is not easy for you, but at the same time there is confidence in the correctness of your own decision, you may need help. Perhaps it will be important for you that you temper your food or come to visit you. Help can be absolutely any, but the realization that it can be provided to you will help you survive

What to do next?

When the very first feelings from the break subside and inside it will seem that a huge emptiness has settled. And in the soul, it will seem that a hole has formed, it is necessary to fill this void.

  • change plans

The realization that your relationship has already ended has come, and you don’t know what to do with joint plans. It’s quite normal. After all, if you were in a relationship for a long time, then you definitely made joint plans. And now you have no joint future. So, it is important to adjust your future. This may apply to travel, residence and many other things.

This is universal advice for everyone who is in a couple or not already. Pay attention to yourself, to your appearance and hairstyle. A change of image always has a beneficial effect on a woman. A new image, a new look at yourself. And also take care of yourself. Let it be a massage or a trip to the bath. Cosmetologist and manicurist. Pay attention to yourself.

  • Do some sports

Surely you noticed that as soon as women get out of a relationship, they immediately go to the gym. Firstly, sport helps to switch consciousness. Secondly, the reflection in the mirror will begin to bring a feeling of joy.

  • Come up with new hobbies

After a long relationship, you finally have more free time. Don’t spend it just watching TV shows, do what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. This will give you a new surge of strength and possibly new acquaintances.

  • Meet your friends

There will surely be more time for friends in your busy schedule, which means that the time spent with them will help you get distracted and feel attention and interest again.

What should not be done?

Many after parting begin to immediately enter into a new relationship. From a psychological point of view, this is not necessary. Consciousness must be rebuilt. You have to be careful by one scenario, and the temperature is too high. Now it’s not possible to read the table of the project. If it happens fast. Since you are here, you are saying:

  • Analyze past relationships
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Take charge of your own life
  • You will live the loss harmoniously with full awareness of what happened
  • Scolding your ex in public (you will calm down and want to keep bright memories of your relationship, and everyone will tell you how bad it was for you).

What else is important?

Whatever your relationship, it is very important to keep fond memories of them. In any case, for some reason you once chose this man. You had pleasant meetings and time spent together. To the extent that it is necessary to do the same, it is possible to do that.

To test the words, to do that by the way, which are called on the part and are available to you. Sovmestnye the photo may take you to the lightest, and it is not difficult to see it.

With any breakup, even if you were the initiator, it is important to remember your feelings. And about the reasons why you decided to take this step. Definitely, you need to be careful about the feelings of your partner, choosing the right words and arguments. No you want it, you want to do it, you have to plan it, you can do it and by yourself. Don’t discount your feelings.

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