How to take a girl away from another guy: TOP 12 best tips


Love often faces difficulties. Sometimes you fall in love with a person who already has a partner. Someone believes that it is wrong to destroy other people’s relationships in order to arrange their own happiness. But there is another view: love must be fought for. How to recapture a girl from another guy if you have already decided to act?

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Be confident in what you do

Before taking someone’s girlfriend away, analyze your feelings carefully. Why do you want to achieve it, if there are many free women? What makes it special for you? Can she be happy with you?

Find out more about her relationship

To be successful, you’d better learn as much as you can about the relationship the girl is in right now. Does she get along with her boyfriend? Do they have any problems? Watch her life for a while.

Try talking to her friends, relatives, and neighbors for more information. A little gossip will make your job easier. But be careful: people may suspect that you want to destroy the girl’s current relationship, and tell her about it.

Become her friend

The more you learn about a girl, the higher your chance of winning her heart. Try to start making friends with her, to become a close and important person for her. Don’t show love interest ahead of time. Try to be calm and confident around the girl.

No one should suspect that you are planning to take her away from the guy she is dating. Act only after you notice that the girl is ready to break up with her current partner for you. Signs that indicate this are listed at the end of the article.

Show your best side

Charm the girl with your behavior. Think about your strengths and make an effort to showcase them.

Be the best choice for her

Find out what does not suit a girl in her partner. If you do not have these character traits, demonstrate it to the girl on occasion, try to draw her attention to this. If something in your behavior is on the list of things that she does not like, try to change them or at least hide them for a while.

Make the girl believe that you will be a better partner for her than her current boyfriend.

Support her

Try to be by her side in difficult moments of life. Always be aware of how she is doing, what problems she has, how happy she is with her current relationship.

Support her when she needs help to bond and build a strong bond between you.

Show that she can trust you

Be for the girl that friend to whom she can entrust all her secrets. In any conversation, try not to judge her, but try to understand, and one day she will begin to tell you truly personal things. Make it so that she can talk to you about any things – including those that she does not dare to talk about even with her friends.

If a girl trusts you enough, she will be willing to talk about her boyfriend and her relationship with him. You can use her frankness to take action at the right moment. Plus, when there’s a rift in her love life, you’ll be there to look like a knight in shining armor to her boyfriend.

Try to understand her in any situation

People are always drawn to those who understand them well. Show the girl how important her feelings and thoughts are to you, how close they are to you. When she gets into trouble and asks you for advice, be there to give it.

This will make her turn to you every time she is in doubt about something. She will get used to you, become attached and will cherish communication with you. Perhaps one day she will begin to consult with you about her relationship, and you can turn it to your advantage.

Make small but nice gifts

Since you’re not in a romantic relationship with the girl you’re interested in, avoid lavish gifts that are obligatory and make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, give her small but pleasant gestures. For example, buy her a cup of hot chocolate or her favorite coffee from time to time.

Don’t disappear and don’t impose

Try to correspond with the girl regularly, but not too intensively. Contact her once or twice a day if you have something to discuss: for example, a movie or news. If you do not have a suitable topic to talk about, chat with the girl every few days to keep abreast of how she is doing. But be in touch if she wants to talk to you or needs your help.

Don’t text her too often or too much or she’ll become uncomfortable with you. Also, try not to disappear for a long time or without warning, otherwise the girl will think that you do not value communication with her.

Get ready for the worst

Attempts to recapture a girl can be sharply condemned by other people: your mutual acquaintances and even the girl herself. Be prepared for the loss of her friendship, the attacks of friends, and the fact that her boyfriend will understand your intentions and give you trouble.

If you steal the girl of your dreams from another guy, you will always have to hide the fact that you ruined her past relationship on purpose.

Remember: when you become a couple, you will have to maintain the attention and care towards the girl at the same level as before. Otherwise, the girl will be disappointed and eventually move away from you.

Remember that you may fail

You can try to please the girl, you can approach her, prove to her that you are a better partner for her than anyone else. And yet there is no way to force things and be guaranteed to win her heart. Remember that all your efforts may not bring results. Get ready to fail. Remind yourself that there are many single girls with whom your chances of reciprocity and a happy relationship are much higher.

How to understand that a girl is ready to leave her boyfriend for you?

You have become an important and close person for the girl. Now you want to move on: make your relationship romantic, not friendly. How do you know when is the right time to do it?

Here are some signs that a girl is starting to be interested in you as a possible partner:

  • she is looking for reasons to spend more time with you;
  • she stops talking to you about her boyfriend, although you have previously communicated on this topic more than once;
  • she worries about you in the same way that couples in love or relationships do, such as asking you to take better care of your health;
  • she refuses something to her boyfriend in order to spend time with you;
  • when she has free time, she first of all invites you for a walk, and not her boyfriend or friends;
  • she introduces you to her friends and relatives;
  • she moves away from her boyfriend, spends less time with him;
  • she relies on you, often turns to you with a request or for advice;
  • when something important or interesting happens in her life, she informs you first of all;
  • she talks about dissatisfaction with her partner and current relationship;

  • she asks for your opinion before making big (or small) purchases;
  • she preens before meeting you;
  • she tries to share your interests, study your favorite movies, games and books, listen to your music;
  • when she has problems, she turns to you for help, and not to her friends or her boyfriend;
  • she invites you to important events or activities for her;
  • she is trying to find out more about your family;
  • she talks about how she values ​​the relationship with you.

How to take a girl away from another guy? You’ve read the tips above and now you know there are only two things you need to do. Firstly, to become an important, irreplaceable person for the girl, and secondly, to show that you suit her more than her current boyfriend.

Pay attention to the signs above to understand when it’s time to move from friendship to romance. But remember that the probability of failure is high, and be prepared for it.

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