How to Take Care of a Girl >> 25 Cozy Ways 💞

When you truly love your girlfriend, you do your best to make her happy. And in this, the ability to take care of a girl, to show her that she is loved, comes to the fore.

By your many requests, today we will talk about how to show your care, how to take your love and relationship to a higher level and become the most desirable man in her life. If you also want me to sort out an interesting question for you, then suggest it in the comments.

Now for the care. I propose to act in three directions:

  • daily activities;
  • surprises;
  • more than a girlfriend.

Now I will reveal each in detail, with examples, the right phrases, and the right actions. All in the best “cracker” traditions. 😊😊

If you do all this, you will be the happiest person and your girlfriend, too, next to you. Promise.

Everyday ways to take care of a girl

one. Remember the standard human (and female) needs: sleep, eat, rest, be protected, comfort? So, close them with your girlfriend or act proactively. Frost is cold, the wind is chilly. Cover, lay, pity, lay a pillow under the ass.

Ask if she is cold, if she is hungry, if she is comfortable. The simplest and most powerful care for a girl is she is in the details.

“Tired, my little one?”

2. Talk about your feelings about how dear she is to you. I wrote about this in great detail in the article “how to prove to a girl that you love her“.

3. Give her your time despite being busy. Any woman wants attention and quality time with her man.

To be honest, even if you provide her well and pay for any whims, but you are not interested in her emotional side, she will be unhappy.

A girl will never look at other men if you spend your time with her. Watching a series together, a common hobby or sport, talking – all this will play in your favor.

4. Listen to her. Even if what she says is not interesting to you, pay attention – because it is interesting to her.

How was your day?– and LISTEN! Nod and sometimes be surprised by the story. You can ask again, voicing her last word. Participate in the conversation, but don’t interrupt.

– Marina is completely stunned today! Came to work in a red miniskirt!
— A miniskirt?
– Yes! And then..<…>

This “listening” is your investment in her life and building her trust.

5. Manifestinterested in things and activities that she enjoys.

You don’t have to love shopping, makeup, or outfits, just appreciate her efforts to look good for you.

Be understanding about her hobbies and other things that bring her joy. Support her in what she likes to do.

6. Kiss her on the forehead. Most girls treat such a kiss more sentimentally than a kiss on the lips or cheek. He really fascinates and makes the girl fall in love with you. Such a guardian.

7. Tell her she’s irresistible. In general, the power of a compliment to a girl is limitless. Girls melt away from them like chocolate in fondue. I have a list of those. Enjoy!

8. Don’t show your caring for people this is intimate (except for those points below).

nine. Observe etiquette:

1) Do not smoke in the presence of a girl without her permission.
2) Entering and leaving the room, open the door and let the girl go ahead.
3) Going down the stairs, you need to go one or two steps ahead of the girl, and going up – one or two steps behind (to catch, support if something).
4) Do not forget to open the car door for the girl, helping her sit down or get out of the passenger compartment (sharing your hand). If you are both passengers in a taxi, you must ride together in the back seat, the girl gets in first.
5) When entering the room, you must help the girl take off her outer clothing, and at the exit, give her clothes to help her get dressed. Z – care.
6) In society, including in public transport, it is not customary to sit down if the girl is standing.
7) When their bus exits, get out first and give a hand.
8) Any girl, regardless of age, needs help carrying large/heavy bags. It is FORBIDDEN to take women’s handbags (any size) from a girl!
9) During a conversation, you can not cross your arms on your chest, keep them in your pockets, and twist any objects in your hands.

10. Take her hand in public places, on walks, in private.

11. Trust her. Don’t call or text every 20 minutes if she’s out with friends. Try to control your jealousy. In general, jealousy is a separate topic for conversation. But I’ll give you an important thought:

Allow yourself to be jealous, but don’t let that feeling get the best of you.

Surprises as a way to take care of a girl

1. Give small gifts – sweets, vitamins, fruits, berries, nuts. It perfectly uplifts the mood and envelops with a sense of care and tenderness.

2. Write her a love note. It’s a note, handwritten. This is all taste and romance. Here are some options to get you started:

“I think about you all day…”
“Have a nice day my angel”
“Looking forward to the evening to see you”

Ideally, if you put the note in such a way that it will be a surprise to find it. For example, if you know that she will read a book, then place it between the pages. If you sleep together, write a note and put it on the soap in the bathroom, or you can just put it in your purse.

3. Flowers. A universal method to show howling care and love to a girl. What flowers to give – read in my article. The simpler and more delicate the flower (field chamomile, for example), the brighter and more touching your care looks. Do not forget about modern opportunities – flower delivery to the office, for example.

4. Buy a bottle of wine grapes and cheese. Have a cozy dinner after a hard day (if you’re over 21!). Make mulled wine on a cold evening to warm her up. Well, or make tea in a thermos and go to the nearest park for a walk.

5. Cook what she loves. And you can just any dish, but according to her recipe. Be sure, the girl will appreciate your creation by 100 points!

How to show you care if she is more than just a friend to you?

1. Appreciate her opinion and respect her decisions.

Respect her views and never force her to comply with your decision. If you care about her, you will never make her feel that her ideas are ridiculous or uninteresting.

2. Introduce her with important people in your life. To show that you care about her, you must let her enter your world. It can be your friends, colleagues, and, most importantly, your family.

3. Plan together your leisure time – attending events, quests, walks, trips to shops, shopping lists.

4. Make a playlist into the car based on her favorite artists, music genres, or songs. The girl will be incredibly pleased to hear her favorite track when she rides with you.

5. Be there with her in difficult or just emotional moments of life. Sometimes a silent presence is more important than any words.

6. Be proud of her and don’t be afraid to show it. Showing a girl that you care also means acknowledging her achievements and congratulating her on her success. Feel free to tell everyone how lucky you are to have found such a wonderful girl.

7. Remember dates that matter. Add them to your to-do or reminder list on your phone. This one is important: care is to remember your special days. You have no idea how happy you will make her.

8. Make her feel desired. Let her feel that she is an important part of your life, that her presence is very important to you. This can be done with just words. Show that you want her not only as a girl, but as a life partner.

nine. If she comes to spend the night with you / lives with you, then buy her necessary little things – a brush, a comb, slippers, cozy pajamas, a book, a phone charger. It’s very sweet and shows your sensitivity.

+ 1 more bonus how to take care of a girl

Take on some of her troubles. Daily, routine – whether it’s buying milk, hanging clothes, making the bed. Anything that is easy for you to do. This is an incredibly powerful way to take care of a girl!

I don’t know why I didn’t add it to the top. 🤷‍♀️ In my opinion, it is generally the most important. But, as I remembered (already after writing the article), I wrote it.

Well, now I am sure that you have no questions left, and you will be the best and most caring man for your princess. Take care of the girl with kindness, love, and tenderness. Happy relationship, my love!

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