How to talk to a girl? 7 ways to start a conversation

How to talk to a girl? 7 ways to start a conversation. Surprising women are becoming increasingly difficult. They require more courage, more confidence, more creativity. How to talk to a girl and show such qualities? What starting phrase is better to choose so that a pretty stranger wants to continue communication, supports the initiative of a man? How to do this without starting a dialogue with the banal “Hey! Can I meet?” and a questioning look This will help 7 interesting and unusual ways to start a conversation.

1. Compliment.

To make a girl pay attention to a guy and get to know him more willingly, you can say a couple of pleasant phrases to her. If they are successful, they can easily win the favor and interest of the young lady.

This method has two rules: be sincere and avoid templates. Falseness in words will only lead to female resentment and a sidelong glance. And clichés in compliments will result in a bored or skeptical facial expression. Examples of good phrases:

  • “Today I dreamed that I received the most beautiful and valuable gift in my life. I saw you – and I understood what this dream was for ”;
  • “I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get past the cutest girl in this park.”;
  • “You have a charming eye color. Green, like a transparent sparkling emerald”.

Then you can ask the name of the beauty, take an interest in her mood, or offer to take a walk / go to the nearest cafe. You can read 100 compliments to a girl in advance.

2. Question.

Is there a more effective way to start a conversation than by asking a question? It is important at the same time to choose phrases that the girl will not be able to answer in monosyllables. It is better that her part of the conversation involves a detailed answer. So the conversation will be longer, without awkward pauses, and the guy will have time to come up with the next topic for conversation.

The questions themselves can be simple or with an emphasis on practicality. Trying to find out the time, the way to somewhere, the bus route, or something like that are good examples. However, it is best to use phrases that indicate the importance of the girl’s opinion. For example:

  • “I can’t decide which movie to go to. Can you tell me which one is better?”;
  • “This cafe has such a selection of coffee drinks. Which one do you like better? I wouldn’t turn down a recommendation.”;
  • “Your help is urgently needed. Does this t-shirt suit me? And then I’m trying to please one person and I want to hear her opinion “.

How to talk to a girl? 7 ways to start a conversation.

3. Joke.

The beauty of humor is that it not only helps to get to know each other, but also cheers up, dispels a negative or boring atmosphere. If the comic phrase is successful, the whole conversation will be at ease, without tension and awkwardness.

Obviously, the selection of jokes will have to be combined with caution. Greasy, vulgar, racist, especially sexist jokes are not suitable for dating. But any woman will be happy with good humor. It is undesirable to read collections of jokes. A young lady may not have the mood or time for long tirades and patterns. But a couple of comical sentences will come in handy:

  • “A friend of mine, after a painful breakup with a girl, seriously took up horoscopes. He said that the stars would give me an acquaintance with a charming lady. I don’t want to upset him, so let’s play along and get to know each other.”;
  • “Do you want me to guess 10 times what numbers are in your phone number?”;
  • “Girl, I cook amazing breakfasts, but, alas, there is no one to evaluate them. Let’s fix this together. I am Vasya.

4. Fact about the environment.

This option is suitable for cases when the girl herself chooses something or simply considers it. The guy’s phrase will serve as a hint for a stranger. For example:

  • “Take this jacket, it matches perfectly with the color of your beautiful eyes” (in the shop);
  • “Very unusual sculpture, isn’t it? She is associated with…/reminds me of…/appeared here when…”;
  • “Do you also like to look out the window and indulge in thoughts on a trip? For example, at such moments I often think about funny cases from my life. I can tell if you want” (in transport).

But banal talk about the weather or ill-mannered discussion of people around will have the opposite effect. The young lady is unlikely to be interested in such a dialogue, and she will try to quickly get rid of the obsessive and boring admirer.

5. Telephone conversation.

For this method, you will have to sit down not far from the stranger you like, so that she can hear well what the guy is talking about. Next, you need to simulate a “call to a friend” or actually organize it. In a conversation with a friend, you can mention the beauty of the girl, the desire to get to know her. Even worries will do, whether she has a boyfriend, whether she will agree to take the time (but only for a short time, without frank whining). What to say at the end of such a “call”:

  • “Seriously, Valera, count down from five to one – and I invite her on a date”;
  • “Tolik, run to the store. What for? Well, if she meets me, then for champagne, if not, for a calming degree.;
  • “Sanya, I got hit, they just shot me with a gorgeous smile. I went to conquer the sniper”.

Then the time will come for compliments, attempts to get to know the interlocutor, light jokes, or other ways to keep the conversation going.

How to talk to a girl? 7 ways to start a conversation.

6. Gift.

No woman in her right mind would accept expensive gifts from a stranger. But it is even beneficial for the man himself. The young lady is also likely to respond with a puzzled look to attempts to hand her candy, a hot dog, or other food. An exception can be made only for coffee/tea in cups with a lid or a sealed box with Raffaello. And then some ladies will still react with suspicion. Instead, give:

  • a small neat bouquet;
  • soft toy or balloon (only for cute girls);
  • sketching her portrait (draw it yourself or ask a street artist);
  • a sky lantern with a proposal to light it together;
  • a ride on an attraction (verbally suggest).

Of course, presenting anything with deliberately forced silence is a bad idea. You can say: “I liked you so much that I decided to take such a first step” or “I just wanted to cheer you up and see your sweet smile”.

7. Approval.

This is one of the riskiest ways to strike up an acquaintance, but if a guy is ready to face a confrontation and is not afraid to seek a girl, he is sure to succeed. This is a method that requires putting the young lady in front of the fact, but doing it either in a cheerful or soft tone. For example:

  • “I really want to get to know you and I don’t accept refusals at all”;
  • “I am Slava, and you are my future wife. What do you want to do today?”;
  • “Today Andrei takes you to a cafe, gets to know you better, and sets up the next date. Andrew is me.

The essence of this option is to show confidence, the ability to take responsibility for the situation, determination. However, this is a balancing act. If there is no real faith in yourself, it is better to abandon this method.

Guys often puzzle over how to talk to a girl and make her like her. They are afraid that some methods will be too simple, and others – too intricate. However, self-confidence saves from both. If you add it to your words and appearance, the chances of successfully meeting a girl will increase markedly. In order to make the first phrase more interesting and effective, there will be no problems. The tips from this article will cope with this task.

How to talk to a girl? 7 ways to start a conversation.

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