How to teach a husband a lesson for treason, drunkenness, partying and inattention?

How to teach a husband a lesson for treason, drunkenness, partying, and inattention? For any woman to experience disrespect and insults from her own husband is a blow to self-esteem. I want to be loved, not lived. Outbursts of aggression, violence kill, humiliate, break apart. Often the response is a desire to annoy, to make you feel the pain in return. How to teach a husband a lesson for disrespect and insults – psychologist’s advice for those who are tired of running in a vicious circle.

I want to teach my husband

The desire to teach a lesson to anyone, including your husband, is a natural reaction in a situation where you have been offended, humiliated, insulted, or simply shown disrespect. Good relationships are formed over the years. The response to humiliation is immediate.

It makes the blood boil, the brain thinks about how to do more. Sometimes it has such a powerful force that it provokes ill-considered actions.

Possibility to prosecute to the position and new ability to induce impulses. Think of a situation in which you were offended.

You felt a prick, a surge of aggression, an impulse to take revenge. You can immediately say offensive words, hit, leave. In addition to this impulse on the picture that will be taken and in the fixed position of the part.

Another component in the desire to avenge an insult is the desire to prove that you, too, are a person worthy of respect. Hearing insults, you strive in every possible way to maintain self-confidence, to maintain self-esteem. The actions of the husband, however, make you turn into a weak victim who feels that she is not worthy of respect.

3 most effective punishments for a man

These two components make you look for a way to take revenge on your husband and teach him to respect you. No, please tell me what you want. If the location is different from the situation:

  • You came up with a plan for revenge. It’s great, you can’t wait to bring it to life. No what will happen after its implementation? Can you stay with your husband, trust him? Will he trust you?
  • Insults can express love. A person who grew up in harsh conditions, where any manifestation of tenderness caused laughter, and humiliation and disrespect was the norm, cannot behave differently. For example, life in a boarding school, even for a short time, causes a terrible trauma.

It must always be taken into account that insulting words may express not the desire to humiliate, but the desire to tell the oil. If this is so, then will you not break relationships with your actions that have a chance to become long-term, rich, rich.

  • Disrespect and insult are sometimes direct evidence that love is no more. Trying to teach your spouse a lesson, you will fall into the trap and will not see what he is trying to say to you. It might be easier to just let go and walk away.
  • You are guided only by revenge, there is no love left for a long time. And you hold on to your spouse only because you were taught that way. For many, divorce is still something that cannot be reconciled with and that cannot be accepted.
  • Any attempt to annoy someone can hurt you. All these feelings of guilt, shame are real. Let today you rejoice that you managed to teach someone a lesson, tomorrow there will be no trace of your former enthusiasm.

All of the above goes to show how ambiguous disrespect situations can be. Just like that, teaching someone a lesson is worth a try if you are confident in your relationships, in their presence, in their presence. The desire to take revenge, punish, show aggression can only make things worse.

How to teach a husband?

As long as two of the two languages ​​are spoken, it is only possible to say that they are not.

Say no”

Don’t say “no” to your spouse. Avoid using tricks that you didn’t want to experience for yourself. Among them are tantrums, blackmail, the creation of reasons for jealousy, any form of violence.

A date, a frivolous correspondence with another man, even with the aim of provoking her husband, may end unsuccessfully.

Avoidance of intimacy, pronounced indifference, games of silence are also rarely successful. One day you can play to such an extent that you really don’t care, you lose the desire to make love or create a situation from which you can’t find a way out.

An example – the husband treated his wife rather boorishly, but, by the way, he loved her, provided for her. A child was born. The attitude that the woman interpreted as disrespectful remained. She was tired, took her daughter, went to her mother. She didn’t explain anything to her husband, she just stopped communicating with him. asked to explain, called to return.

She answered in monosyllables, did not explain the reasons, refused to return. Later it turned out that this was how she took revenge for the lack of tenderness shown by her husband’s disrespect. But for some period there was a hopeless situation in which the wife did not like the way her husband communicated with her.


Many people carry love, the desire to be with their soulmate for many years. They can survive disappointment, the desire of a spouse to live separately for some time, rudeness, crises. With all this, they want to continue to live together, spend weekends, vacations, enjoy the children.

Love, like water, wears away any stone. Hearing insults in your address, experiencing disrespect, you can continue to love and show your a. If a person is open, ready for a good relationship, you will win. Perhaps one day he will be ashamed of his behavior. Maybe he will not even notice that he has changed in his attitude towards you.

Another way is to openly talk about your feelings. Tell me how disrespect hurts you. However, it is important not to go too far here. Conversations quickly turn into whining, which is annoying and causes even more rejection.


At the heart of any successful relationship is respect for each other. And the situation when you dream of teaching your husband a lesson is no exception.

Communication on an equal footing helps best of all, when you explain the problem to your spouse without claims and tantrums. Use specific evidence. Many men like to replay, to convince that the wife has misunderstood everything, she is too emotional. So try to be precise and specific.

By the way, you can put a clear and precise condition in the conversation. For example, every time your partner insults you, you tell him about it or mark the incident with any rude.

It does not help – try to talk again, give examples of familiar couples, tell about situations from films.,

Calm walks contribute to the establishment of relationships. You don’t have to run anywhere, you don’t have to do anything. At this time, it is worth avoiding the appearance of obligations or competition – this can provoke a conflict, the appearance of a weaker and stronger partner.

In no case do not mirror the behavior of your husband. If you are new to the project, there is a bigger conflict.


It is very good to cope with manifestations of disrespect by joint creative activity, which is both egharim for both. Another condition is that you must be on an equal footing.

Don’t you dare to let go? Походите на занятия искусством. Follow the course in the internet and try to plan things in the way you want.

Act out humorous scenes. Let some of them mimic your relationship. Your relationship will get a new impetus, reveal new STORons of each other.

If your husband insults you, shows disrespect, try not to go to his level. Stay yourself. Love – love, talk about feelings, about how his words hurt you. Avoid retaliatory insults, blackmail. If there is no understanding, it is better not to torment each other and leave.

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