How to tell a man that he is the best, in your own words?

How to tell a man that he is the best, in your own words? Men, just like women, need to hear nice words addressed to them. And especially those that emphasize the best qualities.

In principle, it is important for a man to know that they are the main ones, winners, conquerors. And everything they do should be appreciated.

How to tell a man that he is the best, in your own words?

You chose this man, which means that he is the best. The best in bed, the smartest, the most well-mannered, etc. So let him also hear confirmation of this. And this can be expressed not only by the generalized “you are the best.”

Most of the time it is necessary for the children to have fun.

The best lover

As for the “bed” skills of a man, it is very sacred to him. Self-esteem is fragile here, and feelings are heightened.

Therefore, it is very important to choose your words carefully.

  • You know how to make me happy.
  • You know how to deliver unearthly pleasure to a woman.
  • The best aphrodisiac for me is your body.
  • I’ve never been so good in bed.
  • You awaken my deepest desires.
  • I lose my head with passion for you.
  • I look forward to each of our nights.
  • Our closeness never tires me.
  • I turn into a goddess of pleasure thanks to your sensuality.
  • After spending the night with you, it’s like I’m gaining wings.

The most courageous

It is important for a man to realize that he is a real man. And here’s how to highlight it.

  • You are doing great with everything. I am delighted.
  • With you I feel calm and safe.
  • You are a real man, of which there are few.
  • Your courage is very exciting.
  • I would like at least half of your courage!
  • Your courage and masculinity cannot be doubted.
  • Only you can do it.
  • I would never have made it without you.
  • You have a great combination of strength of mind and strength of character.
  • You never let me and you hurt yourself.

The cleverest

Most likely, your man and so knows it. No more than that in this case.

  • I never get tired of being amazed at how smart you are.
  • You have limitless intelligence.
  • You are using your brain correctly.
  • I know that with the most difficult tasks I can turn to you. You will definitely help.
  • You have a very interesting mindset that is intriguing.
  • You are so harmonious. Intelligence and beauty rarely go together.
  • You are so good at certain topics.

  • Your brain reminds me of a cool and powerful computer.
  • Everything I say, I feel like you already knew before. How do you get it out?
  • I am glad that I have such a smart man.

Most kind

If your man is a good person, then let him verify this by hearing your words.

  • You deserve the best in this life. Because you are the best.
  • You have the kindest heart.
  • I trust you more than myself.
  • Your decency is beyond doubt.
  • You are a great role model. I strive for the same.
  • I know that you will make the right decision. You always do it.
  • Never met such good people.
  • What you have done has won me over.
  • You have a very pure soul.
  • I’m proud of what you did. Not everyone is capable of this.

The most beautiful

Not a top priority for a man. But to know that he is attractive (primarily for his woman) is also important.

  • This T-shirt fits your strong shoulders perfectly.
  • You have the most beautiful color in your eyes.
  • You are a real prince from a fairy tale.
  • I’m glad to have such a handsome man next to me.
  • You are not just harmonious, you are perfect!
  • With this hairstyle, you reminded me of my favorite actor.
  • You are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.
  • Your smile drove me crazy and mesmerized.
  • Why should a man be so handsome? It’s illegal.
  • You my sun! Ready to kiss your every freckle.

The most empathetic

You can also emphasize the beautiful inner world and the ability to empathize with pleasant words.

  • It is very interesting for me to watch your EMOtions. How to watch an exciting movie.
  • You always know exactly what I want.
  • I see my reflection in you.
  • You want to be seen as a work of art, that’s how deep you are.
  • In you I can keep all my secrets.
  • Except you, no one understands me like that.
  • I have no doubt that you can read minds.
  • You are so sensitive to changes in my mood.
  • You hold my heart in your caring hands.
  • I have not had time to dream, but you have already fulfilled everything.

Most successful

Men always strive to be “faster, higher, stronger.” Therefore, he will be pleased to know that you notice his successes and appreciate his determination.

  • It would be great if you were my boss.
  • All your achievements are a real reason for pride.
  • Your authority cannot be questioned.
  • You have already shown that even the mountains will not be an obstacle to your goal.
  • You will want it and this will be the case.
  • Your dedication is worthy of all praise.
  • I’m so proud of you!
  • There are no unsolvable problems for you.
  • If our children are half as successful as you, then I will be very happy.
  • You amazingly combine purposefulness, intelligence and responsibility.

The most gallant

It is good for a man to know that his manners inspire respect. It only motivates him. Praise your gentleman.

  • No one has ever taken such good care of me.
  • It’s like you stepped out of the pages of a book novel.
  • You are the epitome of the perfect man.
  • You are prepared to do so.
  • Your manners are impeccable. Thanks to your teachers.
  • You are not ashamed to appear in any society.
  • Your attention is very pleasant to me.
  • You are so gracious. My friends are jealous of me.
  • Next to you, I feel like a true lady.
  • Your manners are a real delight.

The most economic

A man with hands from the right place is a real find. And he will be very pleased to hear that you appreciated the repaired outlet.

  • You organize all the comfort in the house.
  • You did great. Real professional.
  • I cannot entrust this responsible task to anyone but you.
  • You have golden hands.
  • You always have energy for household chores.
  • I don’t believe it was difficult for you. You did it so skillfully.
  • I didn’t even think that I would meet an even cleaner person than me.
  • It is immediately clear that there is an owner in the house.
  • I am in awe of your accuracy.
  • I can’t manage without you.

The best father

Now and how is it that you don’t buy it?

  • Only your warm and strong hands can soothe our baby.
  • Your best gift to our child is that he is a true extension of you.
  • When our child smiles, I see you in him.
  • You take such good care of our baby.
  • You’re so good with diapers.
  • Daughter (son) cannot live even an hour without you.
  • The child takes all the best from you.
  • You are a great role model.
  • The title of “The Best Dad in the World” is rightfully yours.
  • To the point where you want to play in the name of the character.

How to tell a man that he is the best, in your own words? Now you know how many different ways there are to remind your man that he is the best. If you are shy, it’s on your own.

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