How to tell a man that you like him and why you are afraid to admit?

How to tell a man that you like him and why you are afraid to admit? Social attitudes dictate to a woman that a man should take the first step, and she should just wait for him. No in modern me this is not up to date. You have to be active, you have to be there and you don’t have to worry about it.

But how to find the strength in yourself to take this step? How to confess your feelings correctly and what to expect in the future?

Why is it difficult for a woman to confess first?

In fact, it’s no less difficult for a man to do this, it’s just that society doesn’t seem to give them much choice. In the plan, the girls have an advantage – she will not feel like a loser if she still keeps silent and nothing.

No, both men and women find it difficult to confess their feelings due to subconscious fears. Someone is afraid of being rejected, someone is afraid to find out the truth and indulges himself with fantasies about a future wedding, even when the “groom” does not yet know about your existence.

Someone is afraid that by his confession “He will spoil everything”, that, for example, the object of love will not like such persistence, that it will scare him away.

But while you are immersed in your fears, which may have nothing to do with reality, you are missing out on the life that is here and now, and the chance of a relationship with the person you like.

Of course, in order to open up to another person, you need to take risks, to become for a moment defenseless in front of him.

Before you take the first step, you need to not only visualize a happy ending, but also mentally prepare for failure.

In order to find the strength within yourself to talk about your feelings, it is important not to be prone to “catastrophic thinking.” Yes, we are not always chosen, in life there will be failures and missed opportunities, disappointment.

But even if a man refuses you, this is not a disaster. It’s just a reality that a person can come to terms with in order to move on.

Even rejection will make you stronger, you will gain experience, and you will only become more confident if you do not perceive it as something terrible, do not allow it to affect your personal integrity.

How to confess your feelings?

This is an important moment for both you and the other person. Of course, there are no clear rules on how to confess your feelings, it all depends on you, your personality, and a number of random factors and coincidences.

How to confess to a man in love?

No, it is not recommended that the following is true:

  • emotional readiness – you must be in a resource, experience an emotional upsurge, feel that you have matured. Focus on your bodily sensations, as well as on intuition;
  • self-confidence – of course, you will feel excitement, but to reduce it, watch your breath, straighten your shoulders, straighten your back, that is, take the pose of a self-confident person, you can listen to your favorite music that will inspire you;
  • the right moment – it is important that during the confession you were only the two of you, nothing distracted you, the man did not feel tired, irritated, his thoughts were not busy solving any issues;
  • personal meeting – of course, it is easier to write a letter or send a message, but it is still better to give preference to live communication, then you can correctly convey intonation, your emotions and see the reaction of a man, and not guess how he took your message;
  • don’t make a joke of everything – sometimes the fear is so strong that humor becomes a psychological defense. Speak seriously and sincerely, otherwise the man will not take your intentions seriously;
  • the right words – it’s best to speak from the bottom of your heart, but if it’s hard for you to say: “I love you”, you can always find other phrases: “I have feelings for you”, “I like you”, “I would like to date you “.

It is equally important to end the conversation correctly. Firstly, the answer will not always be quick and that’s fine. A man may be confused, embarrassed, perhaps he has not yet thought about you in this way, so he needs time.

Even if you did not immediately receive a clear answer, this is not a reason to be upset. Give the person time to understand himself. If he feels reciprocity, he will definitely take a step towards.

No where it is not known – it is possible to say that the name is there. Praise yourself, feel proud of yourself. Whatever the result, you did well, because you found the courage in yourself, risked going out into the zone of the commander, because

Not everyone can decide on this. If this is not the case, you should risk it.

Should I be the first to admit?

The time when the whole initiative was in the hands of a man is long gone.But even then, the woman partly made the first move by flirting, making names and showing her affection.. After all, you can confess your feelings not only with the help of words.

If the word is that it isn’t what you want, the product strategy is:

  • does not notice your “subtle” hints – firstly, men do not always have a well-developed emotional intelligence, and secondly, they tend to attach less importance to details;
  • He notices, but does not understand their meaning – they often take signs of attention for simple courtesy or non-binding coquetry;
  • not sure of himself – maybe he himself has feelings for you, but does not understand that you are responding to him in return.

In this case, taking the first step is better than missing the opportunity to get closer to the person. It is also better to confess your feelings when you have long enough and strongly sighed for a man, Thinking about Him, Hoping that he will notice this.

If you have strong feelings, they can turn your life into an eternal expectation of a particular man. Dragging out such a situation is dangerous because:

  • you will start fantasizing about your future, and in your imagination everything is always brighter and “more beautiful”, so reality may disappoint you against the backdrop of a fairy tale that you came up with;
  • concentrating on one person and hoping for his reciprocity, you may miss other opportunities that the world gives you – perhaps there is already a person next to you who secretly sighs about you, hints at feelings, but you don’t notice it;
  • the expectation may turn out to be groundless – we are not always chosen, this is normal. But If You Get Rejected After Waiting For A Man For Several Years, It Is Much Harder Than If It Happened In The First Month Of Your Intercourse;
  • if you communicate for a long time, but you don’t confess your love, you can miss the moment – the man will get used to you so much that the novelty, interest will disappear, he may begin to perceive you just as a friend.

If You have not confessed to a person, and he does not even know about Your Love, this can cause a feeling of deep regret in You.

Subconsciously, it will seem to you that the point is that you did not find the courage to take this step, and not at all that the man is simply not yours.

Everyone confess their feelings. Yes, you can get rejected, but at least it will give you the opportunity to “get sick” with a person and move on to new relationships and new feelings.

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