How to throw a loved one out of your head and heart?

Not in the mind, for the first time in the process of distribution, forgetting a person is not so easy. Not only negative moments are imprinted in the memory, but also many warm and pleasant memories. It is they who dunk us into nostalgia for the once-beloved person.

Thoughts constantly throw you a few steps back. Your attempts to forget become treacherously unbearable. You do not know what to do in order not to remember a man and get rid of constant thoughts about him.

What does not allow us to forget a person?

Pleasant memories immerse us in that warm and bright time when we were happy. At the same time, there are catastrophically few good Moments, but the brain after parting remembers the good much more clearly and brighter than the negative and resentment.

People are subject to constant doubts in their decisions and actions. The same goes for relationships. The decision was made, but after parting, the thought begins to visit the head: did we do the right thing, that we parted?

By and by, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word. In fact, you no longer remember the last time you experienced passion or deep feelings for your partner.

  • Embers.

You still love your ex and don’t even want to imagine life without him. One has only to clearly distinguish between true feelings and painful attachment, that is, dependence on another person, which is even stronger than true love.

  • Fear that you won’t be able to meet your love again.

When the relationship has come to an end, there is a phobia that there will never be such feelings again, and you are no longer no more no more. That is why your thoughts constantly revolve around your ex-boyfriend.

  • The former man himself.

Sometimes you try to forget your past relationships, but your ex-boyfriend always reminds you of osuwon. Calls, messages, “random” meetings – all this does not allow you to start a new life.

How to throw a loved one out of your head and heart

As long as you doubt, Love or seek meetings with an ex-boyfriend, You are not able to forget him and go on your way. Your heart will belong to him, and only he will control your thoughts.

Therefore, you should put an end to your relationship. And this is a key step on the way to a new life.

  • Realize that your paths have diverged.

Not to say that it’s worth it. It’s important to move on. It is possible to live the pain of loss and realize unfulfilled dreams. Admit that you could not, did not cope, did not save. But there is no one to blame. Just what you want in the room, what you want to have in the house.

How to become psychologically free?

No water, it is enough to have it in these parts, in the sky – it is up to you, it is in the palm of your hand. Он научил тебя многому. It is necessary to pronounce and understand it, it is concrete to say that it is isolated and small.

Perhaps you have learned to be feminine, gentle, caring. And perhaps, on the contrary, she gained inner strength and incredible patience. In any case, it is worth thanking the “teacher” and with the accumulated experience and knowledge to move forward.

The hardest thing is to let go. To do this, it is important to realize your autonomy. You are not one. Each of you is a whole person, each has his own path and his own destiny. Perhaps an exercise. You should draw your pain.

Draw everything that is happening in your soul right now. Perhaps a fire is burning inside you, a flame. And maybe it’s raining. Everyone experiences pain differently. Give your drawing as much time as possible. The work must be deep. Try to pour out everything you have inside.

After that, you should “say goodbye” to your experiences. To do this, you can simply tear your drawing, or you can let it go on a “long voyage” along the river or burn it. Such a ritual helps to relieve inner pain and gives the realization that each event is perhaps logically completed. And only you decide when and how to do it.

How to forget a man and get thoughts about him out of your head?

When the point is finally set, it’s time to take care of yourself and your new reality. To do this, it is important to build some kind of action plan. You can directly write down all the steps on the sheet, or you can act based on your inner desires.

  • Get rid of what reminds you.

This item is especially important for sentimental ladies, for whom any little thing that reminds of a man can stir up a storm of sadness and longing inside. No stoit vybrasyvat vas subdryad. But to remove joint photos and gifts for a while, everything is worth it.

  • Fill the void with something new, fresh.

Start spending more time with your friends. No active activity in front of you: movies in cinemas, cafes, theaters. It is worth bringing travel into your life: even though it will not necessarily be trips to distant countries, you can see a lot of interesting and new things in the cities of our country.

  • Learn to switch thoughts.

As soon as memories begin to arise in the head, it is worth switching to something else. To consolidate such a skill, it is worth training it. For starters, it is possible to focus on your breathing. Meditation will help you do this.

Gradually, the skill will begin to form, it will probably be used in any stressful situation, and in the event of unpleasant, disturbing thoughts.

  • Focus on yourself.

Until recently, the center of your life was “he”, but now is the time to shift the focus of attention to yourself. In fact, it is always worth learning, having a relationship, to consider yourself important and valuable in the world. This will help you not to lose ground from under your feet when you break off relations with a partner.

Think about what you want, what you love, what is really important to you. And every day do what your soul requires. Maybe start small. Allow yourself first a few things that you want. Gradually, you will learn to listen to your inner needs and live only on the basis of them.

  • Take care of yourself.

Since you are now the center of your universe, then you will now look after and take care of yourself, beloved. Food should be complete and of high quality. Sleep is also worth organizing yourself healthy. Pleasant treatments for body, face and hair lift the mood and self-esteem of any woman.

Please yourself more often. Buy yourself nice little things, give gifts. Even buying yourself a bouquet of beautiful flowers is not considered something shameful for a long time. We, women, try to create beauty around us. Therefore, your interior will be transformed with the appearance of a fragrant accent.

Watch positive films, read a lot of literature, be interested in psychology. Any classes for the development of intelligence allow you to raise the self-worth of a woman, increase her self-esteem, and also concentrate on something more useful than suffering and bitterness of resentment.

Hobbies are also able to give a therapeutic effect. Embroidery, knitting, drawing can also calm the nervous system. Sports, yoga, swimming will give you a boost of energy and will strengthen your willpower.

  • Chat with other men.

Building new relationships is definitely not worth it. However, accepting courtship and allowing intercourse with the opposite sex is sometimes beneficial. Of course, if you usually fall in love with lightning speed, this is not your option. This can lead to another sad story, after which you will be even worse.

If you know how to distinguish between love and communication, then this option will be a good help. When men are nearby, caring, then you are able to feel like an interesting, attractive woman, which is now vital for your self-esteem.

Based on the foregoing, we draw the following conclusion: you should not close yourself in yourself, in your experiences, no matter how painful it is for you. Draw strength in yourself. Your future life is full of light, warmth, new bright emotions. It is necessary to carry it in this way and to keep it open.

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