How to train a man to love you [Versión 2021]

If you want to know how to train a man to love youcontinue reading!

Many women assume that it takes psychic power or supernatural ability to get that special man to do what they want, without having to ask him explicitly.

What they ignore, the vast majority, is that this is possible, they just need to learn to use suggestive words!

How to train a man to love you

For psychological reasons, surely you have noticed that when someone orders us to do something, the desire to comply with the order disappears, even if we had every willingness to do so.

The problem is that you received a mandate and that makes you feel deprived of something very important: your right to choose.

That is why the art of suggestion exists as a reliable technique, and it will help you to know how to train a man to love you

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No pressure:

No man will want to commit to a love relationship with you if he perceives that you are trying to force him.

Pretending to manipulate him to feel something for you will only condemn you to failure because you will be going against human nature itself.

Know what real men want in a woman, and put it into practice.

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Surely you are wondering what is the correct way to act and how to train a man to love youdo not worry!

Next, you will find the two best methods to guide you and complement your knowledge.

Read on and take careful note!

How to train a man to adore you: 2 foolproof methods

1. Suggestion

Put these methods into practice so that he adores you

The method of suggestion is one of the most practical and effective; everything you want from a man will only be a matter of simple verbal technique.

You’ll be able to get anything from your guy with minimal effort, and you’ll know how to drive any man crazy.

Just don’t forget how powerful this technique is, make sure your intentions are good, and fully accept the consequences.

The objective:

The basic idea behind this method is that, with enough practice, you’ll be able to gently encourage him without making him feel like you’re trying to influence his decisions.

What you need to do is make him think that he “should” do what you want, but believe that it was his decision.

The secret is to administer high-quality rewards tactfully and at just the right time.

It is ideal that you present your reward with your order; To better understand this process, it is essential to divide it into the following stages:

Stage 1: Say what you want to happen in the future, or what you want to happen more often

You want to make sure that you use words that reflect your belief that he will do what you want.

Believe it or not, language has the ability to dominate the male mind and know how to influence a man’s mind.

If you add to this a tone of voice that makes him shudder and you also use female body language, you will easily convince him.

Stage 2: Transition to the condition

It is about using action statements of the type: “I know you will…” or “I know you will never…”.

You must be clear and never leave room for interpretation.

Stage 3: Explain why you need this, rewarding it beforehand

Learn how to train a man to love you

Some examples of reverse psychology are: “Because I know you would never let me down…”, “Because you are not like other men…” or “I trust that I am in good hands now, because you really know how to treat me like a lady”.

Remember that men love to be heroes and feeling like one is in itself a reward for them.

Suggestion is very powerful, but if you don’t use it on a man who you know will bring something to the relationship, you’re wasting your time.

The same thing happens if you’re not entirely sure that he has true feelings for you.

Therefore, if your intuition tells you that this special boy is for you, then the technique will give you the final push necessary for you to conquer him and fully commit to you.

2. The seduction

Preserving mutual attraction in a relationship is essential, especially for men, who need to be stimulated, constantly, so that they don’t need to go looking for someone else but find everything they want in you.

Seduction is one of the key answers to the question of how to train a man to love you

In order for you to become an expert seductress by knowing how to seduce a man and make him fall madly in love with you.

Let me see you:

In addition to visualizing both her present and future with you, I share the following list of tips so that she cannot give in to your charms and values ​​you as the special woman that you are.

Find out more about what real men want in a woman.

Take a look and put them into practice!

  • Be a real girl: Highlight your qualities and improve what you feel may overshadow you. Your free and natural spirit will undoubtedly cast a spell on him, and he won’t want to leave your side for long.
  • Appearance: Wear clothes and accessories that highlight your beauty but remember not to fall into excesses because, probably, you could give him the wrong impression and make him fall out of love completely.
  • Flirt but very subtly: That will make him want and adore you intensely; In addition, he will always be on the lookout and will never take you for granted.
  • Support: Let him know that he has your unconditional support and that you share his joys and passions as well as his difficult days; that is, you must make him see you as his complement.
  • Conversation: Have interesting conversations and keep in mind that you should also listen to him so that the connection is strengthened and, with it, the bond of the relationship.

Training a man to love you is easier than you think

The theory is given, now that you know how to train a man to love you, carry out your plan and build a meaningful relationship that you can fully enjoy since you control the situation and have all the power!

In case you want to know more about the subject, consult the Magnetic Desire Method and know the techniques to attract that man you want by your side.

In addition, he knows the masculine desire in the open.

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