How to understand a man loves or uses?


It seems to you that you have met the man of your dreams, everything is not bad in your relationship, but there are always doubts about the sincerity of your partner’s feelings. These circumstances may be indicated by ambiguous actions, remarks from friends, secrets on his part, etc. How do you know if your partner loves or uses you? After all, this is an important aspect for further life together.

Why does a man use a woman?

When wondering if a man loves or uses, you need to understand for what purpose they can use you.

  1. Most often to satisfy their sexual needs. Everyone wants everything to be perfect in bed for a couple, but sometimes men are only interested in this aspect in a woman. But he is not going to start a serious relationship.
  2. Comfort at home. The same can be said about a couple in a long-term relationship. Perhaps the partner’s feelings have already faded away, but he does not want to give up a comfortable life.
  3. Benefit financially. Currently, there are a lot of gigolos living at the expense of a woman.
  4. Opportunity to move up the career ladder. This happens when a woman occupies a higher position than a man.
  5. Birth of a child. In rare cases, this also happens. A person wants his own children and it does not matter to him who will give birth to them. Often, after the birth of a baby, feelings are lost, and a man does everything to take the child away from his mother.

The main signs of male love

To understand this issue, you need to learn about the signs of real feelings in a man:

  • Actions are empty talk and promises cannot be a sign of true love.
  • Wanting to spend more time with you.
  • Complete trust – it is manifested not in the desire to control a person, but to take care of him and worry.
  • Providing assistance – in any case, you can rely on such a person.
  • Respect for your views, the ability to reckon with the opinion of your woman.
  • Physical attraction.
  • Having shared memories.

The list goes on and on. But all the main points are listed.

How to recognize a man who is using you?

Sometimes a woman is so in love that she does not want to take off her “rose-colored glasses” from her eyes. But in the end, disappointment sets in. In order not to reap the fruits of unhappy love in the future, you should immediately highlight the signs that you are being used:

  • A man’s unwillingness to solve a woman’s problems. To a direct request for help, he once again refuses, this is an occasion to think about the continuation of such an alliance. He probably doesn’t take you seriously.
  • On his part, there is no effort to please his beloved. Little things, pleasant surprises, elementary care – all this is missing in your life.
  • The man has money problems all the time. Everyone has temporary financial difficulties, but if they are endless and at the same time he does not want to change anything, you can think about the fact that you are being used as a wallet to cover his debts.
  • He is constantly annoyed in your presence. The exception is when he needs something. At this time, a person becomes affectionate and courteous.
  • You don’t talk about plans for the future. Moreover, attempts to talk about this topic irritate him. This means that you are a temporary hobby for him.
  • Rarely spend leisure time together. Of course, everyone should have personal space. However, if your partner spends more time with friends, and for you he is always busy, then it makes sense to stay together.

If you are used, then a person appears in your life when he needs something. He is not interested in your problems, he only wants his affairs to be solved with your participation. If you begin to notice similar behavior in your partner, analyze the relationship and draw the necessary conclusions.


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