How to understand if a girl likes you: 9 clear female signals

How to understand if a girl likes you: 9 clear female signals. Many men think that girls are unpredictable and mysterious creatures, like aliens. Because of this, it is always difficult for them to recognize whether they are attractive to the girl they are in love with and whether their feelings are mutual.

Today I will tell you how to understand if a girl likes you and if she is attracted. 9 signals will help you with this, which will unmistakably give out any lady and tell you the truth.

And it doesn’t matter where and how you communicate – at work, on a date, at university, or by correspondence. Yes, these signals are very subtle, but if you are careful, it will not be difficult to see them and determine the girl’s intentions.

So read and remember. How to understand if a girl likes you: 9 clear female signals.

Playing Sherlock Holmes

What is described most often when trying to understand women – dilated pupils, the toes of the shoes are turned on you, rapid breathing (they would have dragged in the heartbeat), active conversation support and gesticulation, and much more – for me is complete nonsense.

How do you imagine peering into the pupils? And the fact that the girl chats with pleasure and waves her arms at the same time – this is how 90% of girls do it. And not because they are in love, but because they just love to talk.

And she physically cannot turn the toes of her shoes in the opposite direction when she looks at you and stands next to you.

I also saw this – if a girl likes you, then her intonation, the timbre will change during a conversation, words unusual for her will be added. How well do you need to know a person in order to catch changes in timbre or know his vocabulary? If only with her for 10 years to live. But in this case, you will not have the question with which you opened this article.

Let’s talk about the real signs. About those that testify to the real and genuine interest of the girl in you. And about those that you can easily “diagnose” yourself, without using the methods of Sherlock Holmes.

What is the paradox and illogicality of women?

If a girl likes you, she will never directly let you know. That’s for nothing. She will send you various signals, beat you around the bush and wait for you to finally understand it or be persistent.

Yes, now women have become more decisive and proactive, but the maximum that even they can do is invite you (for example, in gratitude) for a cup of coffee. And even there, sitting in a cozy atmosphere, she will not admit in her life that she likes you, although she will languish with love.

In other words, it is important to understand that it is impossible to get a confession of sympathy from a girl in a verbal way. Verbally – these are words, expressions, hints. You will not be able to solve these puzzles that she gives out and understand what she really wants to say.

Therefore, it will be necessary to determine its location and sympathy by indirect signs.

We are talking about the time when you still do not have a relationship with her, there were no kisses and other intimate moments.

Therefore, I will give you the following important advice:

Don’t care what she says. Never focus on context.

What then should he focus on? But on what:

1 Behavior when seeing you

In a girl in love, when her object of sighs appears next to her, her behavior immediately becomes playful. Pay attention to seemingly insignificant little things. Just be a little more observant:

  • Often glances at you. If she catches a response, she is a little embarrassed (yeah, suddenly you will solve her secret);
  • Looks at you furtively, when you do not see. If you suddenly turn around or turn around, you will face this fact. As soon as you catch her doing this, she will immediately turn away and make a stone face;
  • It touches the hair, but not at the top, where the head is, but curls and ends. He can pull them, pull them out, pass them through his fingers, fold the strands back, or, on the contrary, lay them out in front on his shoulders, throw them to one side, exposing his neck. In general, any manipulation.
  • When he sees you, he straightens his back and shoulders, takes a more graceful pose if he is sitting;
  • Shrugs one shoulder and/or tilts head when you pay attention to or address her;
  • Starts to laugh or talk loudly when she is at a distance from you so that you can hear and pay attention to her.

2 Reaction to your speech

Another way to find out if a girl likes you is to observe her behavior while you are talking. If she:

  • shows a keen interest in the story;
  • distracted from another business or conversation and turns all attention to you;
  • begins to ask questions, maybe not even to you at all, but so, into the air or others, but so that you hear;
  • laughs at your jokes, even the stupid ones;
  • comments on you (sometimes sarcastically) –

this means that she is not indifferent to you.

3. Desire to see you as a protector and support

The next signal that allows you to determine that a girl likes you is her need to see you as a patron and her man.

Since it is still difficult to call the relationship between you even a relationship, these will be very mild signs:

  • Asks for help in something small (help in choosing);
  • Complains about his problems and asks if there are friends who could solve this issue;
  • He gladly accepts any help or courtesy from you (they opened the door, gave a hand);
  • Starts to show his weakness in front of you (cannot handle the lock on the jacket, open a drink, and so on)
  • It can get scared and show its defenselessness in front of the “danger” so that you are forced to “protect” or calm it down – a terrible scene in the film, a loud sound, a spider.

If a woman is indifferent to a man, then she will not want to show her weakness in front of him, and even more so will not wait for help or support. For her, you will be an ordinary person, a friend, next to whom such tricks are meaningless, it is easier and faster to do everything yourself so as not to waste time.

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4 Actions in daily communication (communication)

  • In any disputes or conflicts, he takes your side. And it doesn’t matter if you collided with someone online in the comments or during a meeting;
  • Introduces you to his friends or girlfriends;
  • Actively interested in the affairs and events in your life, even the past (childhood, youth);
  • Quickly and happily responds to the slightest signs of attention from you in her direction;
  • Easily maintains a conversation, shares stories, his feelings;
  • Interests similar to yours appear (begins to watch the same series, play the same game, be interested in your favorite sport, and so on);
  • Wherever you go, she somehow magically always appears next to you;
  • He sincerely rejoices at your successes and victories, he may not even show it to you, but he begins to glow with happiness and smile when he learns the good news;
  • Asks for your opinion on various issues.

How to understand that a girl likes you on social media

In the correspondence, you can verify the sympathy of the girl by the following signs:

  • She immediately replies to all your messages;
  • Instead of the standard “Yes”, “I see”, “OK”, “Uh-huh” her answers are detailed and end with a question for you. That is, the girl is interested in the conversation;
  • Sometimes she herself is the first to write to you with minor questions or trifles: “What was asked?”, “Have you already done?”, “Did you see …?”;
  • Send beautiful or amusing pictures, jokes, new songs, or share other noteworthy publications.

The fact that a girl likes you can say the activity of her account:

– joins the same communities where you are a member;

– adds the same songs to your playlist that you have;

– likes your photos or photos with your participation;

– comments in a positive way on the photo where you are present;

– likes some post on your wall – this is a very bright signal of love, that is, she is already studying and dreaming about you so deeply that she climbed into the jungle of your page in order to get to know the object of her passion better.

6 Touch

Girls will never touch a person they don’t like. Therefore, any gesture of her touching your arm, shoulder, back is a clear sign that she likes you.

Touches can be casual – during a joke, laughing, lean on you. And there may be hugs, the initiator of which she will act – at parting or greeting.

A girl will not want to hug an unpleasant person, and even more so she will not do it first, even out of politeness.

She can also “brush” a speck of dust from your clothes or “fix” the hood.

This includes not only touching you but also touching yourself. To attract the attention of a man she likes, the girl will touch herself with her fingertips (this is important). Touch the elements of your clothes, drive along the neck, stroke yourself on the shoulder, arm, fiddle with the pendant, drawing your attention to the hollow on the chest.

It’s such an unconscious call “Well, look what I have!”

7 Pose

It is difficult to talk about any obvious signs of sympathy on this basis, because it all depends on the situation, on the topic of conversation, on your level of intimacy (just met or have been talking for a long time), on the character, and shyness of the girl.

But I noticed that crossed legs, when a girl is standing during a conversation, can be a signal that she is not indifferent to you. I don’t know what it is, but it works.

8 Changes in clothing and appearance

Girls treat their wardrobe with great trepidation and attention. And if they like a man, then this will immediately affect their appearance.

  • She will begin to more explicitly tint her eyelashes, apply eye shadow, lip gloss, or lipstick, in general, do things that she did not do before;
  • Trousers and jeans will become more often replaced by dresses and skirts;
  • Shoes on a solid platform will replace stilettos or others with heels;
  • Clothes will become brighter colors (this is to attract your attention);
  • Sometimes the neckline will be shown or the top button on the blouse will be unbuttoned – to look more seductive for you;
  • The gait will become smoother, slower so that you can hold your eyes on it longer and examine it.

9 How to understand if a girl likes you: the most important signal

The most obvious signal that a girl likes you is the very fact that she is still here. Listens to you, talks to you spends his time around. When a person has no interest, he silently leaves.

If she is still around, then this is how she clearly makes it clear that she is on the hook. And she has no desire to let you go, jumping off this hook.

And 4 more valuable tips

1. Important! Do not draw a conclusion on only 1 sign indicated above. Always take a combination of behavioral factors, then you will see the real picture.

2. If she looks at your lips, then 99% it means that she dreams of a kiss with you. Don’t get lost, but kiss her!

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3. To test “ping” try to touch the girl (for example, take her by the hand) at the right moment. If she does not straighten the brush, then she likes you very much. If he leaves it in yours, then everything is fine.

That “opportune” moment might be when you walk out the door of a store, at home, or out of a car and bus.

4. Do not provoke a girl to jealousy, it looks pathetic, stupid, and frivolous. Do not compliment her friends or other members of the fairer sex in her presence. I assure you, this will not bring anything good either for your reputation or for karma 🙂

Well, it turns out that the question of how to understand whether a girl likes you is not so difficult, if you are attentive enough to her behavior. Try to pay less attention to words and respond with kindness to those signals of sympathy described here that she sends to you.

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