How to understand if a man is sincere in his feelings?

How to understand if a man is sincere in his feelings? When you meet a man and you start a relationship, sometimes there are doubts. What is the worst thing about it? I don’t want to be deceived and spend years building an alliance that for a man doesn’t mean much.

What to do to avoid this? Is it possible to check the sincerity of his feelings? And how to do it right?

Would checking help?

You always want to know that a man is honest with you and has serious intentions. Therefore, some women decide that it is worth making sure of this “for sure.” They arrange various checks. For example, they start an anonymous correspondence with a man. Or they send their girlfriend to try to “seduce” him.

There Are Cases When a Girl lies that she is pregnant, to look at his reaction, After all, If a man Loves – He should be happy. These methods can seem effective, especially when they are recommended by girlfriends or “people from the Internet.”

No way to remember that every action has its consequences. The problem with these checks is that if they open up, as they usually do, it may eventually be par. site par. Any verification is a breach of trust.

A man will consider himself deceived, not trustworthy. Starting a relationship with deceit is not the best way to build a long-term alliance.

In this regard, it is important to put yourself in the place of a man. Imagine how you would feel if he gave you a similar test. Even its successful passage will cause you a lot of negative and very conflicting feelings. You will feel insulted.

Therefore, the feelings of men from such checks are fully justified. Under the circumstances, it is possible to make the most ideal choices.

Signs of the sincerity of his feelings

From a psychological point of view, checks can ruin your union. Instead of arranging them, it is worth analyzing the relationship and looking at them objectively. It is important to take off your “rose-colored glasses” and take a healthy look at the situation. This will help you to be convinced of the sincerity of the man.

The number of Gifts, Compliments, and Confessions of Love does not always indicate that a man is really in love and is set for a long relationship. Several signs show that a man is sincere in his feelings:

  • he wants to help you – and not when you asked him 10 times. If he finds out that you have a problem in which he can help you, then he will offer it himself. Of course, we are not talking about “hanging” on him the responsibility for all his troubles. No, you see that he is ready to share them with you;

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  • a man is interested in you and your life – your communication is not limited to the banal “how are you.” He is interested in your thoughts, feelings, hobbies, friends, desires, and plans for the future;
  • a man “writes” you into his plans. Listen to him talk about the future. “When next year we go on vacation”, “if we get married in two years”, “when we have a baby”. Of course, no one knows for sure how life will turn out. No such phrases show what he is counting on;
  • a man lets you into his life – you don’t just go on dates. He introduces you to his relatives, friends, shares his thoughts, experiences, and desires;
  • he is happy to meet you – pay attention to his EMOtions. Does he get inspired? Does he respond quickly to messages? Does he smile? Do you catch his gaze on you?
  • during quarrels, he tries to compromise and understand your point of view – it’s more important for him not to be right, but to be right. This does not mean that a man should give in everything. It’s about the fact that he wants you to understand each other;
  • A man does not criticize you and does not indicate how you should act, but respects your opinion – he does not try to “adjust” you for himself;
  • when you are in a big company, a man continues to pay attention to you – you catch his eyes on you, he notices who you are talking to and what mood you are in. It shows that you are important to him.

One of the important indicators by which you can understand the sincerity of a man’s feelings is how he behaves during a conflict with you. There are always fights in a relationship, and that’s normal.

Psychologists conclude that this is even good. Firstly, any conflict helps to strengthen relationships and teaches how to get out of it correctly. Secondly, sometimes without conflicts, it is impossible to get closer and understand each other.

Pay attention to the attitude that he demonstrates “on EMOtions.” What he says, what he does, how he behaves. When a person loses control over himself, one can understand his true intentions and thoughts. No, consider that he just said something “in the heat of the moment.” These are the phrases that speak of his true attitude.

Why do you want to test him?

In addition to paying attention to the actions of a man, try to analyze yourself. Why do you have doubts about your lover? After all, they do not arise “from scratch”, they always have a reason. But not always this reason is in it.

There are several reasons why you have doubts:

  • self-doubt, low self-esteem – it seems to you that you do not deserve such a man. If so, it is important to understand where such a distorted belief comes from and correct it, otherwise you will always be doubtful;
  • Unsuccessful experience – you already had a relationship that ended in deceit, but you could not survive and let go of them. It is important to understand why you are still “Hold” by That relationship and why you are projecting the actions of the former onto your current man;
  • Broken attachment in childhood – If you had problems with your parents, you experienced coldness from them or, conversely, overprotection. In this case, you need to clearly understand the reasons for your doubts, and not look for them in a man;
  • a man gives you a reason to doubt – it happens that he behaves in such a way that you cease to be sure of sincerely. PROANALYZING, what exactly in his behavior makes you think so. Is the reason for the objective? If yes, then it is important to clarify everything with a man, bring him to a frank conversation, and are not afraid to lose these relationships.

In a relationship, it is important to have trust in each other. If not, you need to figure out the reason. To deceive yourself, to run away, that “you are winding yourself up” is not the best strategy. But it is in the same place that it is necessary to say that it is so.

It is necessary to understand what emotional contact is. Don’t be afraid, to be honest. If a man loves you, he is no less interested in a relationship than you are.

The more doubt you have, the more strained your relationship will be. They will have jealousy, a desire to control each other, resentment. To avoid this, you need to learn to speak frankly with each other.

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