How to understand if a man loves you or uses you?

Why do doubts arise in feelings?

How to understand if a man loves you or uses you? Does my fiance love me?

  • The partner does not talk about his feelings (rarely talks).

Men are not always able to talk about their love. Make sure that the temperament, the character, and the male features are psychological. Due to the fact that we are women – emotional, it is difficult for us to understand the opposite sex. For us, if a man rarely talks about feelings, then he does not love.

  • The actions of the chosen one are questionable.

And it happens that a man speaks calmly about feelings, but his behavior gives rise to doubts. He is not attentive and not caring towards you.

  • Your lack of self-confidence makes it difficult to objectively evaluate.

When a man is able to show his feelings for you in different ways, but for you all his actions mean nothing, you experience constant fear and insecurity in your relationship. Whatever your partner does, you question. It speaks more about your lack of self-confidence.

  • Negative past experiences are transferred to the present.

Relationships that hurt you can be delayed in such a way that all subsequent men will be perceived through the prism of that negative past. You doubt your current partner just because a former young man treated you badly.

  • your heightened anxiety.

Anxious people are able to worry about anything. Relationships are no exception, but rather the biggest f@cking worry. Every little thing brings a grain of doubt to the perception of reality. And the ability to wind oneself up and think up is able to increase all this to a universal scale.

No matter what reason prompted you to doubt, the thought of insincerity has already settled in your head. So, you want to know if your chosen one really loves you. Let’s try to figure it out together.

Top 10 signs that a man loves you

All people are different and show their feelings, love and devotion in different ways. It depends on the character, personal characteristics, principles of education, the influence of social

Therefore, it is impossible to unambiguously and irrevocably indicate what will speak one hundred percent about your partner’s love for you, however, there are indeed some signs by which you are able to determine his feelings, interest. They are able to manifest themselves in a complex, selectively, their combinations arise in different ways.

  • A man listens attentively to your requests.

5 subtle signs that a man is in love

For a man, your requests are not an empty phrase. On listens to desires, tries to embody them in life. Even if he does not always succeed, the efforts clearly indicate his interest in you. In love, this sign has sufficient weight. It’s really worth paying attention to.

  • Your partner is trying to surprise you.

A man who loves, the positive emotions of his chosen one are important. He takes great pleasure in them. Therefore, he periodically tries to surprise his beloved, to please.

Let it be very little things, such as your favorite sweets, cooked breakfast, or flowers for no reason. His task is to please, and if a woman knows how to rejoice and notice her attempts fter, t fin

  • A man takes care of his chosen one.

The care of a loving man can manifest itself in everything. These can be the words: “Dress warmer”, “Be careful”. On the other hand, on the building you plan to do so in concrete designs. Warm up and clean the car in winter, cook dinner if you’re late from work.

The most important thing is not to turn his concern into a routine that you stop paying attention to over time. This, perhaps, is the secret of a long-term relationship in which love reigns. People never stop thanking each other for the little things.

  • He tries to help you.

If you ask questions, then you can do it, and on the floor you are in the room. Of course, if your man cannot always immediately respond to signals, this does not mean at all that he is not interested. He may just be very busy, he is not always released from work.

And maybe he’s thinking of a plan of action. However, his desire to help, you will not confuse with anything. You can rely on such a chosen one. And when problems arise, that’s the first person you call.

  • The man is generous towards you.

Of course, generosity and stinginess are rather traits of character. However, when a man truly loves, even if he is stingy by nature, he tries not to spare money for his own. If it is necessary and it is written: it is necessary to be there on the walls.

A man who does not skimp on the joys for his woman really shows deep feelings for her. Her emotions mean a lot more to him than money. Therefore, if a man gives you gifts with pleasure and does not save, most likely, this indicates his love for you.

  • He plans with you for the future.

The only exception is that moment if he wants to impress a woman for his own advantageous purpose. In this case, he only plays a role in which he is unlikely to be able to stay for too long.

  • Partner will be available on the same day.

If a man is serious, he is ready to divide duties in half. He has a desire to take responsibility for you, his family, family concerns. Responsibilities may have been distributed in the course of agreements or he himself sets the area of ​​his responsibility.

  • A man introduces you to his relatives, friends.

When your partner gladly introduces you to his social circle, does not hesitate to introduce you to his parents and friends, his intentions are more than serious. Conceived set and take the men, which with parents are connected to all the “girlfriends”. No, this is rather an exception.

As a rule, a loving man wants to share his happiness with loved ones, so he introduces you to his surroundings with great pleasure. At this moment, he is proud and admires you, which indicates love.

  • He’s interested in what you’re into.

This does not mean at all that he will share your interests. He has his own hobbies, hobbies. In order to keep the adventitious nature of the drugs.

And where to know what the second half is fond of, a loving man is capable of. This helps him find common topics for conversation, helps him pick up surprises based on his hobby. And in general, when a man loves, he is interested in what his woman does, what she likes.

  • Your partner tries not to deliver unpleasant feelings.

If the partner is one-jecte and did something-narrosses, then he, having seen the howling reaction, will be staraticles. Your peace and comfort is important to him. If this is the case in the area of ​​the interest, it is possible to have this in the room.

In conflict situations, a man will try to find common ground, because he values ​​you and chimsti. He will not leave the situation unresolved, he will find the strength to talk, even if he does not like to talk on the sidelines.

It is rare when a man uses all the principles listed in the article at once. To put it mildly, about his deep feelings. The place where you live

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