How to understand if a relationship with a man has a future?

How to understand if a relationship with a man has a future? Loves? Does not love? Fate? It’s not meant to be? Shaken with happiness? With cries and groans, I will rip off the scalp, repeating like a mantra: “I’m a fool, a fool!” ….

Are you in the middle of nowhere? How can you finally understand and answer yourself, well, exactly one hundred percent to this eternal tormenting question?

I did everything I could, but restlessly

Compatibility by zodiac signs checked – everything is fine. Only tests to pokazyvayut, that para is it was no simple zamechatelny and harmony. Girlfriends share that outwardly you are very similar, and insanely fit each other.

No where, so you can find out for sure? Hmm, not 100%, but it is possible and necessary to analyze this issue from the point of view of psychology.

By the way, say on the par and say: “Now you know where you are? In appearance, two completely different people, nothing in common, have been married for 20 years and look at each other with loving eyes. How?

Let’s look at the signs by which you can understand that it was not in vain that fate brought you together.

So how to understand if a relationship has a future – TOP 10 signs

If the relationship between you and your loved one is a priority, you are ready to somehow work on the issues and problems that arise, and in general you appreciate each other, then even if there are really serious inconsistencies, the chance is very high that you can handle it. go through some stages, and continue to live happily together.

And in a situation where someone invests, tries, sacrifices himself for the sake of another without a positive feedback, the outcome is approximately the following: a one-sided love story that will end sooner or later.

When the age difference is very large, it is more difficult to find a common language. There has always been a problem of generations. And the difficulties in understanding each other with a difference of more than 17 years can be serious. He is a fan of the Beatles and Star Wars, she is a fan of modern sitcoms and Loboda. Of course, there are positive and happy stories.

  • Common interests

You should do as much as you like, put in and take it out, don’t worry about it More shared memories, fun moments and conversation topics will emerge.

How to understand that the relationship has no future and it’s time to disperse?

Ride bikes, watch movies and serials together, discuss it all vigorously. Or like this: you go for a walk with your friends, all the time you devote only to your own business, and he spends time alone in the garage, and on Saturdays he prefers gatherings with friends.

Agree, the probability that the connection, as a couple will be stronger and stronger, is higher in the first option than in the second.

  • Sexual constitution

Sex is clearly not the last place in a relationship. And differences in preferences, numbers, and temperament can greatly exacerbate problems in other areas as well. In addition to that, it is necessary in the moment, to what is written in the character that is written.

  • The Role of the Adult in Relationships

It’s cool to remember childhood from time to time: to give free rein to your inner child, to fool around, to laugh heartily. But in serious moments, when you need to resolve some issues, take responsibility for choices and actions, it is important to show an adult position.

When one of the partners often falls into infantilism and childishness, the second one has to take on the role of lie. Get up as if above another. And from here a series of misunderstandings can begin, which in the end will lead to constant quarrels, and then no.

  • Same plans and goals for the future

Buying an apartment, redecorating, traveling to several countries, planning for kids and a whole lot more. Vector one. We want to achieve all this together. And the same vision of your joint future will only strengthen relationships and give strength to new ones.

In history, when a girl constantly says that she is a childfree and does not want children, and a man plans to visualize a picture with two or three kids in 5-7 years, it is possible to say that this will be a harmonious and happy marriage, but with difficulty.

Perhaps the opinion of one of the partners may change over time, but the fact that they will strive for different goals may create additional difficulties and misunderstanding.

  • Love without expectations

Various little things make life more joyful, enjoyable and high. And you want to do these small amenities for your partner: cook his favorite pancakes for breakfast, buy a T-shirt that he wanted, write a nice message to make him smile once again, etc. And the same with his STORona.

By doing all this, none of you expects a return action, there is no thought: “What will I get in return?” I just want to please, cheer up my little man.

  • Separation of experiences

Something joyful or not very happened, the first person who is aware of some events is your man: they got promoted at work, offered a new project, had a fight with a colleague, did not find free parking near the house, etc.

It is not necessary to carry out these tasks, and it is possible to contact the partner to these people. And he, sharing with you various events, receives great support and love.

  • No desire to change

You don’t want to change it. It seems that everything suits you, and if you don’t really like something, then you don’t even think that you need to change it in your own. Puts the keys in “his place”, and not on the hook by the door, gets up not at 7, like you, but at 10, etc. Another word for it: “A where my mother is going to do this for a drug…”.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to get a drug under it. So that it is comfortable and convenient. You accept each other with everything you have.

There is no fear to tell him something very intimate and secret. Not preceded, that on where rasboltaet, and not keep two secrets. You are sure that you can trust him, and he knows that he can share absolutely everything with you.

You can safely discuss some fears, uncertainty in some matters, and you know that the partner will not condemn or laugh, but will support and, if necessary, direct.

Relationships are an unexplored and unclear thing. And sometimes you get the feeling that this is a minefield, which you need to walk very carefully and look around. And partly this is true. But only in part.

By listening to yourself and your loved one, you can build a happy, honest and adult relationship. Where there are no children’s expectations that everything will be perfect, and where there is a real meeting with the imperfect, but truly yours.

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