How to understand if there are feelings for a person?

Sometimes it’s hard to sort out your feelings. It is not clear whether you are just lonely and want to communicate, or you really met a person with whom you would like something more.

In such a situation, you can always listen to yourself, dig a little and analyze. And then you will understand how you really relate to the object of your attention.

How to understand if there are feelings for a person – TOP 30 signs

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Being aware of your feelings is important. When you understand what is happening to you, you will be able to build tactics of behavior and change the rules of the game.

The following signs will help you figure out if you like someone or not.

  • You think about him.

If you think about a person, it means that he is definitely not indifferent to you. If it Happens Every Day, very often, And everything that happens to you, You want to tell Him, Then this is an obvious sign of sympathy.

  • You don’t think about others.

cease to exist. Yes, you can be surrounded by a crowd of cute fans. No, it’s not interesting to say that. You already have one cute image in your head.

  • It’s hard for you to concentrate.

You start some business, but HE breaks into your thoughts. In this way you have to program the Internet and the drugs. And the work remained undone. You try to return to her, but after 5 minutes you fly away somewhere.

  • However, it is not necessary to understand that.

If you are “thrown up” only by the way he talks with a colleague, or the comments of other girls under his photo annoy, then that is the same jealousy. And even if you do not yet have any rights to this person, it is very difficult to hide feelings.

  • You get nervous around him.

Next to the object of sympathy, it’s hard for you to be yourself. It’s all about wanting to be liked. But sometimes you can look even stupider: you blush, you stutter, you say all sorts of nonsense. clear indicator.

  • You are glad to see or hear him.

Smiling at the phone while receiving a message from the same one? Or maybe your butterflies in your stomach start to beat in hysterics when you see “your” person? Everything is clear here.

  • You behave differently.

For example, you used to sit in a relaxed position in the dining room at lunch and not eat very carefully. And at the sight of him, you straighten your back, and eat food exclusively with a knife and fork. Even if it’s soup.

  • Strive to look your best.

How to understand that this is your man?

If you are in love with someone, then you want to look prettier in order to attract his attention. And now, you already get up half an hour earlier in order to devote more time to styling.

  • Your friends know about it.

You probably told your friends about the new object of your passion. About a hundred times. You like it – and you want to share it with everyone.

  • You dream of the future.

About who you are not interested in, you will not plan a wedding, children and a house by the sea. If you imagine your future, then you wonder if he will be a suitable partner.

  • You adopt his hobbies.

As long as you want it to be in the football in the online program, it is interesting, it is interesting. This is a great way to get close, but don’t lose yourself.

  • You push others into the background.

Previously, you could chat with a girlfriend in the evenings, but now you prefer to chat with “him” to the depths. And it gives you pleasure.

  • EMOTIONAL swing.

When you think about him, you are either sad or happy. To make it happen by the Zagadkoi, and to the extent that it is possible to see it on a dog. It’s okay, you’re trying to understand your feelings. Accept the fact that they are, and it will become easier.

  • You notice the little things.

You noticed that he likes the color green and doesn’t add sugar to his tea. When a person is interesting, you notice everything that is connected with him.

  • You want to get to know him better.

The only thing you can do is to see yourself, and you want to be in a bad mood. You have to live, because that is what you are doing in different situations, and that it is relayed to three people and it is different from the other people.

  • You are analyzing.

You think a lot about how he got your attention. Then you realize that he is special. And then you make your own arguments. You definitely like this person.

  • You feel the “spark”.

When you touch that same person, you can feel the tension. It’s like you’re being electrocuted. Such a feeling is an indicator of sympathy.

  • Butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

The appearance of a strange but pleasant feeling in the stomach is also a sign that you like a man.

  • You want to know how he feels about you.

It’s not that easy to understand in teni. It is literally vital for you to find out if your relationship has a chance. To ask directly – there is no possibility, and you try to figure it out in detours.


  • You are checking yourself.

Being not completely sure of your feelings, you imagine yourself and him in different situations. For example, if he did something unpleasant, you would forgive him. Based on the findings, you begin to become more aware of your feelings.

  • You feel different with him.

If you feel the same with all the people you like, including him, you feel the same, then you are just lonely, and you shouldn’t talk about falling in love. No, it is possible to have it in one of two ways, it is only possible to say that it is okrylannoy.

  • You miss being apart.

In order to sort out your feelings, you can do a “social detox”. Namely: limit communication with everyone for a few days. Or better yet, disappear altogether. And if you missed your theoretical chosen one, then we can say that he is important to you.

  • You only have bright thoughts.

If in your head you associate this person only with good, kind and positive, then it means that he is. And if you are often overcome by sadness or negativity, then it is better to throw this person out of your head.

  • You are lucky enough to have that company.

You weren’t friends before, and you don’t have mutual acquaintances? No one is there, is that one you want in one place in the Russian language? This means that you are not afraid that he might not fit in. You are sure that everything will go well.

  • You notice that everything around reminds you of him.

If a red car catches your eye, and the first thing you remember is that he has the same one, it means that he is yours.

  • You want to ask for help.

You feel the need to share your feelings with a loved one, hoping that on will help you bear it. If such an impulse has arisen, do not suppress it.

  • You want this person to be comfortable.

It is not possible to stop in your mouth, but you should not try to avoid it. You are ready to do everything to make him feel good.

  • You feel an inner uplift.

You’ve never been creative, but suddenly you want to write a book. Or you don’t really like sports, and one fine day you started running in the morning. And all this makes you want to do even more when you think about it.

  • You can’t sleep.

Lying down and staring at the ceiling while replaying your date script can be very time consuming. The brain cannot calm down and does not allow you to fall asleep. It’s amazing that after such insomnia you feel quite tolerably well.

  • You started to love life.

It seems that nothing can spoil your day if the same one makes itself felt even for a minute.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings and accept them. It is better to be in love than not knowing how to fill the inner emptiness.

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