How to understand – serious or frivolous intentions of a man to a woman?

How to understand – serious or frivolous intentions of a man to a woman? Probably every woman intuitively feels when a man likes. No way, it’s okay, it’s worth it, and it’s not possible to produce it. How to understand the intentions of a man in a relationship with a woman and not be mistaken?

Signs that a young man is serious

Perhaps it’s worth starting with the most interesting – how do you know that a man does not show off and is set for a serious relationship with you? Guessing, advising to hide a photograph or a note of a loved one under the pillow and we will not wait for prophetic dreams.

But consider the issue from the point of view of psychology.

A man who is set for a serious relationship can be recognized by several signs.

  • Constant communication

The young man constantly communicates with you, does not disappear from sight. If you live separately, every morning he wishes you a good day, and in the evening he is interested in how the day went. It is not difficult for him to call you, write a message.

At the same time, all this is not just the on-duty “good morning”, “good evening”. He really listens to you, asks questions, asks about whether there was a continuation of the cases that happened.

A man who sees a future with you remembers even those things about you that you yourself forget. So, once you told him about a meeting with a classmate who pissed you off. The next time you’re in a bad mood, he’ll check to see if you’ve seen her again.

During a conversation, he does not look momentarily at the phone, does not read messages and does not rummage on the Internet, is not distracted by others. He is focused on you. And that is a very important sign of true interest from his side.

The feature of deep communication that brings people together is sincerity. A man who likes you, who would like to continue building relationships with you, does not close, does not hide his desires, thoughts, past from you.

He freely speaks pleasant and unpleasant things, recalls situations in which he looked funny, can talk about how he sees the future. At the same time, you still have the feeling that the young man is open to you, focused on communicating with you.

False signs of serious intentions of a man

If at the same time HE is happy to know about your experiences and dreams, and you are not afraid to share them with him, this is a good sign. A sign that a seed of sincerity and trust has been sown in your relationship, and they have a future.

This paragraph sounds somewhat mercantile, but if a man invests his resources in a relationship with you and directly in you, he takes you seriously and, perhaps, is preparing to make an offer.

If this is the case then:

  • He is ready to regularly buy food, groceries or cook for you.
  • Predict it in three days before the next, the next day, the next day.
  • Add the quarter to the wash water and finish it.
  • Let the answer go to your home, before you know it.
  • Ready to send you on a little vacation so you can rest.

It is not necessary to invest money, on gives you a soul, a piece of himself, tries to make you feel

  • Getting to know relatives

There are men who like to introduce their girls to their parents or friends. For them, this can serve as proof that everything is fine with them in their personal lives, and the reason that the brothers hear from them.

No longer the youngest woman who wants to know more about it. After numerous requests from your parents, your attempts to get to know them, he finally introduces.

And also a sign that the dam of basic doubts has been broken.

It’s even harder to convince a man to meet your parents. One of the STORons, he is afraid that they will not approve of his candidacy for their beloved baby. On the other hand, acquaintance is a recognition that you can be considered as a future relative.

The next important sign, which, by the way, Gary Chapman draws attention to in his book “5 Love Languages”, is this.

As long as you try it on the phone, you can do it on the phone. Remember your attitude to time – being with different people, you treat it differently. Let’s take two situations as an example.

Your girlfriend called and said: “I just went on a date, and just lost 4 hours of my life. The guy was stupid, uncouth, all the time talking about something.” She is angry, regrets every minute spent with him, and believes that time is lost forever.

No there is another situation – you spend time with your young man and you don’t notice how you fly by and he doesn’t notice it. Moreover, he is ready to continue to give you precious minutes, to be glad that he spends them with you.

And if at the same time you feel that you are not straining a man, he easily gives you his time, then most likely his intentions towards you are serious.

Consider the subject in this month and the prices:

  • If there is a choice between a party and an evening with you, the guy will choose you. It does not matter how it will be – invite you to a holiday or sit with you in a cafe.
  • When talking about what will happen in the future, a man includes you in it. He may not stutter about the wedding, but he is happy to mention that in three years you could go to the Maldives, because just by that time he will pay off the mortgage.

Signs that a man is frivolous

The situation is not always so rosy. Sometimes the man you’re in love with isn’t in the mood to take you seriously, at least not yet. Here are a few signs that point to this.

Like any lover, your young man makes you gifts, treats you to coffee and gives you flowers. On that day it is necessary to test it in the restaurant and to prove it with little knowledge on the day. No no ball.

There is no question of any financial assistance, gratuitous support in a difficult situation. Even if you are ill, he will most likely manage with the on-duty “Get well soon”.

  • Communication with you

If for a man you are a temporary passion, then he communicates accordingly:

  • He does not remember important dates and events for you.
  • You should not be able to change it, it is possible for the drug to protrude.
  • He won’t let you inside. When you try to understand his motives, relationships, you run into a wall.
  • He doesn’t try to get to know you better.
  • It can often feel like you’re talking just to kill time or exchange words.
  • secrets

A man who treats you just like another lover and is not going to build a serious relationship cannot be called sincere. In his life there is always something that is closed to you. It can be his family, friends, hobbies, past.

You can ask him as much as you like about what he will do in the evening or on weekends, in response he will only shrug his shoulders, smile, or even ask him not to interfere in his own affairs.

  • Other girls

A man who treats you with attention, loves you, will be focused only on you. The one for whom relationships are not particularly important and who believes that he will always find another, easily glances at the surrounding girls, even in your presence.

You should be careful about the effects of the effects of the drugs that are on you. Before this is not guaranteed, that is on the budget. Your attempts to get attention are more likely to be annoying.

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