How to understand that a girl wants you?

How to understand that a girl wants you? You already have a fairly serious relationship, and it seems to you that the girl is already quite ready for an intimate relationship. But how to understand – is your feeling based on real female impulses and desire, or is your mind playing games with you?

Be 100% sure, if you misunderstand her intentions, you may be in trouble.

I studied the work of communications experts and analyzed numerous dates in our Russian realities, and I came up with 14 clear signs for you that a girl wants to sleep with you.

After reading them, you can easily recognize these signals in your everyday life and finally arrange a passionate night for both of you.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

A little bit of theory

Yes, I can’t live without it. I think that without theory (= fundamental knowledge) nowhere. So here’s a fact for you: women are less likely than men open initiate sex with their partners.

Men and women are socialized differently. Girls from childhood are taught that sex is shameful, secret, intimate. Men are more straightforward in expressing their sexual interest.

In addition, many girls want to see if a man is shrewd enough to see and understand their clues, and whether he is confident enough to go in the right direction (i.e., the way to bed).

The difference also lies in natural hormones that produce male and female bodies. Men are goal-oriented, and their leading hormones, testosterone, and adrenaline, make them goal-oriented.

The main female sex hormones – estrogen and oxytocin – make you focus on emotions and sensations.

The sexual interest of girls is due to love.

Fortunately, there are special female signals that allow you to recognize that she wants to have sex with you.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

Unbuttoned top buttons on a blouse, open neckline, looking into the eyes with a big smile on your face – we have seen all this a hundred times in 18+ films. There is also a terribly short mini, vulgar stockings peeking out from under the skirt, “accidental” pinching in a narrow space. Yes, exciting, but somehow cheap. And not interested.

Yes, and modern girls who have absorbed kilograms of space-molite are no longer able to do this, so you need to be a little more attentive to details. What? Now I will tell you.

So, I present to you the TOP 14 signals on how to understand that a girl wants to make love to you.

1. She touches you

One of the classic signs of female attraction is to overcome the sensory barrier. Girls are wary of men, so the desire to touch you is a sign that she is comfortable and good around you.

She may touch you more than usual. Or act more boldly, touching and lightly running along the thigh, neck, chest. Even more gently – patting on the thigh, stroking the back. If you find that a girl touches you in your intimate places, either by accident or on purpose, then you are probably a regular guest in her wet dreams!

Remember to look into her eyes when she touches you, this will mean that Challenge accepted and you hear it.

She can also touch the areas described above and mutter “Oh, sorry!” and smile all the way. This is also a sure sign of sexual arousal.

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2. The girl licks her lips when you look at them.

This is an open invitation and a sure sign that she wants to sleep with you. She licks her lips to seduce you and make you imagine what it would look like if you did it yourself. A very provocative gesture. No words are needed here – just act. I wrote about kissing a little earlier.

3. Slow and sensual goodbye kisses

With this behavior, she says that she doesn’t want to leave now and be left without you for a while. Stretches the sweet moments of the kiss, mentally already undressing and getting into bed with you.

4. Prefers to spend time alone with you

If you have known each other not so long ago, and the girl is interested in spending time alone with you, then this means that she sees in you more than a friend.


Girls prefer to spend time one on one with those men with whom they are pleased, with those to whom they feel sexual attraction. In a non-public place, it is much easier to achieve intimacy.

Her initiative can be expressed bluntly:

– an invitation to your home to have a cup of coffee;
— fix some trifle;
– set up a “suddenly” broken computer;
– try a new dish and give your expert opinion and so on.

Or it could be something more benign, like questions like “What will you do in the evening?” or “What are your plans for the weekend?»

It’s the ways she communicates that are available to you at this time and would like to spend it with you.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

5. She dresses in something special.

Of course, if the vulgarity is your girlfriend’s usual style, then this item can be skipped. But most of today’s young women dress modestly and stylishly. It is not difficult to discern the subtle details of the “bait” if you know them. It may not be so familiar to her:

– clothing with lace details (skirt hem, blouse collar, dress);
– special makeup, with an emphasis on the eyes or lips (a little brighter than usual);
– loose hair with which she plays;
– feminine silhouettes in clothes (flying airy dresses a la a girl-chorus, a narrow waist emphasized by a belt, tight-fitting things that show a figure);
– decorations on the neck, including bright scarves (draw attention to the chest).

6. Wants to please you

Yes, yes, in every sense of the word. But for now, she’s only trying to please you with something small – treat you, cook your favorite dish, give you an easy gift, perfume yourself with your favorite scent, put on that dress in which you once praised her, buy tickets for the movie you talked about.

Just like that, a woman will not take care of a man and do nice things to him. This is her way of showing you that you are special to her. You are her man and she considers you as a serious partner. Including for the bed.

7. Girl talks about sex in conversations

Flirtatious conversations with erotic overtones say that the girl is open to you in this direction and makes it clear that she wants to make love to you.

She will give you hints – from time to time to mention sex in conversations with you. This is a form of slow teasing and seduction. Jokes, memes, pictures in messengers.

Most of us picture sexual intercourse in our minds when we hear the term sex. This is what her behavior is designed for.

8. Low tone of voice

This will certainly be noticeable when comparing – when moving from a conversation with a friend, for example, on the phone, to you. With friends, she has a high voice, as if shrill, and with you, a deeper, velvety one.

Words stretch, stretch? Do some phrases sound slower? So she seduces you.

9. Substitutes hidden areas for a kiss

By that, I mean neck, chest, belly. You kiss her on the lips, and at this time she lifts her chin, exposing her neck and shoulders in front of you, so that you continue, but already lower. Take it, do not pull – it just burns with desire.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

10. Mention of a long absence of intimate relationships

If a girl is talkative and likes to joke, then she can casually mention on occasion that she is unhappy in her sex life, about the long absence of a partner, that she only dreams of sex.

This is a topic that you will not discuss with someone who has nothing to do with it. Note (out loud) her hotness and attractiveness to ignite the spark you need. Express surprise and, of course, take pity.

11. Hugs and snuggles

When greeting, when you are sitting next to. Perhaps as a joke, or supposedly because of a difficult day, he puts his head on your shoulder and cuddles. She may do this so that you can feel her curves, smell the perfume and imagine what it is like to hold her in your arms. Translate her frequent hugs into more intimate ones.

12. Heavy breathing

Usually, this is something that cannot be disguised or faked. When the body is excited, breathing becomes shallower and faster. As a rule, in order to breathe easier, a person opens his mouth or takes air more greedily through his nose, and the chest rises more strongly when inhaling. This is a clear signal that the girl wants you.

13. Whisper in your ear

Also a very frank erotic gesture. She rises on her toes, losing stability, which is why she is forced to grab your elbow or hug you with her arms and move her lips closer to your ear. Both of you will not even really understand what she will say, but goosebumps will run like a flock of frightened lambs.

14. “Seeing” your hand

You touched her knee, and she put her hand on top, intertwined her fingers, and began to guide her higher. Or also from the waist to the chest.

Although, it may be less frank – for example, you stroke her hand, and she again: on top of her palm and sees off.

In general, this means that she wants to caress you too but not in this setting. So far, he can only afford to hint in this way.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

How to respond to a girl who wants to have sex with you?

If you are interested

If she’s interested and you’re interested, congratulations! This is a dream scenario.

Then your task is to make it clear that you reciprocate her interest. Be very attentive to what she says, give a compliment (But not parts of her body! – Read more about how to compliment a girl) and gently touch her arms or shoulders.

Look into her eyes long and hard and wait, now it’s her turn.

If you are interested in having sexual relations with a girl, then your job as a man is to reciprocate in a gentlemanly way, increase interaction and initiate movement forward, develop events.

If she touches you back, stroke (not vulgar). If she bites her lip, lean in and kiss. Well, on to the script.

If you are NOT interested

If you are not interested in a woman who yearns for you, it already becomes more difficult. Some girls can be overly intrusive and clingy. And some may even take revenge for the fact that you neglect her and the desire to sleep with you.

Keep your distance, be polite and friendly, show no personal interest. If she says something flirtatious, smile, and immediately translate the conversation.

A gentle way to turn off a woman who is interested in you is to tell her about the “unusually beautiful girl” you just saw in the store. This will make it clear that you are not available to her and all thoughts are occupied by another fairy.

More harshly – to add to this dreamy commentary those features that are not in your admirer. For example, instead of brown eyes – blue, instead of long hair – short, instead of blonde – brunette. The main thing is not about harmony, it will be a shame.

I will also tell you an absurd female secret: these manifestations have no time limits.

A girl may want to have sex with you both on the first date and on the 15th. Moreover, it can be the same girl, but at different periods of her life (maybe even very close + – a month). That is, with the same moral convictions and other things – such CHANGES – nothing unusual.

Love to you and understanding with your girls. How to understand that a girl wants you?

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