How to understand that a guy is cheating at a distance in correspondence with a girlfriend?

How to understand that a guy is cheating at a distance in correspondence with a girlfriend? In this article, we will consider the question of how to understand that a guy is cheating on you. No, before you read it, decide if you really want to know. Sometimes people are not ready to face the truth.

Do not forget that if one point coincided, this is not necessarily an indicator of treason. To be sure that a guy is cheating on you, more than half or all of the factors must match. Have this in mind.

TOP 10 signs of a man’s infidelity

  • Abrupt change in behavior

A guy can become both sharply colder and sharply hot. No, that’s what on stage is called colder to you

  • stops calling;
  • does not write;
  • does not show interest in affairs;
  • doesn’t come out to talk.

In two words: “What happened”, he will answer that everything is in order, it seemed to you. There may also be a change in behavior to a more “hot side”:

  • begins to give flowers;
  • make gifts;
  • pays attention;
  • zeluet.

Everything that he had not done for you before, but now he suddenly began to do it. Perhaps the guy performs these actions because of guilt and wants to somehow atone for her.

  • A drastic change in appearance

The guy’s appearance changes dramatically, and of course, not for the worse, but for the better. He tries to look beautiful, well-groomed for another girl. He needs to impress her.

If earlier he could go unwashed, unshaven, in the same T-shirt for several days, now he dresses with a needle, updates his wardrobe, is constantly clean-shaven, perfumed, changed his hairstyle, constantly spins at the mirror.

But this item cannot be assessed as a fact of treason, there is a reason for a change in appearance, for example, a guy is preparing for a party, for an important event.

  • Spending less time together

You noticed that you began to spend more time separately, and not together. To that end it is on the island, it is on the commander, it is on the bank, it is on the railway. If you start telling him that we do not spend time together, then he will have excuses in the form of employment, development. He doesn’t call you anywhere.

Never listen to what a guy says. Just look at his actions. If a man really loves his girlfriend, then he will find time to meet, will use every opportunity to see her, even for a short time, at least for half an hour.

How to understand that a man is cheating?

  • The guy became secretive

Have you noticed that the guy stops talking about his own things in as much detail as he did before, does not share about his own. You will be in the room, on one you will hear the browser, on the mobile phone and on the computer that says the password.

If earlier the phone could lie anywhere, now he always carries it with him. Sharp secrecy arises from the fear that you will suspect something. If someone calls him on the phone, then he leaves the room, does not want you to hear the conversation.

  • Intimate changes

Most often, a guy avoids intimacy, coming up with various reasons:

  • he is tired;
  • does not want;
  • very busy.

Foreplay disappeared from intimacy. The guy stopped hugging you, kissing you. Your connection seems to happen without a soul.

No mozhet byti and drugs “side medals”. The guy got hotter. In intimate life, new poses, diversity have appeared. If you ask where such changes come from, he can refer to the fact that he saw an article or something changed and decide.

Be careful, this can happen too. If you noticed only this point, then you should not cheat yourself. Calm down, as in okay.

  • AGRESSIA to questions

If you ask clarifying questions: where did you go, why didn’t you call, why did you put a password on your phone, who called you, then the guy will answer aggressively. When a person has nothing to hide, he will calmly tell without negativity.

If a guy is hiding something, he shows aggression, starts blaming you in response: why are you asking why you became so suspicious, that I have to report on every step. Thus, he turns on a defensive reaction so that you do not ask questions, and he does not have to come up with ridiculous excuses.

  • Mood swings for no reason

You can understand that a guy is cheating on you by looking not only at his behavior, but also at his mood. If you notice a groundless change of mood in everything, in communication, in everyday life, then “prick up your ears.”

You can only notice changes if you know your boyfriend well, his character traits. If in life he is phlegmatic, then an affair on the side will make him be unusually perky and cheerful. You will notice that he is daydreaming, humming something, smiling.

If your boyfriend is an optimist, then he can become rude, angry, impatient. He walks constantly in a depressed mood, upset, although there are no adequate reasons for this either at work or at home. He seems to have withdrawn into himself and does not let anyone into his territory.

A guy can specifically go into conflict, provoke you into scandals, quarrels. In this case, he can safely leave you. You notice secrecy, irritation, discontent. Increasingly, he criticizes, reproaches you, points out shortcomings.

  • Lifestyle change

The guy had a drastic gastronomic change. He suddenly turned his attention to vegetable salad and green tea instead of fried potatoes and beer. I signed up for a gym, although I used to spend time at the computer in the evenings.

He had a new hobby, an interest in another musical direction. Pay attention to unusual for him features in appearance. If he valued his beard, and then he shaved. Or, on the contrary, he has always been a supporter of shaving, but here he grows a beard and carefully looks after it.

If a guy is cheating, he will change his underwear. Instead of cheap shorts, he will buy a more expensive option. He will acquire things that were not previously needed: maybe a leather belt, a stylish watch, an expensive one.

  • Postoyannoye change in schedule

Of course, everyone has changes in the schedule. No, in the last month it is necessary to measure the number of minutes. He has a constant deadline, he is regularly late, or even does not come to a meeting, then there are good reasons for this. Find out what they are related to. If at the same time he still does not let go of the phone, something is definitely not clean here.

The smell of someone else’s perfume only works if you have repeatedly noticed it. The guy immediately after work goes to the shower, does not come to you. He has not yet said hello, but already to wash. If this has not been noticed before, then perhaps it washes away someone else’s smell.

A common story when a foreign smell on a man is familiar to you, because the sound of perfume on your girlfriend is difficult to confuse with something else. No hurry youstraivat scandala, poluchi tests, a you pottom ty you can bring the traitors to clean water.

Other people’s hair appears on clothes, traces of lipstick. He can go to bed in a T-shirt, referring to the fact that he is cold. Perhaps there are scratches on the back, he hides them.

These signs of treason must be taken into account in the aggregate. If one or two points matched, then this is not an indicator that the guy is cheating on you. Perhaps there are other reasons for this.

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