How to understand that a guy wants a serious relationship?

How to understand that a guy wants a serious relationship? Perhaps you notice that a man has appeared in your life who seems to give you signs of attention, but at the same time does not openly invite you on dates.

What to do in such a situation? How to understand that a man wants a relationship? And how to understand the reasons why he does not take the next step?

How to understand that a man likes you?

Not always a man is ready to openly admit that he likes a girl and wants to start a relationship with her. No other costly prizes in these properties, for those who wish to do so, are aware of the fact that:

  • on often “appears” nearby and starts a conversation with you;
  • on the other hand, on two of the members, there are photographs in the members;
  • when you call him, on quickly picks up the phone or always calls you back;
  • cogda by obsetes, on nahoditsya in horoshem nastroenii and polen energie;
  • being in a common company, he always pays attention to you;
  • you catch his eyes on you, although sometimes he hastily looks away;
  • r compliments you and flirts, while you know what is typical
  • when you talk about things, he offers his help, you notice that he is pleased;
  • he asks you a lot of questions, and does not talk about general topics that are accepted in society;
  • he talks about his plans for life, prospects and attitude towards family and children;
  • when communicating, he looks at your lips, neck, hands;
  • communicating with you, he sometimes embarrassedly straightens his clothes, sometimes he stumbles, does not know what to say, test;
  • you notice that he is trying to “accidentally” touch you – take your hand, straighten your hair, full of hands;
  • on it will be held and it will be held by the slave;
  • he feels jealous when he sees you in the company of other men;
  • he always finds free time for you;
  • he pays attention to various details that others do not notice – your favorite dish, or small “wishlist”, for example, to go to a certain performance, and will definitely try to fulfill them.

Why doesn’t he propose a relationship?

Usually, when a man likes a girl, he invites her on a date or openly says that he wants to start. This is the surest sign of his intentions.

And if by his behavior you see that he likes you, then you need to ask yourself the question – why does he not do this. About this could be several reasons:

How to understand that a man wants a serious relationship?

  • a man is not sure that you reciprocate and are afraid to be refused – you need to think about what kind of actions or words you are broadcasting this;
  • a man is not confident in himself – perhaps he thinks that he is not good enough for you, he does not earn so much on TV. If you have a different opinion, then you can unobtrusively mention your position on this or that account;
  • he went through a painful breakup and is not sure that he is ready for a new relationship – this is a difficult situation, perhaps he really needs time to take the first step. Worse, if you hurry, without waiting for him to have the resources to do so;
  • he has a girlfriend or wife – then it is difficult for him to understand what to do next, he tries to sort out his feelings and make the right decision;
  • he is distrustful of people due to a certain type of attachment that has developed since childhood, so he always takes time to get close to someone, he is careful not to be rejected;
  • You were in the wrong place – for that reason on what you say about the name, not that it is too late;
  • he doesn’t know how to speak openly about feelings at all – this is typical of boys whose families had a similar prohibition, as if it were “unmanly”, it is easier for him to convey his attitude by actions;
  • he has other priorities now – he is developing a business, got involved in a new project, but he understands that you need to invest time and energy in relationships, he is afraid that he “will not be enough for everything”.

The danger of waiting

Often a girl, realizing what a man likes, prefers to wait until he takes the first step. In part, this is quite justified, because the haste and pressure on her part can scare away a man, especially if he is used to independence, prefers to take a leading position.

On the other hand, if a man is not confident in himself, in reciprocity on your part, is used to analyzing and thinking about everything for a long time, is afraid of rejection – your first step and manifestation of initiative can only benefit.

In this case, you can quite unobtrusively call him for coffee or a movie, after all, if you are already talking, there is nothing reprehensible in this.

First of all, you need to understand your feelings. Do you like this man and are you ready to try to start a relationship with him. Naskolko vy horosh know each other? How much do you enjoy talking to him? Are you physically attracted to him?

No waiting for a man to “ripe” can play a cruel joke. Sometimes girls wait years for the first step with his relation, and their life goes on a “pause”. The danger of this is that:

  • my bridge is whining ready for a relationship in principle, he has everything “not a moment”, he doesn’t u n ° decide er
  • he likes you, but he has “another option”;
  • he does not want to change his usual way of life;
  • on the other hand, it’s safe to say that it’s on the screen.
  • you are in the friendzone;
  • he communicates with everyone with flirting and constant compliments, this is his way of interacting with your heart,
  • a man likes you, but he is waiting for you to “correct” – to change some traits in yourself, so that, fork, .

No two lives should not depend on his decisions or mood. Continue to achieve your goals, expand your circle of acquaintances, engage in self-development, improve.

You can give a man time to mature, but don’t turn it into a lifelong expectation of happiness. Sometimes it’s better to take the first step yourself, even if it turns out to be the wrong one.

It is dangerous to drag out the “prelude” for a long time, because I like ins, attraction, intrigue – enough ° and ° sororo. So it is possible to proceed, to be distributed, and it is possible to take it to the next level and not to private.

You will turn into friends who are good together, and they are not ready to risk this for the sake of a romantic relationship.

And only he suits both. The main thing is that later you do not have to regret your choice and your senseless expectation of something more.

But only you yourself can understand what is better and how to act in such a situation, knowing yourself, your feelings, character and lifestyle of a man.

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