How to understand that a man has serious intentions?

How to understand that a man has serious intentions and recognize them? In the life of each of us, there inevitably comes a moment when an excited heart asks a question: is my new or already old boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, lover – is this serious, for a long time, thoroughly? And these doubts are natural.

Time to harvest love

Principles go somewhere: I don’t aspire to get married, I’m not preoccupied with searching, I’m not looking for constancy, I don’t want children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children children A woman matures confess to myself: this man is my chance, my reward, my idol. I feel in him the very half with whom I would like to live my whole life.

How to recognize: what are the true intentions of the chosen one. Do similar thoughts come into his head that in a string of pretty companions, it’s time to choose the only one, jelly.

It would seem that outwardly in your relationship everything is quite stable, calm, understandable.

You warmly spend time together and still periodically scatter, as if they were completely strangers for hours or days, but you really want certainty and confidence.

Don’t worry, our magazine has the answers to this riddle.

Turning the hidden into the clear

This time we have collected for you a little bit as many as 30 lines, signs, observations, studies, intimate and open hints that you are confidently striding towards a strong union by mutual agreement and choice.

You just have to try on this whole long list on your own nose. It is possible to disagree with something, to be surprised by something, and to smile at something. Analyze, we’ll be there. If something becomes incomprehensible, we will discuss it in detail in another material.

So, the following things can be considered as true evidence that you will soon be called down the aisle, to the registry office, offered to move in and live together, hold out a hand with a treasured ring and open your heart, we can consider the following things:

  • He expressed an ardent desire to go to visit your parents, where he behaved impeccably: he handed a bouquet of flowers to his mother and grandmother, discussed the football matches of the last month with his father, lost the battle for tanks to his younger brother.
  • Although you live separately for now, both of you have keys to your partner’s dwellings, you do not need to warn about the upcoming visit, moreover, in 2 houses there are already slippers, toothbrushes, and other trifles of each other, as a matter of course.
  • On vacation, on a country picnic with friends, on an extreme trip to the mountains, to dig potatoes and harvest apples to the aunt’s cottage – only together, separate holidays are not even discussed.
  • Those are priced in the epicenter of all plans on the blue sky and the missing building. Moreover, he consults with you on every “paragraph” of upcoming events.

False signs of serious intentions of a man

  • Family celebrations in your and his family, your relatives can no longer imagine without the presence of each of you at the party. You even have places “their” at the table have already appeared nearby.
  • Your heart friend was not afraid to confess his love to you and continues to do so with enviable constancy.
  • No one really pays attention to the fact that you and you are staying overnight at u.
  • You write cute notes to each other, fireworks of messages, inform about movements and plans for the day, and even prepare postcards for Valentine’s Day, New Year, Birthday – it’s so romantic.
  • Dates, meetings, opportunities to “cross” at lunchtime you never ignore, he readily refuses every day.
  • Separation without good reason for more than a couple of days seems to him a universal catastrophe, he compensates for it with frequent phone calls and instant messengers.
  • He unconditionally confides his secrets to you, tells you about the past and the present without hiding, trustingly lets you into his life, you pay him the same.
  • Seriously ill, he does not see any other “nurse” besides you, is not afraid to seem weak and helpless, and at the same time is ready to act as a “healer” for any of your ailments.
  • You will have to fight the dog by interest, and on a corporate level on all that is said about you.
  • You often discuss the younger generation, while represented by brothers and sisters, dream of joint offspring, and he takes an active part in such conversations.
  • Such important acquisitions as a car, a motorcycle, a scooter, skiing equipment, a dog, a cat, and even a baby hamster are not made without your personal presence and approval.
  • He entrusts you to the “holy of holies” from among his “toys” and is not afraid for their fate. But this is his favorite car, the most fashionable sunglasses of an expensive model, headphones, a laptop, design crafts from childhood, you are not greedy either.
  • He calmly, without tantrums, accompanies you to women’s “entertainment” such as a break in a nightclub, weddings and birthdays of relatives and girlfriends, shops, beauty salons as “your man” and nothing bothers him.
  • You know exactly how much, g and k earns, he does not hide you any bank cards, 
  • Together you think in advance how you will try to spend the next annual holiday and prepare for it together.
  • In the house, there are spare sets of duvets for a friend and a friend, if you are a savvy person.
  • His parents perfectly remember not only your name, but also all contacts, they can call to discuss with you some general family plans for the future, ask for advice or ask for help.
  • He knows that you have chronic diseases, intimate problems with well-being, but not only does he not ironize about the health of the “young”, but also helps you in every possible way to cope with this without loss.
  • For some time now, friends and relatives have begun to give you a gift for two, which means that they know better from the outside that your union has become a real couple in all respects.
  • Your counterpart yuyu take a bath with you with foam or childishly frolic under dod er, dovergese le ° 00
  • Coming home from work, you are happy to put on cozy clothes, he has not tried to impress your imagination with an athletic torso for a long time and does not require you to remain fully armed in a dress outfit, he is already smitten with your beauty.
  • He enjoys “washing the bones” of your colleagues, knows all their quirks, and is ready to cheerfully discuss with you all the day’s adventures at work, sharing his own.
  • However, if you have the words in your own country, you should say that: you are in your own country, you are there, you are there.
  • You can disrupt the course of his working days at any moment and call him to the service, this is never a problem.
  • You watch your favorite TV programs in turn, if interests do not coincide, he is always ready to give up his right to enjoy sports in exchange for watching a tearful melodrama together.
  • He knows a lot about your love past and is not jealous of you at all. What happened before him does not bother him and does not upset him. In his opinion, your relationship began with a clean slate.

And when she wakes up, she hurries to write or tell you: hello, darling, and before going to bed she always strives to wish. I recently named a little kitten that turned out to be a girl with a name similar to yours.

Your separate accounts are full of joint photos and videos. On the other hand, it is not necessary to visit the country, but it is not necessary to have it.

Well, what evidence do you need, friend? Will these be enough?

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