How to understand that a man hides his feelings, and why he does it?

How to understand that a man hides his feelings, and why he does it? If you are asking this question, then next to you is a man who is not indifferent to you. No, sometimes it seems to you that men are very different from us and understand what they feel, if they don’t grow up. Let’s try to figure out what signs a man can give if he has feelings for you:

  • He is attentive to you

A man notices your outfit, your mood. It is important for him what the names of your friends are, and he is attentive to your hobbies and words.

  • He says nice words to you

A man in love is generous with compliments. After he notices you have a new perfume, he will note it. Also, you are beautiful to him. Your eyes, gait, hands – everything is special for him now, and he tells you about it.

  • He wants to spend more time with you

A man who is inspired wants to receive as many “doses of happiness” as possible, which a meeting can give him. He can call, write, see each other more often.

  • All attention for you

You are important to him, and other women cease to be of interest. This is one of the main signs of a man in love. Because if he does not have feelings for you, then he is not so focused on you.

  • He strives to be perfect

A man can become a real gentleman for his woman. He can wash the car before your date, or do a general cleaning in the apartment before you arrive. All his behavior will be aimed at pleasing you.

  • He is jealous of you.

Not necessarily that jealousy will be aggressive. He may be uncomfortable with your communication with other men. He may dislike your male friends. How much is acceptable to you, it’s up to you.

There are many more moments that can testify to the love of a man for a woman.

How to understand that a man hides his feelings, and why he does it?You have a future

If a man is in love, he builds a future with you. He may ask leading questions about what you are planning. About your dreams and plans. He may be afraid of losing you.

In fact, men feel in love just like women do. They may worry, worry about what you think of him. He may also pick up words in conversation with you and think about you before going to sleep.

What words can’t say?

Everything that has been described above can be explained. But there are signs – non-verbal, which, better than many words, can tell about the feelings of a man.

  • His eyes are on you when you can’t see
  • He gets excited when talking to you
  • He straightens his clothes, a little more than necessary.

5 subtle signs that a man is in love

  • He can become more emotional and joke more often.
  • He wants to touch you

These signs, and many others, may indicate that you are our mother. If you observe any other signs of falling in love, you can add to the list yourself.

Shares the secret

This is one of the main signs that a man feels something towards you. On gladly shares his innermost thoughts with you. Also, a man can make plans for the future with you, and you will definitely be in them.

He may suddenly share some joy with you, such as success at work or in sports.

A man in love can happily write messages to you, and each time he can choose words. It is important for him that you take part in his life, and maybe become a part of his life.

Also, a man can be happy to introduce you to his loved ones. On the other hand, you will need to see the words that are used by the rods.

Or maybe he’s cheating on you?

Yes, sometimes it may seem that a man is deceiving you. That he doesn’t really have genuine feelings for you. No way you want to give the name:

  • His words don’t match his actions.

He can set up a date for you, but not come to it, telling some made-up story. He can promise you that you will go on vacation, but cancel everything at the last moment.

  • He doesn’t show genuine affection for your life.

It seems that he asked you about your loved ones or your work, but by the next time you meet, he doesn’t know anything. You can tell him many times that you love lilies, and he will stubbornly give you roses, because if he is so

  • Don’t react to two problems.

If you told your man that you have some difficulties, and he did not react to them, then perhaps he is not so interested in you.

  • He has no desire to surprise you.

Your EMOTIONAL background is not so important for him. Much more important for a man is what he feels. Therefore, he has no desire to give you gifts or come up with dates. He often invites you home without showing ingenuity.

  • Meetings only when it is convenient for him.

A man may not want to adapt to you. When setting up a date, he always starts only from his own time, and does not take into account your free time or Pali.

If it isn’t possible, and it is possible, on the budget where the slaves are. It will be especially important for him to prove that he is right, and not to maintain your good relationship.

Trust your heart

If a man does not love you, you will feel it. A person in love with you will be distinguished by a look. On budget with the program you want on the room and on the other side. Moreover, it will be important for him not only to meet with you alone, but also just to be there. Therefore, on can so willingly invite you to an exhibition or to a meeting with his friends.

Next to the one who is in love with you, you will feel special. The budget is not the same as the complete package, no and the budget can be saved. He will gladly remember your favorite dish and it will not be difficult for him, because he remembers out of love.

If you still doubt whether a man loves you, trust your heart, it will not deceive you.

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