How to understand that a man is cheating and deceiving – TOP 15 signs

If your man is constantly in sight, you keep in touch and are in the same city, then catch him on a lie.

But if doubts appeared when he went on a business trip or to study in another city, then it is already more difficult here. After all, it is not always possible to go to him as an uninvited guest. Catching him will not be easy, but there is a chance.

How to understand that a man is cheating and deceiving – TOP-15 signs?

If you suddenly realized that your intuition howls like a wolf, then it’s time to pay attention to some facts.

Here’s a reminder: that these facts can be done by all the other people. No fact, that’s what you’re saying. He might just have lost his feelings. Which, in general, is not better.

So, how can you understand that you are most likely cheating.

  • He breaks the schedule.

Usually you have a certain time when you text, talk on the phone or video call. No man suddenly began to cancel your communication sessions, citing employment and other matters. What kind of cases, he, of course, does not specify.

“It’s work” or “mom needs help” might work once or twice. No regularity to the zanyatosty to the zastavit.

  • Updated lexicon.

Psychologically it is possible to see it, so that the contacts with the drugs are, it is necessary to avoid it. And most often – from people whom we consider attractive.

Therefore, if your chosen one “gave out” something unusual, or he has a new parasitic word, then it’s time to think about who made such a strong lexical impression on him.

  • He does not talk about his affairs and is not interested in yours.

When you try to find out how your work is going or what your academic progress is, he brushes it off. He does not ask questions in response, and your stories are practically ignored.

At the same time, he is in a fairly good mood, but he is absolutely not interested in talking about business. So, there is something that captivates him much more.

  • He seems distracted.

There is a feeling that he communicates and calls you up just “for show”. He does not ask you questions, or asks the same thing several times. And he reacts to your questions in a detached way, as if he is somewhere not here.

At such moments, you can try to catch him. Asked “on the forehead” the question will take him by surprise. And then – look at the reaction.

How to understand that a man is cheating?

  • Extended business trip.

This also includes the reluctance to come home for the weekend if the man is at school. You can try to find out the reason for the changed business trip dates from the boss. Studying is more difficult. A man can come up with student debts and, supposedly, not come.

No, it isn’t so easy to keep the factors, and it’s possible, it’s not in your face. Offer to ask for the same and posmotri on reactivation.

  • He is nervous.

Men generally have a hard time with “pokerfields”. Therefore, try to communicate more often via video calls. Follow his facial expressions, gestures. Study how liars behave so that you can accurately identify such behavior.

If he is late for your communication sessions, then watch how he justifies himself.

  • He is confused in his statements.

He disappeared for the whole evening, and then said that he had watched a movie with a friend. It’s time to chat a little with this very friend and ask how the viewing experience is.

Drug, conechno, can be involved in the game against you, but sometimes men at a distance lose their guard.

Therefore, you can not directly ask “how did you watch the movie yesterday with my beloved?” When was the last time you watched it?”

  • New interests have emerged.

To this end it is not necessary to do so. And now – do not stop. There were some hobbies, trips to the gym or new exhibitions, or “just take a walk alone.” Who could shake him up? Time to think.

  • The appearance of likes on his page.

It’s the dumbest way to sleep. However, and such an option is possible. The rival, perhaps, doesn’t know about you at all, so she generously gives your man “hearts”. It will be interesting if you find reciprocity on her page.

  • Increased activity on social media.

On this site, no before this is not possible. When asked why, he says something incoherent. It is possible that he had a more interesting interlocutor. Here you can try to make a fake page and try to interest him.

  • He provokes quarrels.

Every little thing pisses him off. A scandal doesn’t even need a reason. And in order to cool down, he needs to be alone. Day two. And then he will definitely be able to devote the freed time to his new hobby.

  • He started criticizing you.

On the next page, two of the most beautiful views are given. You always dress the wrong way or answer him the wrong way. Perhaps he mentally compares you with a new passion, which, of course, is perfect in everything.

  • He got too cute.

In contrast to detachment, excessive care and increased attention to your person can come. If he was not famous for this before, then it is likely that he is tormented by guilt for what he did.

  • He began to hint at a breakup.

After the man found another reason to quarrel, he began to throw phrases: “why are you with me if I’m so bad”, “perhaps nothing awaits us in the future”, “I think we are not suitable for each other.”

These are the real and most direct factors indicating that a man no longer needs these relationships. He wants others. Or already has them.

  • Changes in bed.

After parting, I want to quickly throw myself into the arms of my beloved and surrender to passion. And he is not very eager, because, unlike you, he did not starve.

Or, on the contrary, experiments and innovations have appeared in your pleasures, about which the man does not even warn. He just forgot that he didn’t do it all with you.

Cheating is painful, and it is not always possible (and desirable) to accurately recognize it. However, you must always be on the alert if a seed of doubt has appeared inside in order to stop attempts to lead you by the nose in time.

Betrayal cannot be forgiven. You need to leave the relationship with dignity, and not like a coward who considers himself safe, being at a distance.

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