How to understand that a man is in love? 29 prices for the sympathy

How to understand that a man is in love? 29 prices for the sympathy! Most men are capable of great feats, but to tell your woman the banal phrase “I love you” in. You can do this with details and you can do it by yourself and by the elements under the control. In yoga at a green age, this translates into distrust and suspicion on the part of the floor: if dupt u ^ If your knight is also laconic, it’s time to declassify him. Let’s start!

29 signs he cares about you

Some men still live according to the attitude “only mother is worthy of love.” No matter how you command the heart, over time a contradiction arises: there are feelings, but you can’t talk about them. Pay attention to the signs:

  • He holds your hand in public.

Light touches are a great way to show others that you are a couple. Taking your hand in his, he publicly declares: “She is with me, I want to take care of her.”

  • He trusts you.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When he shares his thoughts and feelings with you, he lets you know that he values ​​​​your opinion and is sure that you are the right person who can listen and understand him.

  • He turns to you for advice.

No one can afford to accept the help of a girl, so it’s not all dry. No it is of interest to two people who have written about it, which is to say that it is not possible to hear it.

  • He is ashamed of you.

Strong feelings make a person a little restless. He is trying to make a good impression on you and periodically looks at the situation from the outside: are you sure you are well, are you happy with everything, did he go too far with black humor. Pay attention to body language. It’s on the square that it’s going to be, it’s not that bad.

  • He smiles often.

When a man is comfortable, he jokes and laughs a lot. If there is a girl nearby with whom you are madly in love, it is impossible not to smile.

  • He imitates your gestures and facial expressions.

Not parodied by the traits that are written, a neosoznanno stromitsya, but it is tobioi on one volume. When we spend a lot of time with those we like, we adopt their mannerisms and habits.

  • He is gentle with you.

Long frank kisses are a sign of passion. And true long feelings are expressed through careful caress and tenderness, for example, kisses on the cheeks and forehead.

  • He tells his friends about you.

Love is hard to hide. We admire the object of sympathy so much that we want to show it to the whole world. If his friends know about your existence, he is confident in your common future.

  • He cares about you.

He asks if you have eaten and if you are warmly dressed. No one wants to hear it, it’s up to you. Ion always tries to find a way to see you off.

  • He motivates you to get better.

No is given to this ecological sposob, not given to the reserved people. If he studies English or plays sports, he tries to involve you in activities.

  • He gives you gifts.

One can talk endlessly about the soul. But nothing will inflate a girl like that, cute signs of attention: a rose, a note, under the windshield wipers of the car. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Their goal is to show that he thinks of you.

  • On introduced you to his parents or wants to do so.

If you weren’t special to him, he wouldn’t have introduced you to his family. Getting to know your loved ones is a giant step for any guy. Know that he is proud of you and wants everyone to know about it.

5 unobvious signs of male love

  • You are more important to him than anything else.

Be the fanatic, no one owns it, on the other hand. On no site by the day in other two calls. No, it’s just a question, it’s not worth it.

  • He cares that you don’t get bored.

He is trying to entertain you, to come up with an interesting and special pastime. Instead of sitting on the couch for months, he takes you to the theater or to a picnic.

  • He is honest with you.

He tells you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. He does not hide the details of his biography, where he spent yesterday evening, and who called him from an unknown number.

  • He knows how to listen to you.

He is interested not only in how you are doing and when you will finally meet. You can spend hours debating why Hermione chose Ron over Harry and whether Draco Malfoy was the real villain.

  • He compliments you.

And you feel the sincerity of his impulses. Don’t forget, don’t touch it, you’ll need it.

  • He misses you.

You know that he has something to do, and being at a distance from you, he is interested in your affairs several times a day, because he is drawn to you and he wants you to be together sooner.

  • He respects you and your desires.

If it is not understood with two words, it is correct and correct. On understands that you are a different person and is not obliged to imitate him in everything. You have your experience and your values, and that’s the beauty of a relationship.

  • He is making concessions.

It is not a feat for him to be the first to reconcile and call you after a quarrel. He’s mature enough not to throw a tantrum and ignore you every time he needs something.

  • He is interested in what is dear to you.

Even if he is far from creativity, he wants to listen to your new poems or look at the picture, you are so over the frame. He doesn’t feel left out when you’re doing a hobby.

  • You feel special next to him.

Beautiful, smart, calm. He accepts you the way nature created you, admires you and does not try to remake you.

  • He is your protector.

However, it is only possible to see in safety, also in physical science, and in the psychological plane. You know that he is always there and will protect you if something bad happens. You don’t have to figure out where to live and what to eat. He easily solves everyday issues without your help.

  • He respects your personal boundaries.

And he understands that “no” means “no.” He does not try to blackmail you or persuade you to do what you do not want to do.

  • He sees you as a person, not a physical shell.

He likes to hug and kiss you, and he does it not only as a prelude to intimacy. If you just want to lie down and watch a movie, that’s enough for him.

  • He likes to spend time with you.

You have fun together, it’s easy for him to communicate with you, and he uses every opportunity to see you. Even if you have to go to the other end of the city, and get up early in the morning for work.

  • He is proud of your achievements.

On the other hand, the name of the room, in the hands of the hands, is the same for practical purposes. But only those who truly love us are ready to share the sweetness of victory with us.

  • He takes care of your feelings.

He understands that sometimes you have a bad mood and does not throw accusations in your face: “Stop whining! You have those days again!” A loving man knows how to cheer up.

  • He is your best friend.

Those that are written and heated so that the problems that arise are not related to the rods and to the pods, and are not known. He is the first to know about all the events in your life.

It is very important for a woman in love to hear those very cherished three words. But some men need to mature to confession. If your boyfriend proves that he needs you, not with words, but with deeds, give him time to realize his feelings and open up.

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