How to understand that a man is married and in a relationship?

How to understand that a man is married and in a relationship? You met a guy and you developed a mutual sympathy. If you are not there, you should have more clothes, it is on a couple with two people. No, what are you saying? doubts – is he free?

How to understand that a man is married and in a relationship?

It is not uncommon that guys, when meeting a new girl, are silent about the fact that they are already in a relationship with a friend. And, if this is true, they diligently hide it.

That is why, before building a serious relationship with a new acquaintance, you should make sure that he is free and that a rival in the form of his official girlfriend will not suddenly appear on your horizon.

How to understand that your new friend already has a girlfriend and what to do next if this is the case? Let’s deal with you together.

Before starting a relationship with a guy you like, you should study him. So to say, scan and make sure it’s free. These basic signs will help you accurately determine if he has another girlfriend or not.

His behavior around you

When meeting a new girl, a guy will never admit to you right away that he already has a lady of the heart. Therefore, pay attention to how he behaves around you. How he speaks and what pronouns he uses.

For example, if he often uses the pronouns “we” or “us” when he talks about himself, then most likely he is dreaming. Also, he can tell you about a girl quite often, without indicating the status of their relationship.

If this is the case, if you want to know:

  • He doesn’t support you flirting with him.

If he doesn’t flirt back with you, then either he has a girlfriend or he just doesn’t like you as a woman. And both options are possible at the same time.

  • He flirts with everyone.

There are guys who flirt with all the girls in a row. They either have such a manner of communicating with the female sex, or he is a noble womanizer and does not miss a single skirt. That’s what you say in other words in German, and that’s one of the Romans. In this case it is not indicated that it is pre-determined

How to distinguish married from single?

No one is alive and will have fun with the plane. He may just be a well-mannered young man who is already in a relationship.

Social networks

If the project is carried out by the patient, the project will be carried out as part of a social set. Be practical when you are young. Most of the time you see the photos in the video, but there are some blogs that you can see in the video.

Therefore, look carefully at his page on Vkontakte or Instagram. Pay attention to the following:

  • Status profile.

Man’s thoughts reflect his inner experiences, and life goals. Many young people indicate on their profile information about whether he is in a relationship or not. If there is no status at all, then this means that either he is already in a relationship, or is not yet ready for a serious relationship. It is also possible that he simply does not want to devote others to his personal life through soy.

To take pictures when you are there, it is not possible to take a picture. Basically, guys post photos from holidays with friends or from family holidays. Study them, perhaps on one of them you will find a girl who often flashes in the photo next to him. Also, pay attention to the pose in the photo. If this is his beloved, then they will hug or stand very close to each other.

  • Friend list.

Don’t worry about it and talk about it in social settings, and take it to the profile. On them you can also find a lot of interesting things for yourself. Perhaps you will find more of his page, and then it will become clear that he gave me a special… Or, he deliberately plays a double game, hiding intimate details from the female sex.

View a list of those who rate his photos and posts. Pay special attention to the profiles of girls and their content. It is by “likes” that it is easiest to figure out his potential main girlfriend and draw conclusions for yourself.

His body language

Usually, if a guy likes a girl, he tries in every way to touch her – hold her hand, hug her waist, or simply put her hand on her shoulder. A where in the par, you who are there now, may start the telephony contact in the new world.

Also, don’t forget about his body language. When a person lies trying to tell that-narratives, he unconsciously starts a nose, a cresis. Talk to one month and you, no phone will be given to the nerves and accordingly loj.

This behavior can mean two options. First, on the go comes up with excuses or dodges the answer. And secondly, he is just nervous, because he is alone with the girl he likes.

Direct question

If you like a guy and want to build a relationship with him, then there is no need to be afraid. The answer to the question and to the phrase: “If you don’t understand, are you there?”. Therefore, it is necessary to do this and not so effectively and tactically.

With this behavior you:

  • Generate interest in it.

Guys love determined and courageous girls who are not shy about talking openly about what they like about him.

  • Dot all the i’s.

With such a question, you will immediately dispel all your doubts about his marital status. Once you know the exact answer, you can already decide what to do next. Only on is free to proceed with communication and develop relationships with him. If not, then either fade into the background and not interfere with their happiness, or fight for your love.

As long as you have two people, you must pay attention to the part that is not available. No one knows more about a guy’s personal life than his close friends.

Of course, one should not ask all his friends about his personal life directly. You can use the trick and pretend to be his old friend.

For example, “Oh, I think I was in parallel classes with your best friend at university. I wanted to know if I’m wrong. I remember the last time we saw him, he met Olya. On what is para? net? Who is he dating now?”

Everything, you found out the secret that you wanted to know. If it turns out that he is free, then you can safely continue to communicate with the guy of your dreams.

Before starting to build a new relationship, it is important to make sure that your chosen one is free from the offender. Yes, of course, you can fight for your happiness if you really liked the guy, but he has another one. However, you cannot build your happiness on someone else’s grief. Therefore, do not be afraid to act first, everything is in your hands and strength!

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