How to understand that a man is tired of a relationship, but does not talk about it?

How to understand that a man is tired of a relationship, but does not talk about it? The distribution of the partner redo is carried out on the road and in one of the two countries. Most often, the final decision is preceded by many signs. And to avoid a negative ending, you need to learn to recognize the presence of problems in time.

How do men behave?

Men don’t talk too much when it comes to relationships. Most often, they choose expectant tactics, that is, they simply hope that it will somehow resolve itself there. And when the cup of patience still overflows, they abruptly turn around and leave.

Not all girls can understand in advance that something does not suit their partner in a relationship.

Much more often they find out about it when nothing can be corrected because daily dissatisfaction leads.

However, the situation is not so stalemated that it cannot be changed at the stage of problem formation. If you notice the following signs, it means that something does not suit your partner and you need to take him out for an open time.

20 signs of male discontent

Even when your boyfriend boasts perfect stamina and the ability to form an impenetrable poker face on his face, you can still understand his thoughts. Like it or not, personal psychology will sooner or later give out everything that a man has in his soul.

So, here is a list of the most striking signs that something is wrong in your relationship, but the partner simply does not give:

  • He is constantly offended and tries to hide the negative.

It can be something serious or just a capricious reaction of a person who realized that they would do something wrong. However, any offense is a fairly clear sign of dissatisfaction with the relationship on the part of the man.

  • Lack respect for you.

This can be both a manifestation of abuse and a silent subconscious cry about the presence of serious problems. When a man treats his partner carelessly, in this way he declares that something seriously does not suit him. Try talking through your mouth.

  • Regular lies.

Do not rush to roll up a scandal. Most likely, the guy knows that the truth simply will not suit you, after which a major quarrel will follow. And men do not like to sort things out. If your date regularly lies about every little thing, perhaps he is uncomfortable in the current atmosphere.

Did you hear that from a man? So you bored him

  • I started to work late.

There can be a lot of reasons for this. For example, a difficult project or a desire to get promoted. Or maybe your soulmate decided to get rid of financial problems in the family. It is not worth reproaching for such a desire.

No, it is that this is carried out on that month, it is too late, and that it is not necessary for that month. Perhaps he is simply uncomfortable there or does not like the atmosphere in the relationship.

  • Jealousy and distrust of you for no apparent reason.

This is an actual sign that a woman does not provoke her partner in any way. In this case, a man can be jealous and find fault with every little thing, thereby demonstrating his dissatisfaction.

  • Conflicts in people.

The thing is unpleasant and refers to pathologies. When a couple begins to sort things out in a negative way in public, and the initiative for this comes from the man, it means that there are some unspoken problems between you. And they urgently need to be clarified.

  • A rare and monotonous intimate life.

When a man is not satisfied with something, he begins to lose interest in his partner as a woman. Therefore, the first sign that he will soon begin to think about parting lies precisely in bed.

  • Requests to prove that you love him.

This is usually expressed by the following phrases “if you love me, you will do so-and-so.” When a girl has to listen to this regularly, something has gone wrong in the relationship. A man may miss your attention and warmth.

But such words are also a sign of manipulation. In any case, they should never be ignored. Otherwise, the partner will either be disappointed in you or turn you into an obedient toy in his hands.

  • Memories of the former.

In general, this is a normal phenomenon, but only when this slips in the context of a general conversation and does not bother. And Avot, when a man remembers the Parting with the previous Girl with regret, Surely something does not suit him in the current relationship with you.

  • obsession with watching porn.

Sometimes watching EROTIC is completely normal for a man. But the too frequent launch of such videos indicates that the guy is missing something, but is embarrassed to say so openly.

Bit threesome and in tom sauce, coda porno contains scenes of extreme cruelty and violence. This may indicate hidden psychological pathologies and severe problems. Sooner or later it will manifest itself in reality.

  • In practical terms, this is done by projecting the object in the manual contact.

It all starts quite civilized, but ends with a transition to the individual and the recollection of all grievances up to the point? This is an extremely bad sign. Most likely, somewhere deep inside a man sits resentment or discontent, to which he does not give an outlet.

  • Lack of joint leisure.

When a guy does not like something in the current situation in a couple, he begins to diligently avoid spending time escaping his dos. For example, instead of taking you with him, a man goes to a friend’s birthday party alone. Although there will be other women.

  • Unwillingness to communicate heart to heart.

The absence of constructive and sincere dialogue is a subconscious avoidance of existing problems. The man does not want to voice them, so as not to provoke a curse. As a result, a typical situation is formed: “the top can’t, the bottom doesn’t want to.”

  • EMOTIONAL swing.

It’s not just a sign of abuse. So some men try to align the conflict within themselves. He doesn’t like something in the relationship, the guy categorically does not want to develop the topic, but at the same time, he can’t completely reconcile himself either.

  • He compares you to others.

In other words, the situation is regulated, and it is not in the Polish language. However, some men do not realize that they are hurting their partner. Sometimes this is a signal that something does not suit him in a relationship.

  • Devaluation of any of your actions.

This is probably how he subconsciously expresses his discomfort. When a man is uncomfortable with a girl, the partner simply cannot hide it. One of the manifestations of discontent is the depreciation of the words, desires, or actions of a woman.

  • Threats and blackmail (EMOTIONAL).

Again, it is important not to confuse it with abuse. After all, this is how many manipulators achieve what they want. But sometimes a man goes to such extreme measures because of the inability to put up with something in a relationship.

  • He doesn’t care about your opinion.

So the partner demonstrates a gradual cooling of feelings. Why could this happen? That’s right, most often the cause is a banal dissatisfaction with the relationship, which was not expressed and heard in time (or just the latter).

  • He doesn’t care what EMOtional state you’re in.

Indifference is a clear signal of problems in a couple. Men are not as empathic as girls. However, rarely does a guy remain indifferent to the tears of his beloved. So such a manifestation suggests that a man with a girl is not very good.

  • Prefers not to appear in public with you.

And the point here is certainly not the lack of evening dresses or model leg length. Most often, this is the behavior of men who lack something in family life. He subconsciously tries to disengage from his woman.

Remember, when a guy does not say that something does not suit him in a relationship, this does not mean that you have everything. Surely he just endures to the last, than to drown in the sunset. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to the accompanying signals.

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