How to understand that a man no longer loves his wife and uses her?

How to understand that a man no longer loves his wife and uses her? Ups and downs, passion, and crises are normal periods in a relationship. 

How to understand that a man no longer loves his wife and uses her? Pay attention to body language

A person can lie about anything, but not his subconscious. It will reveal to you the true thoughts of man.

  • He turns away from you

Looks away, ignores, seeks to be further away, does not initiate intimacy and communication. A person seems to be erecting an invisible wall between you, which did not exist before.

  • Closed position

Crossed arms, he box is half-sided to you, he prefers nya with you, and through the form of a hundred line

His focus is not on you, he seems to be somewhere in his own world. Staring at the ceiling, sitting on the phone more often, not focused on what you are saying.

  • Decrease in proximity

He no longer rejoices in your touches, kisses, and hugs last less and less, he initiates them more often. Perhaps you feel that, in response to your actions, he responds as if out of necessity, doing exactly.

5 prices, that is not enough

Interest is the basis of relationships

Passion and vivid emotions pass with time, but love leaves a strong spiritual connection.

This is an elementary interest in “how are you”, attention to new details, shoes on different topics, yes Well. The main thing remains – attention to the individual.

As long as the candy-basket period is as long as it is on two sides – it is two-way. After all, you did not conclude a contract for the constant release of ENDORfines, but chose a person close to your soul.

In addition to your partner’s interest in you, your former interest in his life may begin to annoy: ordinary questions are perceived as an attempt to control, he gives answers just to get off.

Constant irritability

If a person has something wrong in life, he can begin to accumulate negativity in himself. Be sure to do this by yourself, but it’s not worth it.

When this does not happen, anger begins to pour out on everyone around, and, first of all, on you.

If a man has fallen out of love with you, he unconsciously gets angry, looks for the culprit. And then the saddest thing for you begins: constant reproaches, breakdowns, accusations.

The partner seems to be trying to make you end the relationship yourself. Usually in a situation where u tell the truth…

Decreased intimate life

It is important to understand that after 3-4 years of living together, a decrease in the amount of intimacy naturally occurs, hormones stop signaling the brain about the need to multiply at all costs, and it is difficult to achieve the same vivid emotions as at the beginning of a relationship.

Another question is when the partner has ceased to be active in this matter at all, does not initiate intimacy, does not want to touch you once again, rather, out of habit, responds to your actions.

The end of common dreams

In any couple that builds a serious relationship, there are plans and dreams that unite them. Fly to Prague, buy an apartment in Moscow, and lose 10 kg. The essence and seriousness of the dream is not as important as the commonality of views.

This makes you not just close people, but a real team that struggles with the difficulties of life.

A person who does not love you cannot, despite his indifference, discuss the future with you for a long time, seriously make plans, for him there is no “tomorrow” with you at all, he himself does not know what he wants, loses goals. Indeed, in a state when he is still in a relationship, but does not see them in the future, nothing is certain.

Jealousy is gone

Inappropriate jealousy with zetas and tantrums is never good, but Thu.

A man is ready to conquer his beloved woman and show his rights to her. This is the bridge to manifest itself in simple anxiety, to show up in society in action

If a man has fallen out of love, he ceases to be jealous. Where are you walking? What kind of men do you communicate with? All this becomes irrelevant.

How to make sure there are no feelings

All relationships are unique. The listed indicators can only say one thing: something is happening in the life of your man. It can be problems with work, with a family, an internal crisis. Just in this situation will be posted to other people, so that it is possible to have a go at it.

In this situation, you can only talk to your partner.

Choose a quiet environment and time, after work, hardly anything wants to talk about serious topics.

Do not push, do not swear, be as friendly as possible, show your concern. First of all, talk about your feelings: “It seems to me that something has been bothering you lately, we are less likely to get out somewhere, it’s harder for you to listen to me.”

Perhaps the reason is found in something else, and you will find out how to help a loved one cope with thrush.

If there are problems with other people

Crisis happens in all respects. If you want to know where you are, you should say that, or if you want:

  • Temporarily reduce communication

You can go away for a few days to a friend, or he will go on a rafting – it all depends on you. Ask for it, give it and see it. Everyone needs this sometimes. To be able to proceed to the next step, so that you can see the partner.

  • Change of scenery

Go on vacation, rent a hotel for a couple of days, even make a global rearrangement of the house – all this will allow you to get away from Groundhog Day and look at the world and relationships with different eyes.

  • Go to a psychologist

Do not resort to this option by force – dragging a man to a psychologist under escort has never helped solve the problem, and no psychologist can force love to appear where it does not exist.

  • Speak up and make a difference

Sometimes this is possible without a psychologist. Discuss in the case of the poor, we intend to return, it is possible for us to do so-to-sell and to ask for it. But remember, nothing will completely change a person.

If this has happened, and the partner has ceased to turn on rationality, though counter. Blackmail, persuasion, attempts to follow him and demonstrative tantrums will not fix anything, but only worsen the sieve. Solve the problem by talking and do not hush up the problem – because this affects your mental and physical also…

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